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Friday, 21 December


Eltham Twilight Christmas Market "IndyWatch Feed"

Thursday 20th Dec, 4.00pm 9.00pm, Eltham Town Square

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Wednesday, 19 December


IBAC charges - 9 January in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thank to court watcher Bill Thompson for the tip - after our story about IBAC charges a few days ago! Do you know more? Please let us know too. Bill wonders if there's any connection.


Adani activists drop in on COAG "IndyWatch Feed National"

Jamie Dunn (L) and Donna Smit (R) bookend Senator Canavan with their Stop Adani signs during yesterdays COAG press conference. Photo supplied

On the first day of the COAG Energy Council meeting in Adelaide yesterday (Tuesday December 18), two citizens entered Senator Matt Canavans press conference and stood either side of him bearing #StopAdani signs. Interrupting his opening statements, they asked him why he supports the Adani coal mine.

One of the pair, Donna Smit, 49, said,I interrupted Senator Canavan because Queensland is burning up and he wants to fuel the fire.

More coal means our bushfires, droughts and storms will be even more deadly. I want to know why Senator Canavan, in all good conscience, supports the Adani coal mine when scientists are clear we must leave thermal coal deposits in the ground.

Senator Canavan hides behind the minimal jobs the Adani mine will create, as if coal is the only way we can provide for our families. The Adani mine threatens farmers livelihoods and the 70,000 jobs reliant on a healthy reef.

The federal government must help communities reliant on coal to transition to a cleaner economy of renewable energy, she said.

Jamie Dunn, 23, who held the other sign, said, as a young person, the opening up of the Galilee Basin to new coal mining will have a catastrophic effect on my future.

Climate change is the single biggest threat to my generation and Senator Canavan is determined to make it worse. I will not stop until the Galilee Basin is protected from coal mining for good, he said.


The post Adani activists drop in on COAG appeared first on Echonetdaily.


"Somalis, go home and rebuild your own country". "IndyWatch Feed National"

Danish authorities have concluded that the situation in some parts of Somalia is safe, and that Somalis no longer have valid grounds for asylum. Following a review of the situation in Somalia, which began in 2017, residence permits will therefore be withdrawn for no less than 1,000 Somalis. It is...


Great editorial in The Australian today "IndyWatch Feed National"

MP scandals undermine democracy from within 12:00AM DECEMBER 19, 2018 Former assistant minister Andrew Broad will leave parliament next May but, like other scandal-prone MPs before him, he will leave a legacy of deeper distrust and cynicism about politicians. His alleged conduct flying to Hong Kong to meet a...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ulterior Act of Going Against Trend Towards Peace
Of late, Australia decided to dispatch a sea-patrol plane to the vicinity of the Korean peninsula under the pretext of keeping a close watch on the DPRK's violation of "sanctions resolution."

The defense minister of Australia said that Australia would maintain pressure upon north Korea until the latter takes measures for CVID, noting that the recent step is aimed at blocking the evasion of sanctions and illegal dealings of north Korea and organizations involved.

This cannot but be called into question as it is a very unreasonable act of going against the trend towards peace created on the Korean peninsula and the region.

Thanks to the DPRK's proactive measures, a good atmosphere has pervaded the Korean peninsula this year in line with the aspiration and desire of humankind for peace and stability.

Now the neighbouring countries and many other countries actively support the hard-won trend of dtente, hoping this trend would be lasting and durable.

It is evidence of positive actions to further develop the trend of the situation that voices calling for detente and lift of sanctions on the DPRK rang out at the recent G-20 summit.

Contrary to the efforts of the international community, Australia is chilling the peaceful atmosphere created on the Korean peninsula and the region, regardless of the time.

It dispatched a P-8A Poseidon patrol plane and two AP-3C patrol planes to Japan in April and September. It was for the purpose of watching the sea-borne trade of the DPRK's vessels.

In October it took the lead in committing acts against the DPRK by dispatching a guided-missile cruiser to the waters off the Korean peninsula while talking about "economic and diplomatic pressure on north Korea".

If it seeks to get its status acknowledged by infringing upon the sovereignty of an independent country in the region which is of weighty significance in preserving peace and security of the world, it would be little short of pricking its own eyes with its own fingers.

The Australian authorities should not forget the bitter lesson of history that they were taught in K...


Queensland police officer charged with leaking domestic violence victim's address "IndyWatch Feed National"

Download audio

Every week an Australian woman is murdered by her current or former partner and Australian police are at the forefront of that crisis, responding to incidents of domestic violence every two minutes.

But this week a Queensland police officer was stood down from duty after being accused of leaking the address of a domestic violence complainant to her former partner.

Senior Constable Neil Punchard will face court next month after being charged with nine counts of computer hacking.

The Senior Constable allegedly accessed a confidential police database to look up the woman's details then allegedly passed them on to her former partner, who was subject to an ongoing domestic violence order.

If you're in an abusive situation, or know someone who is, call 1800 RESPECT that's 1800 737 732.

Statement from the QLD Police Service:
The Queensland Police Service (QPS) conducted a review into a matter which led to further inquiries being conducted. As a result of this criminal investigation, an officer was issued with a Notice to Appear for nine counts of computer hacking.
The Queensland Police Service holds substantial intelligence and information holdings and takes information privacy very seriously. All members are required to adhere to QPS policy and procedures concerning the access to and use of this information. The QPS provides significant training to all members on the use and access to confidential information contained on QPS databases.
Training on the use of these databases commences with recruit training and continues throughout the member's service. Such training includes online learning products and face-to-face training on how to use the information contained in the databases. Breaches of QPS policy and procedures are subject to a robust internal investigation process. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time due to matters before the court.



All over the globe public housing is under siege "IndyWatch Feed National"

The following is from Save Public Housing Victoria

Have you seen the ABC documentary about Waterloo called There Goes Our Neighbourhood? 

Quote All over the globe public housing is under siege.

And now its Australias turn.

Whichever major party is in power across Australian states the despicable covert privatisation of Public Housing and public land is likely to continue, because whats driving it is money, power and mega-profits.

Homelessness of course will worsen!! The homeless, to our shame, are our internal refugees

Personal testimonials (1)

At a meeting in Gronn Place in West Brunswick earlier this year, we heard from Louise who spoke about her sisters experience in Millers Point in Sydney.

Here are some extracts from her speech.

When the government said they wanted to renew Millers Point, they said the main reason was that it was costing too much in maintenance. I can tell you right now, they spent nothing on maintenance. People had to paint their own places, had to replace their own stoves. The government spent nothing.

In Millers Point, to get them out, they offered them the world not telling them they were finding them alternative accommodation by throwing those (public) tenants out. The same pretext they said to existing tenants, Youll only be out for 3 monthsand well fix the place up. In the meantime, they brought in people from Millers Point.

Theres two reasons why people live in Public Housing. The first reason is they choose to because of their community. Secondly, they cant afford any other accommodation, either temporarily or permanently. There has to be a place in our society for people who cant afford to buy or pay high rents. Everybody is a citizen. 

Regarding the displacement process underway in Melbournes inner-city under the Labor government

Louise: People have mentioned the government coming along with pieces of paper and smiles on their faces. What happens is they tell lie after lie. The minute people give up their place in Public Housing theyre heading down the road of homelessness for a number of reasons.



Australia Announces Moving its Embassy to Jerusalem: Is there any Surprise? "IndyWatch Feed National"

By James ONeill New Eastern Outlook 18.12.2018 When the current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison floated the idea that Australia might move its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it was widely suggested that this was an attempt to curry favour with the relatively large (12%) Jewish population in the electorate where []


What is Trade Justice and how does it relate to Labor Policy? "IndyWatch Feed National"

AFTINET is a network of both individuals and 60 community groups including including unions, churches, environment, public health, aid and development, womens groups and others advocating for fair trade (also called trade justice), based on human rights labour rights and environmental sustainability.

Donald Trumps rejection of trade agreements and aggressive use of unilateral tariffs, and One Nations similar policies in Australia have tapped into resentment of current neoliberal trade policies, which for many people have not delivered promised jobs and growth, and have contributed to growing inequality.

Trump and One Nation have mobilised this resentment from a conservative and racist perspective, fanning ultra-nationalist and anti-immigrant sentiment. But their simplistic responses of high tariffs on imports will not magically restore lost jobs. Building walls and discriminatory migration policies based on fear will not improve peoples lives but will bolster militarism and the danger of war.

AFTINET is part of the global movement of progressive groups supporting peace, human rights and global solidarity. We are not opposed to trade, but want a more just global trade system

What Trumps rupture with some neoliberal trade policies does demonstrate is that they are not immutable economic rules resulting from market forces, but political decisions that can be changed. As advocates for trade Justice we must seize the opportunity to challenge bad policy and develop alternatives which benefit the majority, not just the top 1%.

Whats wrong with current trade policy

Fundamentalist neoliberal trade policy as practised by the Coalition Government aims to achieve not only zero tariffs but also zero other barriers to all trade and investment.

Each country should specialise in its most narrowly-defined competitive products or services, import everything else at the lowest possible prices, have no active industry policies and minimise other government regulation. Australia would be a farm and a quarry, with deregulated service industries like tourism and financial servi...


Westie eats goss 19/12/18 "IndyWatch Feed"

  The former home of once-loved, now-gone Michael The Deli at 50 Leeds Street, Footscray, is getting a revamp and a new life.     According to the building permit notification in the window, the new business here will be a cafe during the day and a bistro during evening hours specialising in European cuisine. []


ANZ to face questions from shareholders about its human rights record "IndyWatch Feed National"

At ANZs annual general meeting in Perth this morning, questions will be asked of CEO Shayne Elliott about the banks failure to compensate Cambodian farmers pushed off their land to make way for an ANZ-funded sugar plantation.

Keren Adams, a Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said that ANZs failure to take any responsibility for the consequences of its actions was shocking:

ANZ has profited from serious human rights abuses. They admit that their systems were lacking and as a result, they funded an initiative that destroyed the lives of hundreds of Cambodian families.

In 2011, ANZ provided a $40 million loan to Phnom Penh Sugar, which had forcibly displaced hundreds of local farming families and employed school-aged children in dangerous conditions at its sugarcane plantation in southern Cambodia. The loan was recently found by an Australian Government complaints body to contradict the banks own internal policies and international human rights standards.

In October, in response to questioning about this decision, Mr Elliott told an Australian Parliamentary Committee that what had happened in Cambodia was a dreadful situation and that the bank would look to do the right thing with the profit made from the loan. However the bank appears to have subsequently backed away from those statements.  In a letter sent to interested stakeholders this week, the bank suggested the farmers should instead look to the Cambodian government for compensation, despite the governments known intimidation tactics.

After Mr Elliotts recent public comments, the Cambodian families left destitute by this land grab were looking to the bank to do the right thing. The banks decision is another slap in the face for them, said Ms Adams.

We call on ANZ to immediate divest the profit from its loan to Phnom Penh Sugar to help address the harm caused to these families.

A statement to be provided to shareholders by NGOs Equitable Cambodia and Inclusive Development International outlines a further five recent cases in which ANZ has allegedly financed companies implicated in land grabbing and other serious human rights violations.

For interviews, call Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519.


Police officer accused of tricking locksmiths to take possession of houses "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Unfortunately this problem is just the tip of the iceberg, where the entire legal system i.e. from the administration to the judges, is responsible for the fraud, causing harm, defrauding the good people of Australia of their homes and livelihood.

Will the victims ever see 'justice'?

Probably not, as it's not on the agenda of the administration of this colony.

See article from 26 Nov 2018 by The Age publication of the headline:

IBAC charges police officer over alleged 18-month fraud spree

A senior Victorian police officer has been charged over an alleged 18-month crime spree that included claims of fraudulently obtaining six properties, rorting Centrelink, postal theft, making false claims to bank staff and claiming she was someone else.

Sergeant Rosa Catherine Rossi, 56, has been charged by Victoria's corruption watchdog.

The sergeant from Corio did not face Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday when the extent of her alleged offending investigated by the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission was revealed.
Sergeant Rosa Rossi handing out "Dont make it easy for the Thankful Thief" brochures during a promotional event in Wyndham in 2016Credit:Damjan Janevski

Sergeant Rossi is accused of deceiving locksmiths to fraudulently take possession of houses in Malvern East, Chadstone, Brooklyn and three rural properties in Willaura, about 230 kilometres west of Melbourne.

On January 4, 2017, Sergeant Rossi allegedly wore her police uniform to the offices of Hobson Bay Council, where she allegedly induced a council employee to provide personal details of an alleged victim.

She also allegedly accessed the police database LEAP, without authorisation, to acquire information about the owner of a Malvern East home in October 2016.

A month later, she allegedly obtained the property by deception after telling a locksmith it was a deceased estate and she was the owner, according to charge sheets obtained by The Age.

An IBAC investigation dubbed Ope...


Parliamentary debates on Queensland Police corruption from 1984 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Queensland Police motto: WITH HONOUR WE SERVE

Within the first line of an article by The Guardian from August this year, on Queensland police corruption, it is stated that:

"The culture is now far worse than before the Fitzgerald reforms, advocates say"

One did not realise that corruption was a 'culture' but rather lack of it.

In any event what else would one expect from a colony whose police where actual convicts, i.e. not people of 'honour', where this is reflected in the 'culture' today.

See Hansard (Parliamentary Debates) on the topic of Queensland police corruption from 18 September 1984.

Please note: that official government documents have known to be falsified.

See the article mentioned above:


Prime Minister to set up anti-corruption commission with no teeth "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from New South Wales

Last week Prime Minister Scott Morrison proposed the creation of a Commonwealth Integrity Commission, after months of refusing to do so.

The intensity of public pressure and loss of a parliamentary majority forced the issue.

It is tempting to see this as a major back down. But things are not always quite what they seem. There is no intention to set up a commission to properly tackle corruption in Canberra. A smokescreen to cover up public  anger against lack of action is being erected.

Its there is black and white, in the paper submitted last Thursday, which boldly states that the CIC will not investigate direct complaints about ministers, members of parliament or their staff received from the public at large.

The implication is that information passed on by a whistleblower will not be followed up either.

All that the CIC will be mandated to do is take referrals from established government agencies and regulators. This means that the machinery to edit out what the government does not want pursued is in its hands. After all, these agencies operate under the guidelines provided by the government of the day.

Even if specific government direction does not exist, hurdles and delays conveniently in place, to  make it much harder for any complaints to be heard.

The Federal Police, for instance, has a mandate to investigate corruption. But its track record is nothing to brag about. If those who have some information to pass on, have to go to the Federal Police, and wait for them to build a case, and pass it on to the CIC, it may be a very long wait, if anything is done at all.

This will send out the message that making a complaint is a waste of time.

Secondly, any case coming under suspicion, must meet a perceived threshold test of criminality on paper. But how is this to be tested?

Those involved in corruption do not put their behaviour out there in public to be seen. Cracking cases must involve following up leaks and pulling aside the cloak of secrecy. The CIC will lack the power to do this.

Thirdly, even if a case reaches the CIC, all it is empowered to do is hand over the case to a special prosecutor, who will decide whether a criminal case should take place. Who appoints the special prosecutor?

This is a CIC without teeth.

Every indication is that there is significant corruption in Canberra. The high number of multi-million contracts, widespread connection between those in the political system and the corporate world, and the penetration of the business lobbyists provide fertile territory to induce payments for favours.



PERTH Ben Cousins to face Perth court again "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Ben Cousins to face Perth court again .

December 19, 2018 at 02:30AM .

Those matters were adjourned to join his remaining 16 offences in Perth Magistrates Court on Wednesday. The court previously heard the former West .



HRC Arrest and the Notes at George Bush Srs Funeral "IndyWatch Feed National"

by G5

Jebs note was a short copy of Trumps execution order for GHWB.

That given to Hillary was a note concerning orders by DC Judge Royce Lamberth to the State Department and the DOJ to produce HRCs file and asking why they have acted in Bad Faith.

Forcefully announcing that the double speak, lies, and deceptions concerning HRC is One of the greatest modern offences to government transparency.

He [Trump] wants to start gaoling State and DOJ dupes. They were given 10 days to deliver.

They lacked complete candour. How much ratting do you think there will be from the Feminese big mouth nut jobs? He said they have Strained Credulity.

Kavanaugh will gaol them if they falter, or treason will be played as the hidden file concern...


Rocky road, Christmas and trees "IndyWatch Feed"

It is the time of year when every weekend is busy.  This weekend was particularly crazy.  So much so that I have 3 events cancelled and still found myself exhausted at the end of the weekend.  I think it was just as well I didn't do everything I originally planned.  One moment that was more whim than planning was making rocky road after seeing a particularly tempting recipe on Laws of the Kitchen.  It is great for gifts, cake sales and get togethers.

When we made the rocky road, Sylvia and I took two blocks of chocolate each to chop.  Once it was in the tin, I found one block of chocolate had not been chopped so I melted...


Xi Jinping: Chinas economy open but Communist Party will remain in control "IndyWatch Feed National"

China would continue with its strong Communist Party control of its society as it sought to further open up its economy, Chinas President Xi Jinping said in a landmark speech yesterday celebrating the countrys 40 years of reform.

The speech, made at the Great Hall of the People on the 40th anniversary of the reforms made by Deng Xiaoping in opening the economy in December 1978, was a signal that the Communist Party intended to strengthen its control over China and its people, while focusing on delivering further improvements in the countrys standard of living.


Chinese President Xi Jinping (picture-alliance/AP Photo/M. Schiefelbein)

Chinas President Xi Jinping applauds during a celebration meeting marking the 40th anniversary of Chinas reform and opening up policy. Picture: AFP

In his 90-minute speech, which did not contain any new announcements, and was focused largely on his domestic audience, Mr Xi highlighted the countrys economic achievements, including lifting more than 740 million people out of poverty and building the worlds largest social security system with an age pension covering more than 900 million people and medical insurance covering 1.3 billion.

China had also become the worlds largest exporter and the worlds largest holder of foreign exchange reserves.

Mr Xi said China now stood tall and firm in the East, following the unprecedented miracle of the past 40 years, and would continue to step up its role as a player on the global scene.

But he said its rise from near poverty to the worlds second largest economy would not represent a threat to any other country, and China had no intention of using its economic power to seek dominance over other countries.

China does not represent a threat to any one country, he said. China will never seek hegemony.

But he said no one was in a position to dictate to the Chinese people what should or should not be done.

The speech, which made no reference to Chinas trade war with the US or the trade negotiations with the Trump administration, was seen as a disappointment for observers who had been hoping it might signal Mr Xi was planning further reforms of Chinas economic system, which is still dominated by state-owned enterprises. The private sector is now also exp...


Great moments in presidenting "IndyWatch Feed National"

I am sure that readers would be expecting this post to be about Donald Trump, who has given us many great moments in presidenting by virtue of his grifting, incompetence, and sheer brazen lying. But this is actually about Sri Lanka where the president there seems to be trying to give Trump a run for his money when it comes to making impulsive and stupid decisions without thinking things through, feeling that the sheer office of his office was sufficient to make any decision he makes become reality.

I wrote earlier about the crisis in Sri Lankan politics that was triggered on October 26th by the decision of the president Maithripala Sirisena (MS) to summarily fire the prime minister Ranil WIckremesinghe (RW) and replace him with the leader of the opposition (and former president) Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR). RW insisted that MS did not have the constitutional authority to fire him and refused to vacate the official residence. Meanwhile MR appointed his own cabinet to run the government even though he tried but failed to show that he had the support of the majority of parliament, a necessary requirement to form a government in a parliamentary system.

So we had an impasse with, depending how you looked at it, either two prime ministers and two governments or no prime minister and no government, and there were rowdy scenes of fisticuffs in parliament and public demonstrations in the streets as the two sides claimed legitimacy. The rest of the country went about its business as this craziness went on.

The president MS had apparently never heard the sage advice that when you are already in a hole, you should stop digging. In an effort to end the impasse without backing down, MS then issued a proclamation dissolving parliament and calling for new elections. This was challenged in court and the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the constitution prohibited the president from dissolving parliament until a specific time had elapsed and since that time had not as yet been reached, his order was invalid.

There did not seem to be any resolution without somebody backing down in an embarrassing public defeat, something that rarely happens in politics. But that actually happened. The issue got resolved suddenly with MR resigning as prime minister and MS swearing RW in again as prime minister. This has to be seen as a serious loss of face fort he president. I think that there will be such general relief that this whole mess has been resolved without too much violence that embarrassing legal technicalities, such as why RW had to be sworn in again as prime minister if he had never been legally r...


Tropical Cyclone "Owen" sets new Australian December daily rainfall record "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tropical Cyclone "Owen" brought extremely heavy rains to parts of Queensland, setting a new Australian December daily rainfall. Owen made its first landfall well north of Cardwell, Queensland early December 10, exited into the Gulf of Carpentaria and...... Read more


Australia Announces Moving its Embassy to Jerusalem: Is there any Surprise? "IndyWatch Feed National"


When the current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison floated the idea that Australia might move its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it was widely suggested that this was an attempt to curry favour with the relatively large (12%) Jewish population in the electorate where a by-election was being held.

Following the governments humiliating defeat in an electorate it had held for more than a century, the idea was expected to die. That possibility was reinforced by the widespread criticism that followed the prime ministers announcement. That criticism was couched almost solely in terms of the damage such a move would do to Australias relationships with its near neighbours such as Indonesia.

Supporters of the Prime Minister also argued that moving the embassy to Jerusalem would enhance progress in the two state solution to the problem between Israel and the Palestinians.

More recently however, the Australian cabinet has approved the idea that the embassy should be moved, but not immediately. The delay was purportedly on cost grounds, financial cost that is, not reputational.

Almost completely missing from news bulletins and mainstream media analysis are the arguably far more important elements in the Tel Aviv Jerusalem equation.

The term international law is now avoided in political discourse, for the very good reason that the actions of the western powers do not sit well with adherence to international law.

The invasions, occupations, and attacks upon Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, among others this century alone make the point. In all of these illegal endeavours Australia has been a willing, indeed eager, participant. This is quite apart from Australias own violations of, for example, the Convention on Refugees and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Australian politicians als...


New home sales bounce "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

New home sales up a bit

Some brighter news for builders in the last monthly Housing Industry Association (HIA) release of the year, as new home sales increased 3.6 per cent.

Still comfortably lower than a year earlier.

The HIA included cautionary comments about credit becoming too tight.

Tuesday, 18 December


AT OUR LOCAL PUB "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

The Old England Hotel in suburban Melbourne was established in 1848. Celebrating its 170th birthday this year the Old England is an iconic part of Heidelbergs rich and vibrant history. The hotel with its warmth and historical significance has been engrained in the traditions and social landscape of Heidelberg since its foundation. For the last century the old England hotel has attracted Melburnians as a fashionable place to dine, drink and socialise.

Some of the most notable patrons of the day included Heidelberg School of Arts founders: Arthur Streeton, Fredrick McCubbin, Tom Roberts and Charles Conder who as young struggling artists would frequent the hotel during the years they were painting the Heidelberg area around 1888. During this time they would meet regularly to share their dreams, stories, struggles and achievements.

We often go there to dine or have a quiet drink in the cosy lounge. The quality is consistently good and the service efficient.

This post is part of the Our World Tuesday meme,
and also part of the Ruby Tuesday meme,
and also part of the Travel Tuesday meme,
and also part of the Wordless Wednesday meme.


Amazon wrongfully fires worker "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 17 April 2018 video says about itself:

Amazon Employees Have To PEE IN BOTTLES Under Horrendous Working Conditions | Whats Trending Now!

According to an undercover report from journalist James Bloodworth, some Amazon warehouse employees fear going to the restroom, as the 10-minute walk could get them written-up or even fired.

By Nick Barrickman in the USA:

I think the whole shipping business is a little corrupt

Amazon worker wrongfully fired for theft reveals companys dead-end appeal system

18 December 2018

A former employee at Amazons BWI-5 facility in Baltimore, Maryland contacted the International Amazon Workers Voice to describe what can only be called a nightmare of corporate red tape.

Hired in 2016, the 25-year old workerDwas a permanent warehouse employee, meaning he had surpassed the standards of the internet giant and had survived the corporations onerous and indefinite probationary period without an infraction, allowing them to receive minor benefits granted to permanent workers.

Unfortunately, job protection and the right to a fair hearing were not among the benefits that were listed. In August 2017, D was terminated from his position as a warehouse associate for allegedly stealing an item of food from the in-house food vending systema Twix ice cream bar. I had been in a conversation with friends before my shift started and forgot to pay for it at the Canteen [vending company] kiosk, he said.

As I began my shift, I was approached by one of the managers and was told that I had been called to the Human Resources office. Waiting in HR, D struggled hard to figure out why the manager had requested his presence. I finally realized that I had forgotten to pay [for the ice cream]. The worker noted that he had a tendency to be forgetful but had never stolen anything in his life or had any previous infractions at the company.

D was about to enter a...


The Demands of the Yellow Vest Movement Are Growing Into Rea Systemic Change "IndyWatch Feed National"

Originally posted on Waking Times Phillip J. Watt, Contributor Long story short; French citizens have revolted for the fourth week in a row calling for changes in governmental and corporate design. Even though UN Military and thousands of French police have been deployed in response, the police have actually been filmed removing their helmets in solidarity with the French []


Criminalising Dissent: Turnbulls Attack on Protesters and Journalists "IndyWatch Feed National"

Originally published by Paul Gregoire at Sydney Criminal Lawyers on July 5th 2018 but given the recent uprising in France its about time I shared this. Its as though our so-called leaders got wind of what was in the works in France with the yellow vest movement as it was started back in may! This []


Wildlife, ecotourism industry at stake in Madagascars election, says scientist "IndyWatch Feed National"

Madagascars election on Wednesday could have major implications for the future of the islands environment and wildlife and by extension, its rising ecotourism sector says a prominent conservation scientist. In an op-ed published this week in Al Jazeera, William F. Laurance, a researcher at James Cook University in Australia, warns that if Madagascar elects former president Andry Rajoelina, the countrys dwindling natural resources could face renewed assault. Under Rajoelinas previous reign, which followed a 2009 coup, Madagascars forests, wildlife, and coastal waters were pillaged. Rajoelina himself was linked to trafficking in rosewood timber: Upon his removal, a stash of rosewood logs was found in the presidential palace, writes Laurance. A critically endangered indri lemur (Indri indri), the largest lemur species. Photo by Rhett A. Butler. The environmental devastation under Rajoelina continued through his successors Hery Rajaonarimampianinas rule, with a surge in deforestation and an auctioning off of community-managed fishing areas to foreign industrial fleets. With 95 percent of Madagascars lemurs classified as as either endangered or critically endangered, there is a real risk that a Rajoelina presidency could diminish some of the islands biggest attractions for nature tourists. We can see Rajoelinas predatory attitude to the environment as demonstrated by his track record, writes Laurance. One must only look to the appalling state of the Malagasy rainforests to witness his rapaciousness. Appallingly, one of Rajoelinas first acts was to legalize the felling of precious hardwoods by executive decree, he continues. The illicit trade flourished: after a year of


This Week in Melbourne: What's On #625 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Read Online This Week: 18 - 24 December 2018 Newsletter | #625 Whats On this Week in marvellous Melbourne Tuesday 18th December 2018 to Monday 24th December 2018 Christmas Festival 2018 The Playground Pop-Up At Fed Square Santas Magical Kingdom Christmas Lights Search Carols By Candelight Christmas Day Dancing In The Street - A Tribute To Motown School Of Rock | The Musical Sand Sculpting Exhibition - Peter Pan Weekend Wrap Outdoor Cinema Guide New Years Eve Parties Markets This Weekend Merry Christmas #Melbourne Christmas Festival 2018 The annual Christmas festival transforms the city into a magical place and celebrates the spirit of Christmas in true Melbourne style. Federation Square will be transformed into Christmas Square a magical forest offering festive fun for the whole family. Gingerbread Village at Federation Square. Santas House Spectacular Projections and Light Show Melbournes Christmas Festival The Playground Pop-Up At Fed Square Daily in December @ Federation Square The perfect pit stop on a family day out with everything the little ones love - were talking yard games a ball pit sweet treats ice cream and loads more plus Santa Claus on weekends. The Playground Pop-Up At Fed Square Santas Magical Kingdom 23 November - 23 December 2018 | Caulfield Racecourse The magic of Christmas will come alive at Santas Magical Kingdom with an interactive walk-through adventure land. Santas Magical Kingdom 2018 | Ticketmaster Christmas Lights Search The Melbourne Christmas Lights Guide will help you and your family plan to see all of Melbournes best Christmas Light displays. Melbourne Christmas Lights | Search Carols By Candelight Head out with family and friends for a wonderful night of carol singing. Carols on Southbank - Friday Carols by Candlelight | Vision Australia - Monday --> Carols By Candelight...


Women's domestic labour, in Edwardian art "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Frances Vida Lahey (1882-1968) studied painting at the Brisbane Technical College. In her early 20s (190509), she travelled south to Melbourne and studied at the National Gallery School with Bernard Hall. It was conventional training for a young Australian artist in the Edwardian era. And like everyone else, Vida Lahey travelled to Europe in 1915 where she spent four years, studying art in Paris at the Acadmie Colarossi and doing her bit during WW1. But her stay in Paris came after the painting I want to discuss.

Lahey, Monday Morning, 1912, 
153 x 123cm, 
Queensland Art Gallery

The Queensland Art Gallery says that the painting Monday Morning 1912 launched Vida Lahey's career when it was exhibited at the annual exhibition of the Queensland Art Society in Brisbane, in 1912. Monday Morning was apparently following the tradition established at the National Gallery of Victoria School in Melbourne, where students were encouraged to produce a large narrative painting to compete for the triennial travelling art scholarship.

Esme, Vidas younger sister, was the model for the woman at the wash tub. She worked alongside Flora Campbell, a family friend, doing the washing at the Lahey family home in Indooroopilly in Brisbane. The painting depicted the women doing the weekly wash with copper tubs and bar soap once a common sight in Australian households. But if it was such a common sight, why was it a rare subject in Australian art? Why were women's lives generally depicted in art in a more genteel fashion and how was it that their hard labour in and around the house disappeared from public discussion?

My assumption is that male artists were at work during the day and never saw laundry being done. As far as they were concerned, the laundry washed and dried itself, ironed itself and miraculously entered itself into the linen cupboard. Was it hard labour? Any viewer of this painting could see the relentless ste...


A Blue Carbon Sink In Australias Midst "IndyWatch Feed National"


Researchers studied the carbon storage of deep-water seagrasses living at Lizard Island, Australia. Education Images/UIG via Getty Images

Thanks to National Public Radio for this:



Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00019 BTC
0.00100 BTC = 5.15 AUD


2018 Top 10 TV ads complained about by sundry whingers, whiners and wowsers "IndyWatch Feed National"

1. 0116/18 Sportsbet TV Free-to-air A man is seen naked from the waist up and appears to be manscaping. Upheld Number of complaints: 793 Issues of concern: 2.1 Discrimination or vilification, 2.2 Exploitative or degrading, 2.3 Violence and 2.4 Sex/sexuality/nudity 2. 0113/18 ...


Boosting renewables and cutting energy costs RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Andrews Labor Government has announced $1.1 million worth of grants to support renewable energy projects in local communities across Victoria. The post Boosting renewables and cutting energy costs appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Boosting renewables and cutting energy costs RenewEconomy


Australias Shameful Gift to Netanyahu "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Jeremy Salt Source Australia and Israel are white settler states, established violently over the heads of the indigenous people, without the benefit of any treaty arrangement. A land without people for a people without land was the Zionist lie. Terra nullius was the Australian white settler equivalent. Australian aboriginal ownership was collective and traditional. []


Explainer: why is Australia adopting the global refugee compact but not the migration compact? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

By Azadeh Dastyari

File 20181210 76989 11v0lv9.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1A young girl protesting at a rally to bring refugees on Nauru and Manus Island to Australia.
Photo: AAP/Penny Stephens


Australia was one of 176 countries to vote in favour of the Global Compact on Refugees (refugee compact) in mid-November this year. The United Nations General Assembly will adopt it by the end of 2018.

However, Australia did not join the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (migration compact) at a conference in Morocco on December 10-11.

What are the compacts and what do they aim to do?

There is much confusion about the two compacts, with commentators often conflating the two documents. However, they are distinct agreements with differing subjects.

The term refugee used in the refugee compact has a specific meaning under international law. It refers to a person outside their own country who fears persecution because of their race, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.

As a signatory to the Refugee Convention and Refugee Protocol, Australia has particular obligations to refugees under these two treaties. The refugee compact does not replace these obligations. Instead, it is a non-binding agreement that intends to provide a basis for predictable and equitable burden- and responsibility-sharing.

The Refugee Compact lists four objectives. They are to:

  1. ease pressures on host countries
  2. enhance refugee self-reliance
  3. expand access to third country solutions
  4. support conditions in countries of origin for return in safety and dignity

Unlike the term refugee, the term migrant does not have a precise meaning under international law. Australia does not have any specific international legal obligations to migrants beyond respecting their human rights under the human rights treaties to...


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Support and wellbeing of survivors is, and always should be, at the heart of this issue, said Anna Brown, incoming CEO of Equality Australia and Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre.

It is imperative that there are stronger laws and support for survivors, and also education about the harm caused by the cultural ideas and messaging prevalent within faith communities.

Its fantastic that the ALP has listened to survivors and researchers. Changing their policy to reflect that gay conversion is broader than therapeutic practices and acknowledging that the ideology behind gay conversion is also harmful, is an important step toward protecting the community, said Mr Csabs.

The changes in the ALP platform reflect a key recommendation of the Human Rights Law Centre and La Trobe University Report ...


Tsarnaev Case: A Fodder Person in the Watertown Shoot-out? "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) Ed Deveau, and (R) Ric Donohue

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Dear Dr Mindy Hull, Massachusetts Medical Examiner

I mailed you a letter (copy enclosed) back in August of this year, 2018, in which I requested an Inquest into the April 19, 2013 death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. I am writing to you now to demand an inquest into the death of another person whom we will have to call John Doe.

At famous shootout took place on Laurel St, Watertown, in the wee hours of April 19, 2013, allegedly in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing that occurred four days earlier.

Officer Ric Donohue was injured in that sho...


MACKAY Child grooming accused to spend Christmas behind bars "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY December 18, 2018 at 04:56AM ,

Child grooming accused to spend Christmas behind bars

December 18, 2018 at 04:56AM ,

The 24-year-old man fronted Mackay Magistrates Court over videolink from prison on December 12, appearing relatively cheerful in the circumstances

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Man capsicum sprayed after kicking police officer in face "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY December 18, 2018 at 05:52AM ,

Man capsicum sprayed after kicking police officer in face

December 18, 2018 at 05:52AM ,

Facing Mackay Magistrates Court, Bridger pleaded guilty to two counts each of assaulting and obstructing police on November 24. Prosecutor Josh

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Alleged prison escapee to learn fate in higher court "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY December 17, 2018 at 06:03AM ,

Alleged prison escapee to learn fate in higher court

December 17, 2018 at 06:03AM ,

In Mackay Magistrates Court on Friday, Magistrate Mark Nolan noted Brown would be required to serve time related to the escape lawful custody

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Can We Love Enough To Leave Alone? "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

It's interesting to arrive at the end of a year and look back. The theme for our planet of talking heads seemed to be people wanting others to behave in acceptable ways and have opinions like their own...


Nine's Kate McClymont reports NSW ICAC raid on Labor HQ in Sussex St "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Independent Commission Against Corruption has raided the NSW Labor Party headquarters in Sydney on Tuesday morning. The Herald understands investigators arrived at the Sussex Street offices, looking for records as part of an ongoing investigation. Senior union and Labor Party officials are in Adelaide for the ALP National Conference...


Put a little love into the world with something beautiful for Ruby at Christmas "IndyWatch Feed National"

In August 2012 Mr and Mrs Ralph and Ruby Blewitt had a difficult conversation. Ralph explained to his wife that he'd been involved in union corruption in Australia during the 1990s. And he said he was going to go back to Australia to fess up. Ruby comes from a lovely...


Melbourne band NUN on their razor-sharp new album "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

When it comes to dread-soaked synth-punk, few bands do it better than NUN. But fans of the Melbourne quartets self-titled 2014 album might be need time to adjust to the bands long-gestating follow-up, The Dome. Where the first record was harsh and abrasive, the second is surprisingly poppy and streamlined. Even frontwoman Jenny Branagans baleful vocals feel more clean-cut and accessible.

Yet, rather than sacrifice the pitch-black mood of earlier tracks like Uri Geller and Cronenberg, The Dome exploits the thrilling dichotomy of brighter, punchier songs that dispense regular doses of fear and paranoia. Sometimes that has more strength to it, says Branagan by phone. Its unsettling in its own way. I find this album really sad, grim, and bleak.

That perspective isnt shared by bandmates Steven Harris, Hugh Young and Tom Hardisty, who brandish various synths and drum machines. [They] feel very differently, she confirms. They feel that this is a very bright and uplifting thing. We all come at it in a different way.

Watch the video for Pick Up the Phone by NUN below


Its easy to see both sides. For all the wonky drag of the slow-burn Pick Up the Phone, or the sustained fever-dream vibe of seven-minute closer Debris, Another Year pairs Branagans protest-like lyrics to gleaming, pinging melodies. Even opener Wake in Fright, with its unmistakable nightmare mantras, feels strangely empowering, while Cant Chain is an outright pop anthem that manages to top the first albums fist-pumping single Evoke the Sleep.

But again tapping that paradox of dark and light, Branagan says Cant Chain was written in response to a friends suicide attempt. Even the titular hook Cant chain these morons down was a blackly comic way of saying you cant truly hold on to someone who doesnt want to be here. Youre wanting to keep your friend safe and happy, she explains, but at the end of the day, what control do you have over another persons choice?

As for the sample at the end of the song, its from the 1972 BBC mini-series Ways of Seeing, written by the late English academic John Berger. Branagan regularly makes such mood-setting interludes for NUN, and shes recently...


Signal App to Australia: Good Luck with That Crypto Ban "IndyWatch Feed National"

Via: Ars Technica: Signal, one of the most secure messaging apps, essentially told Australia this week that its attempts to thwart strong crypto are rather cute. By design, Signal does not have a record of your contacts, social graph, conversation list, location, user avatar, user profile name, group memberships, group titles, or group avatars, Joshua []


Video: 15-year-old climate activist calls out world leaders for inaction "IndyWatch Feed National"

You say you love your children above all else, yet you are stealing their futures right before their very eyes. This 15-year-old activist just called out world leaders for their global inaction on climate change.

Video from U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

The post Video: 15-year-old climate activist calls out world leaders for inaction appeared first on The Pen.


This is Home For Now "IndyWatch Feed National"

Fresh off the plane, a trail across the world left on the maps, I walk through the picturesque German town I have chosen as the location for my future stories. Ill walk these streets past bright coloured houses with wooden shutters as I fight to earn that expensive piece of paper in endless hours of studies.

I enter the administration office, one of the many cornerstones of bureaucratic Germany. A thick line on the floor warns me to not take another step. Good citizen that I am, I halt right in front and maintain discretion as requested. The room smells like a stuffy office that has never heard laughter. Three clerks sit behind their narrow desks and stare at flickering screens from the early 2000s.

One of them raises her voice to explain a line of incomprehensible instructions in the type of administrative German even natives have trouble understanding. Her client stares back in confusion. I sigh and stare at the shiny literature given out by the government to make sense of the many hoops and never-ending forms that frame German life. This is the third time Im here, waiting for another form to fill out for my landlord amidst snarky comments from the staff regarding my incomplete pile of documents.

As her last client passes me by, a document smelling of fresh ink in hand, a clerk waves me over. I sit down as her fingers dig into the keyboard. She doesnt look up.

What can I help you with? she says in a monotone voice.

Id like to register my residence, I reply.

Do you have the certificate of tenement provision filled out?

 Yup, I say. Now were talking.

Your identification papers?

I hand her my folder of documents and wait in silence as she examines them.

Please be patient for a moment, Miss, she says and starts punching the keys again, asking questions occasionally.

As I endure the procedure, I observe the clerk at work, wondering what she might do in her free time.

Before I know what is happening, she draws a long ruler out of nowhere, places it over the name of my birthplace on my passport and crosses it out with a fat marker. I lose my breath. What did she just do?!

There is no chance to ask whats going...


Goodbye 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

On my way to Yarra Sculpture Gallery this year I saw a ghost sign painted on an empty building. It reminded me of one of the reasons why I write this blog. I want to record something of the galleries in Melbourne today.

J Miller Art Gallery / Pictures Framers Restorers / Sales Service & Supplies 419 7516

The old telephone number before the 9 prefix was added to Melbourne telephone numbers in 1995. Millers gallery provided a range of services; contemporary art galleries in Melbourne no long do picture framing as part of their business.

The State Library Victoria has a one folded invitation card and one sheet press release for an exhibition at J Miller Art Gallery. The exhibition was by the Polish artist, Grzegorz Morycinski, March 14, [no year, circa late 1980s?]. Morycinski was a contemporary painter who spent four months in Australia in 1987.

Perhaps my blog posts will simply contribute to a more complete archive of Melbournes art world (not a vain hope as this blog is preserved by the State Library of Victoria on Pandora).

* * *

I am still working on my book on art and crime as I have decided to expand it from Melbournes art crimes to Australian art crimes. I have been posted a couple these stories from my research, and a couple of times I have been rewarded with more information. 

Perths Fake Pollock Exhibition 

The theft of La belle Hollandaise  

The Life and Art of Ronald Bull 

* * *

I have been fortunate to be born a white heterosexual male in an Anglophone culture and it has been a privilege. The only downside was that I was in generation X, a punk anarchist and there are thousands of guys like me. Writing about Melbournes visual arts appears to be a good use of my academic skill set. (Thanks to the Australian tax payers for providing me with the free education. I hope that I am paying it forward with my blog.) However, for much of this year I dont have been trying to listen, learn and leave room for other voices.

* * *

So goodbye to 2018; this blog will return in 2019.


COP24 summit finishes and produces joint statement committing to lifting response to climate change by 2020 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ben Wilson and Joe Montero

The COP24 summit in Poland has finally come out with an agreement.  The Unites States and Australia celebrated coal. Brazils new Jair Bolsonaro regime showed its climate warming skepticism. Oil producing countries Russia, Saudi and Kuwait, argued to slow things down. Despite this, some progress was made.

Measures were supposed to be adopted to step up the implementation of 2015 Paris Agreement. But a compromise was made to delay this till 2020, when the next summit takes place in Chile. The agreement says that commitments already entered into must have been met by then.

Time is running short, however. The intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned just two months ago, that the global temperature rising above 1.5 Celsius will have grave consequences, and that there is little more than a decade to turn the situation around, by halving all carbon emissions.

The current path could result in the temperature rising by up to 3-4 degrees Celsius, according to the science. This suggests that the global political establishment is not yet aligning with the science.

Discussion in Poland concentrated on standardising reporting and improving transparency. Both of these are needed. But this should not delay stepping up action.

It is understandable that countries want to minimise the negative impacts of making a transition. This is best achieved through cooperation between nations and mutual assistance. The longer it takes to do enough, the higher the cost will be.

Failure to act on a sufficient scale will destroy many species, and upset the life cycle, on which human beings are also dependent.

Changing weather patterns will mean that not enough food will be available to feed the human population. Rising sea levels will mean small countries disappearing and many cities being inundated. Economic collapse, the failure of political institutions and social turmoil will be inevitable.

What is clear, is that reliance on the political elite is not enough. Only when there is sufficient pressure coming up from below, is  movement on the political stage possible. The little progress that has been made has come about this way. It is only the beginning, and  much more  is needed to lift the game.

There must be a turning away from unrestricted capitalism that always puts the private bot...


Fusion on Union "IndyWatch Feed"

  Fork & Fingers, 230 Union Road, Ascot Vale. Phone: 9041 2436 Consider The Sauce and one of its regular dining pals had been vaguely talking about a visit to Fork & Fingers to try its Indian fusion food for more than a year. In the end, though, it was with four other regular members []


Animal rights protesters crash sick children with Santa's reindeer at Children's Hospital "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Protester Daniel Heggie said the reindeer were being exploited". By sick children and their families at the Brisbane Children's Hospital. Charming people. Animals rights protesters fronted a group of sick children and their families who were meeting a pair of Santa's reindeer on Monday afternoon. Police were called to remove...


PERTH Perth woman avoids jail over Tinder date fraud "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth woman avoids jail over Tinder date fraud .

December 17, 2018 at 03:47PM .

In Perth Magistrates Court today, Gray received an eight month prison term, suspended for a year after being told she would have gone to prison if she .



Victoria 2018 Greens vote, mapped "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Todays maps focus on the performance of the Greens, who went backwards in terms of votes, yet managed to win a record number of lower house seats at a general election.

This first map shows the primary vote swing for the Greens in the 88 electorates.

Seats coloured dark green or bright green mostly swung to the Greens. Pale green seats had a small negative swing, with the brown seats doing worst.

In the recent past weve seen the Greens gain swings in the inner city while losing ground in regional parts of Victoria, but the picture from this election isnt quite as clear.

Yes there was a big increase in the Greens vote in Northcote, Prahran and Richmond (the last helped by the absence of a Liberal candidate), but the Greens vote went slightly backwards in Melbourne and Albert Park, and barely increased in Brunswick.

This second map shows the two-candidate-preferred vote by booth in non-classic seats. This includes five Labor vs Greens races, one Labor vs independent race and one Liberal vs Greens race, all in a contiguous area in the inner city stretching from Prahran to Pascoe Vale.

The map also shows the map data for Mildura, Morwell, Shepparton and Geelong, but you have to zoom out to see those areas.

You can also toggle the map to see the swing by booth, but only for four inner-city Labor vs Greens races for some obscure technical reasons.

Thats about it for today. Ill have more maps tomorrow.


Market Talk- December 17, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Both the Hang Seng and the Shanghai indices recovered from last weeks poor data and the DOWs late Fridays decline. Volumes continue thin and that appears to be spreading to many markets. It is not uncommon to see markets drier ahead of the holiday season, but this year it seems to gets more attention probably because prices are in decline. Once the bounce back to unchanged was over, both played in a narrow range to close fairly neutral. Japan on the other hand, traded well following the open and managed a +0.65% gain on the day. We are seeing renewed weakness in the Yen, in Asian trading, but looks to have found the safe-haven bid again for the moment anyway. A ray of hope was also displayed in Australia and India, as both markets finished around 1% higher. Overall a fairly quiet session awaiting China, the FED and Germanys IFO report.

Europe attempted to hold just slightly lower levels Monday, but once the US markets opened that proved just too much of an ask! Growing fears of a global slowdown continue to spread and recent data tend to support that sentiment. China numbers Friday, followed by further BREXIT and European uncertainty are all in the mix ahead of the Federal Reserve and a devastatingly slow retail sector. Talk this evening is that Jeremy Corbyn (Labour Leader) apparently intended to propose a no-confidence motion in Theresa May, but then decided he didnt need to after Theresa May tabled a date for the Parliamentary vote ( Week of January 14th, 2019). If this vote were to happen, it is in her and not the government. BREXIT and all its shenanigans will continue for at least another three months, so buckle in it could get wild! GBP however, has traded higher against the USD as speculation that the FED holds after this weeks move. Most core European bourses closed around 1% lower.

US markets have been heavy all day and are looking to close at their lowest levels for the year. Having retreated from close to 15% from their highs, markets are trading nervous as we await the FED and data starts to slow again. Housing numbers today were their slowest in three years, but there was a pick-up in business activity. Although volumes are better than their 20day average, the 20day average is still way down...


Superstores in Australia Reduced Plastic Bag Use by 80 Percent in Only 3 Months "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Woolworths Plastic Ban in Australia

Photo: anystock via Shutterstock

Australia has just proven that it doesnt necessarily take sweeping changes in legislation to get people to cut down on their plastic consumption. The country has cut its plastic bag use by 80 percent over the course of three months thanks to sweeping measures instituted by major national retailers.

Since July, two of Australias largest supermarket chainsColes and Woolworthshave implemented a nationwide ban on free lightweight plastic grocery bags. Australias National Retail Association (NRA) estimates that the ban has saved 1.5 billion single-use plastic bags from entering the ecosystem since it went into effect. Customers are now being offered reusable bags for 15 cents a piece, and while there was some resistance at first, new habits are already forming.

The decision by certain retailers to no longer offer free single-use plastic carry bags certainly received a hostile response from some shoppers initially, but these retailers deserve credit for dramatically reducing the number of bags in circulation, shared David Stout, NRA Manager of Industry Policy. The bulk of shoppers now use their own bags, which has been instrumental in reducing the number of plastic bags being consumed. Indeed, some retailers are reporting reduction rates as high as 90 percent.

Cole's Plastic Bag Ban

Photo: anystock via Sh...


What we must know about 1400 years of the religion of peace "IndyWatch Feed National"

Get The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS here. What better gift can you give than the truth that the political and media elites are working indefatigably to obscure? What we must know about 1400 years of the religion of peace, by Bill Muehlenberg, Spectator Australia, December 16, 2018: The Communists relished having hordes []


Benjamin Fulford Report (Exerpt): "Big Changes Coming" -- December 17, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

Secret head of world finance, Cardinal Pell, fired and big changes coming

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

Last week Cardinal George Pell was found guilty of sexually abusing children by an Australian court and was subsequently fired by Pope Francis because he was elderly.

This is huge news in the secret world of finance, because Pell was the person in charge of financial matters at the Vatican and thus was a secret controller of most world government leaders, P2 Freemason and CIA sources say. This is because when most world rulers take power, they get a visit from an official of the Vatican Bank who hands them a bank book with an astronomical number written in it (a billion dollars or more for big countries; less for smaller countries). They are then told, Welcome to the world of the rich, and are gently reminded that if they refuse to accept the money they will be removed.

This is the choice of silver or lead that has allowed the Vatican P2 Freemason Lodge, run by descendants of the Caesars, to secretly rule most world governments. The 200 leaders who last week affirmed the fraudulent carbon causes global warming agreement are all slaves of this system, P2 Freemason and CIA sources agree.


Israel never satisfied: Israeli minister slams Australia for Jerusalem 'division' "IndyWatch Feed National"

On December 15 the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that Australia recognizes West Jerusalem as a capital of Israel, adding that Canberra "acknowledges the aspirations of the Palestinian people for a future state with its capital in East Jerusalem," thus abiding by the so-called two-state solution. Tzachi Hanegbi, the Israeli minister for regional cooperation, noted that Israel is not satisfied with the Australian decision to recognize West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in conjunction with the acceptance of East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, according to the Guardian. "Australia is a deep and intimate friend of many years of Israel. We were happy to hear that it has an interest to clarify its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. But to our regret, within this positive news they made a mistake. There is no division between the east of the city and the west of the city. Jerusalem is one whole, united. Israel's control over it is eternal," said...


FESTIVE 4 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

This post is part of the Mosaic Monday meme,
and also part of the Macro Monday meme,
and also part of the Through my Lens meme,
and also part of the Seasons meme.


Oh No! I Just Got Snoped! (Laugh Here) "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Kent Heckenlively, JD After having my talk at the Commonwealth Club of California cancelled because of protests, being thrown out of Age of Autism for daring to pen a few articles for BolenReport, and being BANNED from speaking in Australia for three years, I have a new honor. Ive been Snoped! If you dont Continue reading Oh No! I Just Got Snoped! (Laugh Here)

The post Oh No! I Just Got Snoped! (Laugh Here) appeared first on BolenReport.


Five Eyes spy chiefs warned Trudeau twice about Huawei national-security risk "IndyWatch Feed National"

Spy chiefs from the Five Eyes intelligence network briefed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on two occasions this year about the national-security risk from Chinese high-tech giant Huawei meetings that took place months before Canadas arrest of a top Huawei executive severely strained relations with Beijing.

Sources say Mr. Trudeau met the spy directors at a Five Eyes meeting in mid-July in Nova Scotia and at secret intelligence talks on the sidelines of the Commonwealth summit in London in April, where Huawei and its ties to the Chinese government dominated discussion.

The Globe and Mail

Image result for Justin Trudeau, pictures

Justin Trudeau

The Five Eyes network is made up of Canada, the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand, which co-operate to combat espionage, terrorism and global crime.

During the discussions in Halifax and London, sources said the spy chiefs stressed that their countries cannot become dependent upon Huaweis 5G technology because they view the Shenzen-based company as beholden to the Chinese state. Under Chinese law, the countrys companies must work with Chinas intelligence agencies if requested.

Senior federal officials, including the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, would not discuss the Five Eyes deliberations on Huawei.

Image result for Canadian Security Intelligence Service, pictures

CSIS will not comment on the nature or substance of meetings held with its Five Eyes partners. Canadas relationship with these partners remains strong and is focused on keeping Canada safe from a variety of threats, CSIS chief information officer Tahera Mufti said in a statement.

Mr. Trudeau is facing a difficult decision on whether to join the majority of his Five Eyes allies and bar Huawei equipment from being used in next-generation 5G mobile networks.



Bahraini FM Defends Australias Decision on Al-Quds, Slams AL Statement "IndyWatch Feed National"

December 16, 2018 The foreign minister of Bahrain has defended Australias formal recognition of the so-called West Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as Israeli capital, saying the move would not affect a future Palestinian state with East Al-Quds as its capital. Australias government announced the decision on Saturday, reversing decades of Middle East policy, but said it would []

Monday, 17 December


Orange Is the New Black actress Yael Stone accuses Geoffrey Rush of sexual harassment "IndyWatch Feed National"

A New York Times report on Stones allegations against Rush parses the difficulties of coming forward in the #MeToo eraespecially in Australia.

As many strides as the #MeToo and Times Up movements have made in a short time, they still have a long way to go. Exhibit A is the latest allegations against a well-known actor.

Read Full Story


Belgium: Thousands try to storm UN to protest migration pact "IndyWatch Feed National"

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel's stubborn endorsement of the UN Global Migration Pact has brought his government to its knees and caused massive demonstrations against the Pact in Belgium. Charles Michel now governs with a minority, because the center-right Flemish N-VA has walked out over the PM's move to have Belgium support a UN migration pact. The Prime Minister is now trying to govern with assorted and reshuffled Liberals and Christian Democrats. The upcoming Migration Pact has divided international alliances: Austria, Hungary, the US, Israel, Australia and several other states rejecting the accord. [1]Belgium's migration minister, Theo Francken, commented on Thursday, "It's way too pro-migration. It doesn't have the nuance that it needs to have to also comfort European citizens." He said that, although it was not legally binding, it was also not without legal risks. He said that wide interpretation of human rights laws in EU courts were "tying the hands of migration policy-makers." [2]

The Belgian government has split apart after Prime Minister Charles Michel ignored the objections of his ruling coalitions biggest party and insisted he would sign the UN migration pact.

The Flemish nationalist New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) party quit the government following crisis talks over the weekend, prompting Michel to announce he would travel to Marrakesh to sign the controversial compact representing a minority government.

Stepping down as interior minister on Sunday, the N-VAs Jan Jambon told local media I think that, formally speaking, we are stepping down. We said that if the coalition goes to Marrakesh, it will be without us.

The patriotic party had previously produced a list of 30 objections to signing the so-called Global Compact on Safe and Orderly Migration including a lack of differentiation between illegal and legal flows, and questions over whether the agreement, which declares mass immigration to be inevitable, desirable and necessary, could have a chilling effect on objective journalism.

Vice Prime Minister Alexander De Croo rebuffed the N-VA for branding the parties set to sign Belgium up to the UN document as a Marrakesh coalition, asserting that ministers will continue to have firm but humane migration policies because no one in this government want....


The Portal: Cobra's Update -- Yellow Vests and the Vortex of Paris "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Portal

The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Yellow Vests and the Vortex of Paris

On November 10th, 1793, there was an activation of Goddess of Reason and Liberty in the Notre Dame church in Paris:

That church was the location of the temple of Isis in Roman times:

Where initiates into the Goddess mysteries still meet today:

Exactly 225 years after the activation of Goddess of Reason, certain Goddess priestesses of the Resistance Movement came to the surface in Paris and did a special planetary kundalini activation.

The activation was taking place from November 8th to November 11th, 2018, during the meeting of the world leaders in Paris. The second basement DOES exist, although the waitress denied it.

This activation served as a trigger for planetary kundalini awakening where people will finally rise up against the oppression of the Dark forces.



Hotels and apartments for illegal boat people medical treatment cost $1.4BN "IndyWatch Feed National"

This comes courtesy of the Daily Mail - the photos from Christmas Island came to us from Shaz of CI and were first published here on this website. I can think of at least one Australian war veteran who lives overseas but has to return for medical treatment who will...


Support for our website "IndyWatch Feed National"

As we move towards the end of 2018 - the 7th year I've been at this - I need your help to keep going more than ever. I wouldn't do it if I didn't think is was worthwhile. I wouldn't do it if I thought someone else would. And I...


Our post on CFMEU Hanna at the TURC - includes covert audio recording. "IndyWatch Feed National"

TURC hearing into CFMEU officials and their apparent destruction of evidence subject to TURC's Notices to Produce Monday, 21 September 2015 AT 2PM the Commission commenced its hearing, former National President of the CFMEU Dave Hanna in the witness box. Ms McNaughton opened by having Mr Hanna confirm the names...



CFMEU's Hanna guilty of destroying tonnes of evidentiary documents - walks free on bond "IndyWatch Feed National"

Unbelievable. Covered up the video cameras. Destroyed tonnes of documents as they were being called by the Royal Commission. Fought the charges, didn't cooperate, plea of not guilty. And walks free on a bond. An ex-union boss has avoided jail after being found guilty of dumping and burning tonnes of...


Geoffrey Rush and #MeToo, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why Yael Stone is terrified to talk about Geoffrey Rush.

By Bari Weiss

Ms. Weiss is a writer and editor for the Opinion section.

Yael Stone is scared.

We are in New York City, at a ramen place near her apartment in Astoria, Queens, and Ms. Stone, who stars in Orange Is the New Black, has barely touched her soup. She tells me she hasnt been sleeping for the better part of a year.

Its not just her 6-month-old baby whos keeping her up, but her decision to come forward for the first time and speak to me about her experiences with Geoffrey Rush, one of the most powerful actors in her native Australia.

Image result for Geoffrey Rush, pictures

Geoffrey Rush

Most women who go public with #MeToo stories are fearful for obvious reasons. There is the pain of reliving traumatic experiences. There is the rage of not being believed. And there is sometimes the discomfort of admitting, as Ms. Stone readily does, that she didnt say no and at times even encouraged some of his behavior. She did so, she says, out of fear of offending a mentor and friend.

But Ms. Stone isnt just afraid of the emotional consequences of talking about her allegations against Mr. Rush, her onetime hero, including that he danced naked in front of her in their dressing room, used a mirror to watch her while she showered and sent her occasionally erotic text messages while she was 25 years old and starring opposite Mr. Rush, then 59, on stage in The Diary of a Madman in 2010 and 2011.



Talking to Poland on aid, disaster capitalism and giving with purpose "IndyWatch Feed National"

I was recently interviewed by Polands biggest media organisation about my work around disaster capitalism (both the book and film). The conversation covered Afghanistan, Haiti, aid, US foreign policy, Trump and what journalism should be (hint: challenging those in power).

It was great to engage with an audience that in the West is increasingly viewed as conservative and intolerant. The Polish journalist told me that this view is inaccurate and public opinion is far more diverse on matters of immigration and refugees.

Heres the story (readers will have to use Google Translate): polishinterviewdisastercapitalism


Early Scottish immigrants . . . the joke is on me! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Early Scottish immigrants . . . the joke is on me!

All this powerfully supports our primary contention that the Bronze Age sea route in the Atlantic took the Gulf Stream from the latitude of Bimini/Georgia to the Latitude of the Isle of Lewis. Thus the populations of northern Ireland and Western Scotland in particular has to intermingle with populations in the SE USA.

The Atlantean fleet sailed every year for well over a thousand years at the height of the Bronze Age and the circle route sustained traffic after 1159 BC right past the Roman era into the Northern Iron Age in Europe.  Plenty of folks made that trip and it is reasonable to understand the populating of Eastern North America and plausibly into Mexico and the Andes in pursuit of metal as well as driven by this copper trade feeding Europe and the Mediterranean.  

Thus we have DNA identifiers of Northern Europe and the Levant but nothing unique to Eastern North America.   It is thus highly plausible that this human traffic has always been the big picture.

The actual transit before 1159 BC was close and obvious as well.  Even today it is a summer time trip westward in a large row boat as has been done.  Then you had Lyonese to get you half way there and the Azores as well and the Bahama Bank all above water.  These all were on the circle route as well.

Thus traffic starting over ten thousand years ago is completely reasonable and even likely as it was easy enough in the summer time.  The same held true for Australia and other supposed sea barriers.


Cash being demonised for greater control of the serfs in the colony called Australia "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Governments and corporations are now demonising cash, under whatever pretext the corporations think of this month, in order to gain full access to the tax slaves movements, which then can be used to control their lives.

Apparently now, if you save money for a 'rainy day' (plenty of those in Melbourne), then you're branded with a negative connotation that being of a hoarder.

Many humans from the herd population love the (digital) slavery they're in, i.e. being a 'product' that gives data way to corporations for very little reward, like $2 for every 50 litres of fuel purchased, for surrendering their docket, which contains the purchaser's history within that docket.

The forcing of people to go cashless is not for the benefit to those people, but rather government and corporations, although there are many arguments put forward, where convenience is pushed as the main selling point.

Forget about the farcical excuse of security.

Going cashless gives rise to more credit card fraud as mentioned in mainstream media news articles;

You are demonised for hoarding cash, where you are told that it's fine being in the bank, but 'fine' for who?



In which BBC Radio 4 re-divides Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed National"

Listeners to BBC Radio 4s Today programme on December 15th heard the following (from 05:06 here) in a news bulletin presented by Alan Smith. [emphasis in italics in the original, emphasis in bold added]

Smith: Australia says it now recognises West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but it wont be moving its embassy from Tel Aviv at this stage. The prime minister Scott Morrison has also acknowledged the aspirations of Palestinians for a future state with its capital in East Jerusalem. The divided city, where the Israeli parliament is located, is not internationally recognised as the countrys capital. Phil Mercer reports from Sydney.

Apparently BBC Radio 4 along with the BBCs correspondent in Sydney is so used to using the politically partisan term East Jerusalem that it has forgotten that although Jerusalem was indeed divided during the nineteen-year period of the unrecognised Jordanian occupation that began in 1948, it was ...


Bike helmet crackdown "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Bellarine Police will ramp up efforts to reduce the number of bicycle and scooter riders who are not wearing safety helmets.

Bellarine Police have recently observed an increase in penalty notice fines.

The current fine for not wearing a securely fitted and approved bicycle helmet is $205 for a person 14 years of age or older.

The offence also relates to persons who are riding a scooter or other wheeled recreational device or power assisted bicycle.

We dont want to be giving these fines out to kids, but its getting to stage where we have to or else there will be some serious injuries, Sergeant Shane Connolly said.

There has been an increased observation by local police members who have observed an increase in youths riding electric bicycles.

It is still the responsibility of the rider to have the appropriate helmet and fitted properly.

There has also been an increase in thefts of bicycles in the Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads area.

Sergeant Connolly said thefts were mostly from the front of houses or shopping centres.

Local police have been able to locate a lot of the bikes as they are often dumped by the thief once that person has reached their destination, he said.

To prevent further thefts, bikes should not be left in view at the front of their premises and if left for even a short period of time, a lock be placed.

Bellarine police station is equipped with quad bikes, which will be used this summer.

The bikes enable police to get into areas that are hard to patrol, such as bike tracks, car parks and parks, Sergeant Connolly said.

We have recently used them to locate missing persons, patrol for suspicious behaviour and suspected thieves in the beach car park areas.

The quad bikes are able to assist in patrolling the beach due to increased complaints in poor dog behaviour or control on the beach areas.


The post Bike helmet crackdown appeared first on Ocean Grove Voice.


Scientist Accidentally Discovers How to Make Coral Grow 40x Faster "IndyWatch Feed National"

The news would have its readers believe that were in the end times that climate change has reached the point of no return and the world is on the brink of nuclear wear. Unfortunately the hopeful and inspiring stories tend to pass by far too quickly, but if you look for them, theyre always there. Some are the result of years worth of work, research and investments, while others come about simply by accident.

Take the Great Barrier Reef, for instance. Coral reefs account for a measly 1% of the entire ocean on planet Earth. Despite the miniscule amount of surface area they cover, coral reefs provide food and shelter to one quarter of all marine life. Reefs also support marine life that ends up in the human food chain, feeding a whopping one billion of us.

Thanks to a little thing called bleaching, about two thirds of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has been killed off due to a rise in temperature, thought to have been brought on by global warming. The statistics are alarming.

Thankfully, and completely by accident, Dr. David Vaughan from the Mote Marine Laboratory in Florida, may have found a way to reverse that devastating loss.

Coral ordinarily takes 25 to 75 years to reach sexual maturity, meaning it can take up to six years to plant 600 coral. This fact alone is one reason the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef is so alarming. But thanks to Dr. Vaughan, we may be able to help coral grow forty times faster!

The Good News Network describes Dr. Vaughans accidental discovery:

He had been trying to remove a coral from the bottom of a tank when it broke into a dozen pieces. To his shock, all of the pieces regrew to the same size in just three short weeks, as opposed to the three years it had taken to grow the original coral.

The process of fragmenting coral to encourage regrowth is nothing new. In fact, the pro...


Support for conservative investigative journalism "IndyWatch Feed National"

This month the ACCC released a long-overdue report into the way Facebook and Google have changed the media in Australia and the world. Here are a few quotes: ...the impact of digital platforms (ie Facebook and Google) on the supply of news and journalism is particularly significant. News and journalism...


Measures of cultural distance "IndyWatch Feed National"

A new paper with many authors  most prominently Joseph Henrich tries to measure the cultural gaps between different countries.  I am reproducing a few of their results (see pp.36-37 for more), noting that higher numbers represent higher gaps:

Distance from the U.S.

Algeria: 0.15

Australia: 0.03

Brazil: 0.07

Canada: 0.02

China: 0.17

Ecuador: 0.12

Egypt: 0.24

Ethiopia: 0.14

Georgia [the country]: 0.15

Hong Kong: 0.09

Indonesia: 0.19

Japan: 0.11

Malaysia: 0.12

Nigeria: 0.15

Switzerland: 0.06

Egypt is the most distant, then Yemen, with Canada as the closest.

As for cultural distance from China, we have:

Great Britain: 0.20

Hong Kong: 0.09

Japan: 0.14

Russia: 0.09 (not *so* far away)

Taiwan: 0.10

Vietnam: 0.06

Overall the numbers show much greater cultural distance of other nations from China than from the United States, a significant and under-discussed problem for China.  For instance, the United States is about as culturally close to Hong Kong as China is.

The post Measures of cultural distance appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.


What I Learned From My Shower Sex Injury "IndyWatch Feed National"

In hindsight, there were probably smarter places I could have travelled to escape my addictive personality than Eastern Europe. Especially when a recovering junkie can get given a script no questions asked for morphine.

I could see the sun beginning to rise on the horizon of the abandoned Templehof Airport in Berlin from the window of our Airbnb. It was a nice change from the dirty backpackers I had been staying in for weeks, which reeked of desperation and Lynx Africa.

I had just polished off my second bottle of cheap Merlot, and was having a shower with a male acquaintance I had picked up at my hostel two nights prior. The bathroom was thick with steam hovering above the polished tiles.

As we soon discovered, shower sex is not as comfortable or convenient as it appears in porn; we were both struggling to find a position without a plug or a tap poking into one of our backs.

I had the great idea to pop a leg out of the shower to give myself more wriggle room, only to glide along the wet floor and smack my foot into the glass screen. Feeling a shrapnel-like pain ricocheting through my leg, I looked down to realise that while two toes remained in place, three were dislocated and hanging sideways like limp biscuits.

In a state of shock and thankfully numbness from the amount of red wine I had consumed I let out a loud, Fuuuuuuuuck! and decided to Skype my mother for some free medical advice.

Youre going to have to crack them back in, and then go to the hospital, she said with panic in her voice.

My friends, both supportive and utterly disgusted, rolled me a joint for the pain and tried to convince me to go to the doctor for a proper examination. However, being a naive 18-year-old with pre-existing addiction problems, I figured shell be right and instead took a Valium and went to sleep.

Boarding a train to Prague the following morning, the weight of my 65L pack and relapse hanging heavy on my shoulders, I tried to disregard the internal throb that filled me when the crevices of plastic baggies had been licked clean.

After climbing 287 steps to the top of the Prague Castle, the external pain from the night prior had begun to sink in. This was quickly eradicated by a trip to the Absinthe Bar, where we sampled some Green Fairy, and the bud they sold us from behind the counter.

Three caps, two...


A youth activist on the climate crisis: politicians wont save us "IndyWatch Feed Vic" the COP24 conference, leaders lack the urgency felt by communities on the frontlines of a global threat

As wildfires burn, as temperatures rise, as the last remaining old-growth forests in Poland are logged, world leaders are in Katowiceto negotiate the implementation of the Paris climate agreement. To outsiders, UN climate talks may seem like a positive step. Unfortunately, this is COP24.

For 24 years, world leaders have annually talked at each other instead of to one another in hopes of reaching an agreement on how to mitigate the climate crisis. In all that time, they have barely scratched the surface of an issue that the worlds top climate scientists say we now have 12 years to stop and that is an optimistic estimate.

Theres an urgency in my heart being...


(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1742: Bringing the Fed Down with Gold | MSM Prepping for the Falling Hammer "IndyWatch Feed National"

Published on Dec 16, 2018

European auto resignations plunge, this is not a good sign, we are seeing auto sales in the US and Europe decline. Home prices in Australia, Canada and Europe are declining, the housing prices in the US are also dropping, bubble is deflating. Q posted how the Fed is going to be taken down by gold, Trump confirms this by his past comments on gold. The timing will be everything but the build up to contradict and bring the Fed down is in the works.

Published on Dec 16, 2018

Texas Judge rules Obamacare is unconstitutional. Robert Mueller gives the 302's to the Judge. Clinton answers questions under oath and can't remember 20 of them. The MSM is preparing for video and other news by telling everyone do not believe what you see or hear. Anons explains whats coming up.


Labor National Conference has raised some very important matters "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

As Australia goes to the dogs under the Morrison government, the Australian Labor Party had its national conference in Adelaide this last weekend.

Many were looking forward to this marking, not only a decisive break from the policies of the Coalition, but the bipartisanship of the past that has brought to Australia neoliberal economics and crueler government.

Some welcome policies were announced. Among them promises to take on more refugees, impose greater penalties on employers who steal super from their employees, talk with first Nation Australians about constitutional recognition and build 250,000 new affordable homes over ten years and something was said about reducing negative gearing. The conference adopted a policy that will stop selling arms to Israel.

But on many big ticket items, little or nothing was said. This conference had the air of a stage managed affair, with unity built on saying as little as possible. It held onto a strategy of keeping low and allowing Scott Morrison to hang himself.

Critics have pointed out that this strategy risks failing to inspire people. The risk is real.  Although the polls suggest Labor will rock in next year, they also show that Labor leader Bill Shorten is not particularly trusted.

Australia shares the worldwide phenomenon of a growing part of the population not trusting politicians of the major parties. It has its own particular causes here. The Coalition is suffering the most, and  it also is affecting Labor. Unless it can show that it is sufficiently different, Labor stands to suffer extensively when it government. We have seen this happen to social democratic governments in Europe. It will happen here too.

We are no longer in times where business as usual is good enough.  There must be an acknowledgement that most are becoming worse off, our rights are going, the First Nations are moving towards Treaty as the road to equality and self-determination. Public opinion has shifted is calling calling for decisive action on tackling carbon emissions and an end to offshore detention. Australia wants greed of the banks taken on in earnest, corruption seriously tackled.

This is what is being called for. We saw groups make a noise about certain issues that we important to them at the Conference. They are not alone.

These are the issues where a clear stance is needed, to mobilise popular enthusiasm and ensure a solid base of support for changing Australias direction. Getting people on side depends on building trust  and not merely slanging off at the other side.

No commitment was given to basic matters such as, raising reversing the fall in the wages share of national income, the minimum wage, putting into place a new an...


Featured Dish: Babajan "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Featured Dish: 24hr Braised Lamb Shoulder Babajan is a modern Turkish and Middle Eastern eatery situated in Carlton North. Their new summer lunch and dinner menu have a host of sharing and small plates, including Warm Olives, Baba Ganouj with Crispy Sucuk, Pickled Octopus with Marash Chilli & Oregano and Saganaki with Pears. Or head []

The post Featured Dish: Babajan appeared first on The NORTHSIDER.


4:30pm Dec 19 | Save Hakeem Urgent Protest "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

When: 4:30pm 19th December 2018 Where: Australian Federal Police, 383 LaTrobe St, West Melbourne, VIC Facebook event here Bahraini refugee Hakeem Al-Araibi, a permanent Australian resident living in Melbourne, is being held in Thailand and faces deportation back to the threat of torture in Bahrian. He fled Bahrain because of persecution and torture due to(...)


Featured Dish: Queen Vees "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Featured Dish: Jerk Chicken Queen Vees has just taken over the old Hanoi Hannah venue on High St. Big shoes to fill? Indeed. You might wonder what kind of tactic a restauranteur might deploy to when entering iconic grounds. The answer here is quite clearly to run a mile from any overlap. Caribbean cuisine shares almost []

The post Featured Dish: Queen Vees appeared first on St Kilda News.


The legal clause which could allow Adani to sue Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

17 December 2018: AFTINET convener Dr Patricia Ranald writes in the Guardian on the risk that Adani could sue our government for millions through Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), should their mining licence be cancelled by a future government. 

Yet another example of why Labor should implement its policy against ISDS in all trade agreements, and remove it from current deals like the TPP.


What our readers, contributors & editors loved (or didnt love) in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

We asked Overland contributors, volunteers, staff and editors to share their highs and lows of 2018.


POSK: Amy "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

It wasnt long after my pup Rosie got her final vaccinations that we both braved the winter weather and took our first trip down to the dog beach in Brighton. Beforehand we were strolling down Acland Street checking out the sights and smells of a mostly busy Saturday afternoon filled with pedestrians, pets, and other []

The post POSK: Amy appeared first on St Kilda News.


Victoria 2018 mapping the state "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

I have just finished my collection of election data for the Victorian state election.

This collection features the full list of booths with location information, the full list of candidates, primary vote and 2CP voting figures by booth, and voting figures by electorate and region as well.

Ive been able to use this data (as well as the swing data from Poll Bludgers excellent results site) to produce a series of maps, the first of which I will be publishing today.

These maps show the two-party-preferred vote by booth for the 77 seats which held Labor vs Coalition booth counts. This includes the 76 seats where those parties came in the top two, plus Benambra where the 2PP count was finished despite the change in the top two in the final distribution.

If youd like to check out this data, its now available for download on my maps page, along with thirteen other collections from recent state and local elections. Older data (including the 2014 Victorian results) are available to Patreon donors.

First, this map shows the two-party-preferred vote by booth for every booth in the 77 seats where we have a 2PP booth count. This excludes six inner-city seats where the count included the Greens, as well as four regional and one suburban seat where an independent made the final count.

You can also toggle that map to show the swings by booth. Youll see that most areas swung to labor, but there was a particularly strong swing in the inner south-east of Melbourne, where Labor tended to cross 10% on the election-night vote.

Ill be back tomorrow with more maps created from this dataset.


Israel signals displeasure at Australia's mistaken West Jerusalem move "IndyWatch Feed National"


Australia reaffirmed support for Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem under two-state peace deal


Liberty Links 12/16/18 Johnson & Johnson Knew for Decades That Asbestos Lurked in Its Baby Powder "IndyWatch Feed National"

As always, if you appreciate my work and want to support independent content creators, consider becoming a monthly Patron, or visit the Support Page.

Johnson & Johnson Knew for Decades That Asbestos Lurked in Its Baby Powder (Reuters)

Every Moment of Every Day, Mobile Phone Apps Collect Detailed Location Data. (Totally out of control, The New York Times)

Australias Horrific New Encryption Law Likely to Obliterate Its Tech Scene (The Next Web)

Amazons Disturbing Plan to Add Face Surveillance to Your Front Door (ALCU)

Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism (Mycelium)(This is one of the most enjoyable and informative articles I've read all year, by Brandon Quittem)

Joe Rogan Experience #1035 - Paul Stamets (If you liked the above article, you'll love this, YouTube)

U.S. News/Politics

See More Links


MIUC 181218: End of Year Party! "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

KANGAROO SKULL (Drum Machine/Synth)/MORGAN WRIGHT (Drum Machine/Synth)
BADIES - ROMY FOX(Malfunctioning)/WET KISS(Electronics/Voice)
VIDEO EZY - NINA BUCHANAN (Electronics)/DEL LUMANTA (NSW)(Electronics) 

Artwork by Lou Ellen Cormick

This is also going to be an informal album launch for duo 'Tchake'. The album is called 'Both and Net' out on Tonelist Records, Perth based label run by Josten Myburgh and crew.

Sunday, 16 December


BUILT IN BRICK "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Yet another apartment going up in the neighbourhood. The bricks you seek are behind the hoarding...

This post is part of the My Sunday Best meme,
and also part of the My Sunday Photo meme,
and also part of the Photo Sunday meme.


A Gray-card memorial Top 5 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"


In memory of Gray-Cards Year End Top 5 Photo Extravaganza!

1. Make a SINGLE post of your Top 5 photos on YOUR tumblr.

One post of 5 photos on your tumblr. 

2. Submit the link to that post (permalink) to us via our SUBMIT.

3. Submission starts 12/23    

4. Submission ends at 6pm EST on 12/31.

5. One Top 5 per original content tumblr please.

Top 5 postings begin at midnight (EST) on New Years Eve and run for 24 hours.

All submissions with a working link will be posted.

Everyone is welcome; all skill levels are welcome and encouraged.

You do not need to be following us.

You do not need to tag us.

Do not forget to promo yourself, your shops and blogs.  

Drop us a note if you have questions!

Thanks for a great year tumblr photographers!

Saturday, 15 December


LONG-NECKED TURTLE "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

The eastern long-necked turtle (Chelodina longicollis) is an east Australian species of snake-necked turtle that inhabits a wide variety of water bodies and is an opportunistic feeder. It is a side-necked turtle (Pleurodire), meaning that it bends its head sideways into its shell rather than pulling it directly back. This specimen sighted in the Darebin Parklands in suburban Melbourne. A close-up of the head shows off the resemblance to a snake!

The species is found throughout south eastern Australia where it is found west of Adelaide (South Australia) eastwards throughout Victoria and New South Wales, and northwards to the Fitzroy River of Queensland. Where the species comes in contact with Chelodina canni they freely hybridise exhibiting hybrid vigour in the Styx River Drainage of Queensland.

The carapace is generally black in colour though some may be brown, it is broad and flattened with a deep medial groove. The scutes are edged in black in those individuals with a lighter background colour. The plastron is also very broad and is cream to yellow in colour with sutures edged in black. The neck is long and narrow, typical of the subgenus Chelodina, and reaches a length of approximately 60% of the carapace length. The neck has numerous small pointed tubercles and is grey to black in colour dorsally, cream below, as is the narrow head.

Females tend to grow to larger sizes and have deeper bodies. The maximum sizes recorded for females and males varies throughout the range, in river environments of the Murray it is 28.2 cm and 24.9 cm respectively, whereas in the Latrobe Valley it is 21.6 cm and 18.8 cm respectively. It is thought this is linked to productivity of the local environment.

When it feels threatened, this turtle will emit an offensive smelling fluid from its musk glands. This trait gives the turtle one of its other common names, "stinker". The eastern long-n...

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