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Sunday, 14 October


Round She Goes Women's Preloved & Vintage Fashion Market "IndyWatch Feed"

Sunday 14th Oct, 10.00am 3.00pm, Coburg Town Hall

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IndyWatch Melbourne VIC All Topics Summary Today.

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Wednesday, 10 October


Savoury monkey bread - sourdough and vegan "IndyWatch Feed"

The idea came to me as I sat watching tv on the last saturday night before term 4 of school started.  My usual bread dough was ready to sit overnight and I dreamed of making the most of the last day of the holidays by making monkey bread.  So I kneaded oil and sugar into the dough.  It was a mess so I don't recommend you do this but I can tell you that the other half of the dough made a wonderful soft bread.

But today I am here to tell you about the monkey bread so I have halved the dough in the recipe below.  (But I recommend you double it because you can always use a loaf of bread even if it is to give to a friend!) 

I hadn't really known much about monkey bread but apparently it is usually a sweet bread baked with lots of little balls of dough dipped in butter and sugar.

The idea came from the recipe for savoury monkey bread in the Coles supermarket magazine many months ago.  The idea stayed in my head because this bread with lots of little different coloured balls looked so beautiful.  And my overnight sourdough bread is so easy, that it will adapt to any idea.



Empire Strikes Back: US, Australia, Japan team up to block China from building internet infrastructure in 'our' Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed National"

The United States is working on a counter-offer to stop Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd from building internet infrastructure in Papua New Guinea (PNG), its top diplomat to Australia said on Friday. The bid comes two years after Huawei first agreed to build a network there, and as the United States and its allies mount a vigorous campaign to check China's rising influence in the region by deepening their own diplomatic ties and boosting aid. It also follows Australia shutting Huawei out of contracts to build a national mobile network on security grounds, and blocking it from laying a subsea communications cable from Sydney to PNG and the Solomon Islands. Comment: Wow! So we take it then that it's no longer conspiracy theory that the Western Empire - mostly staffed by Anglo-Saxons - rule the world? "We are working on a counter-offer," U.S. Charge d'Affaires James Caruso said on Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio, when asked about reports that Australia, Japan and...


Sorry For Being White Australian Nurses Have a New Shocking Code of Conduct "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sorry for being white?


The contentious new code telling nurses to say,sorry for being white when treating indigenous patients has even been slammed by nurses themselves.

Read More


Needed "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi everyone,

We are looking for some milk crates to build a stage for our community music school. Does anyone have any or know where we can get some free ones. Happy to borrow them and give them back! 

Or a portable stage and risers to borrow? 



Kastoria "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


This beautiful show will be opened by Violet Kelly @ 8.00, Newlands youngest superstar!


Clothesline Project "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Come to show your support for Survivors of Domestic Violence. "Clothesline Project" is an international T-shirt painting event for the Week Without Violence.

Afternoon tea provided. Monday, Oct 15, 12-2pm at Newlands Neighbourhood House. 


Questions? Contact Ash at 03 8528 2332 or newlan...


Recent Australian Government data direct Clinton Foundation taxpayer donations total $130M "IndyWatch Feed National"



On 22 February 2006, the Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Bill Clinton signed a $25M MoU triggering the first round of Australian donations to the Clinton Foundation. Read More


Workshop "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Ecology Basics through Art.

Create art and learn about fundamental ecology concepts in this fun and informative creative workshop with Aviva Reed. 



Wanted "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Wanted -empty VHS boxes, clear, to use for a school library filing system. Will pick up.

Please text 0422 551 814.

Thank you.


Stress on the outer "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Stress on the outer

Although moderate overall, 30-day mortgage delinquency rates are higher in the outer suburbs, reports Moody's.

The lowest delinquency rates, as expected, are typically in the inner suburbs, and the highest 30-40km from the respective CBDs.

This holds true across each of the major capital cities, although in Brisbane and Melbourne there are pockets of stress in the inner city, due to the concentration of high-rise towers.

Moody's notes that these trends reflect higher incomes in the inner suburbs.

Moody's expects that these patterns will continue - especially in the event of any economic downturn - due to the lower incomes in outer suburbs and weaker credit characteristics and low-skilled employment in those locations.

Moody's expects only a moderate increase in RMBS delinquencies. 



The Global Mental Health Movement Cause For Concern "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week, we present the first in a series of interviews on the topic of the global mental health movement. These interviews will be led by our Mad in America research news team.

In this episode, we interview Dr Melissa Raven, who is a psychiatric epidemiologist, policy analyst and postdoctoral research fellow in the Critical and Ethical Mental Health research group at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. Originally qualified as a clinical psychologist, she then worked as a lecturer and researcher in public health and primary health care. Her current mental health research and advocacy is informed by a strong social determinants perspective and a strong critical orientation, which she applies to a range of topics, including suicide prevention, workplace mental health, (over)diagnosis, (inappropriate) prescribing, and conflicts of interest in mental health and the broader health/welfare arena.

On October 10th, 2018, World Mental Health Day, The Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development published a report outlining a proposal to scale up mental health care globally. At the same time, the UK government is hosting a Global Mental Health Ministerial Summit with the intention of laying out a course of action to implement these mental health policies globally.

In response, a coalition of mental health activists and service-users have organized an open letter detailing their concerns with the summit and report. The response has attracted the support of critical professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists, and researchers.


Melbourne holds up building activity "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Dwelling starts ease

New seasonally adjusted detached house starts were solid in Q2 2018, holding at above 30,000, while new attached dwelling starts declined by 7 per cent. 

For some texture, marked at Figure 1 is what happened last time the negative gearing rules were quarantined, with quarterly dwelling starts collapsing from above 39,000 to 27,800 before the legislation was quickly reversed in a panic.

With foreign investors now effectively barred from buying by high surcharges and domestic investors unlikely to buy new given the diminished resale market, one might anticipate a similar outcome this time around. 

That new apartment starts held up at historically high levels over the past year is now almost entirely thanks to Melbourne, with Sydney and Brisbane pulling back from their respective peaks. 

Some 39,000 dwellings were parked as approved but not yet commenced, with more than half of these being in New South Wales (mainly units in Sydney). 

Melbourne carrie...


Questioning coercive vaccination policy "IndyWatch Feed National"


Elizabeth Hart

Fiona Godlee and Noel Thomas refer to the spectre of Andrew Wakefield.

Certainly, the spectre of Andrew Wakefield has provided a useful distraction for those intent on expanding vaccination schedules, and destroying the right to informed consent before the medical intervention of vaccination, as has happened in Australia with the enactment of the coercive No Jab, No Pay law. Read More


PERTH Men charged after alleged Cooloongup tavern armed robbery and pursuit "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Men charged after alleged Cooloongup tavern armed robbery and pursuit .

October 10, 2018 at 04:31PM .

Huntingdale man Colin Brian Kelly appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court on Monday charged with 37 offences, occurring between August 22 and .


PERTH Cooloongup tavern staff tackle alleged armed offenders "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Cooloongup tavern staff tackle alleged armed offenders .

October 09, 2018 at 11:18AM .

Staff members at a tavern in Cooloongup managed to tackle two alleged armed robbers overnight, detaining them until police arrived. Police will .


PERTH Collie man charged over Perth assault "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Collie man charged over Perth assault .

October 09, 2018 at 10:36PM .

A 24-year-old Collie man has been charged with common assault and grievous bodily harm in relation to an incident that left a 27-year-old man with .



PERTH East Victoria Park: Woman charged after allegedly stealing and crashing police car "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

East Victoria Park: Woman charged after allegedly stealing and crashing police car .

October 09, 2018 at 02:07PM .

a police station or lockup. She will appear in Perth Magistrates Court today. An internal investigation has been launched by police into the incident. .


PERTH Two others charged over Cooloongup pub armed holdup "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Two others charged over Cooloongup pub armed holdup .

October 10, 2018 at 03:48PM .

demanding to be taken to the back office and given cash. The pair, along with the three other men, will appear in the Perth Magistrates Court today. .


PERTH Woman arrested after allegedly stealing police car "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Woman arrested after allegedly stealing police car .

October 09, 2018 at 02:07PM .

dangerous driving and giving false personal details to police. She will appear in the Perth Magistrates Court today. A police internal investigation is .



PERTH Hold-up in Cooloongup "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Hold-up in Cooloongup .

October 09, 2018 at 11:07AM .

He will be appearing in the Perth Magistrates Court today, 9 October 2018. Two other men, aged 30 aged 37, are in custody and are assisting Police .


PERTH Man charged with 37 offences after spate of alleged armed robberies "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man charged with 37 offences after spate of alleged armed robberies .

October 09, 2018 at 11:10AM .

armed robbery, no authority to drive and reckless driving to escape pursuit by police. All thee men will appear in the Perth Magistrates Court today. .



Scott Morrison slams Scott Morrisons migrants to the bush policy - Article by Leith van Onselen "IndyWatch Feed National"

Scott Morrison appeared on ABC Lateline denouncing the governments plan to tag and release migrants to the bush as a policy brain fart:

TONY JONES: Can you have a debate on population without a debate on immigration numbers?

SCOTT MORRISON: Well of course you cant Two thirds of the increase in population is coming through immigration and so if thats not part of the debate then I dont know what these guys are going on about. Youve gotta focus on the things that you can address. Now they can talk about all these other issues, theyre all really important, but those things are not going to solve themselves in the next term of government.

What you can do in the next term of government is ease the pressure on those problems by throttling back, and if this Governments not prepared to throttle back then they are trying to put one over the Australian people

Weve also made it clear that were not comfortable with the 36 million [population] projection

The Government says it is not about immigration and they want to put out this false hope that they can move all these people around the country differently. Well those who are coming into the country, less than 10 per cent of them currently go out and settle in regional areas and rural areas.

So to hold out some false hope that this problems going to be solved because a Population Minister is going to fantastically move people around like has never been done before in our history, is I think unfair to the Australian people to suggest that that is realistic option, certainly in the short or medium term. Long term I think there are still real doubts.

The history of settlement over centuries means that people will come and gravitate to areas where there is population

Scott Morrison also appeared on ABCs PM program, where he once again rubbished the migrants to the bush policy:



The Monthly Discussion in November Victoria votes! "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Monthly Discussion in November Victoria votes! What: Discuss + Debate + Drinks + Pizza When: Wednesday, November 7 Time: 6pm Cost: Free Come along to the Monthly Discussion in November for the Great Victorian Election Debate! We analyse the policies and the promises, the past record and the rhetoric, through the lens of []


Andrew Hastie MP puts Turnbull's NEG architect Kerry Schott in her place "It's dead" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Good on Andrew Hastie. This would've been unimaginable in August. We owe Peter Dutton a huge debt for dealing with Turnbull.


Being a Brown Backpacker in a Sea of White "IndyWatch Feed National"

I walk into a hostel in Italy and the common room is filled with people for the free dinner. I scan the room quickly. There is one other person of colour. I walk into a hostel in Thailand. I hang out in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia for five days and meet no other people of colour. I walk into a hostel in Macedonia and people look at me with intrusive curiosity that makes me feel embarrassed. Of course, I am the only person of colour.

I was 22, sunbaking on the islands of Thailand, when I realised that travel is different for white women and brown women. I am privileged in that I am a light-skinned brown woman; some people just think I have an envious, year-long tan. However, my skin colour is loaded with meaning because nationality, and by extension race, are central talking points in travel.

I have been the first Nepali person many travellers have told me that they have met, and they do not hesitate to project their cultural and racial stereotypes onto me. They are very excited, so I ask them if they want an autograph. They proceed to ask me ten thousand random questions about Nepal and are disappointed when I say that I am not from a tiny village in the Himalayas and that I did not have to walk hours on treacherous roads to get to school every day.

As the conversation continues and they learn that I have perfect English, that I am outspoken and inappropriate, and show no shame in partying and partaking in casual hook-ups, these strangers decide that I am not an accurate representation of my people. I have not lived up to the coloniser in their expectations of how Nepali people as an entire population of 24 million will look, speak and behave.

Oh, you live in Australia, it all makes sense now. Youre not really Nepali then.

To justify my racial identity, I must tell them I was born in Nepal and lived there for a decade in hopes that these facts will increase my Nepali-ness in their eyes.

Can you imagine a Dutch person ever battling such grilling and offensive critiques of their identity by strangers?

At other times, I meet backpackers and avoid revealing that I am Nepali, as it is less exhausting to carry the Australian label. In time, when something about race, culture, being Asian or being other comes up, my new friends shift uncomfortably to learn that I belong in this category. No one is used to seeing a brown backpacker in a sea of white.

Over 90 percent of the travellers I hav...


Claims that DNA from a 350-year-old dingo tooth could save the species in Australia are rubbish, dingo conservationists say "IndyWatch Feed National"

In response to claims that DNA from a 350-year-old dingo tooth could save the species in Australia, National Dingo Preservation and Recovery Program spokesperson Dr Ian Gunn said the reverse was the case. On past experience, the evidence will be used to justify a continued sheep industry campaign to exterminate the species across Australia. Just because of the introgression of domestic dog genetics in some individuals, or because they are not the dingo variety identified by the genes in this one-tooth, they then falsely claim the animals they are killing are not real dingoes."

The Dingo Genome

The dingo genome was identified first by the late Dr Allan Wilton. His research partner, Dr Kylie Cairns has recently discovered that there was more than one dingo introduction, at least two, probably with varying genetics.

Dr Gunn said,

Given the long pre-history of trade between northern Australian Aborigines and the seafarers thought to have brought the dingo to Australia - from the Middle East, India and South East Asia over thousands of years - there is little doubt there were many introductions. In this context it is amazing to find a University of the Sunshine Coast researcher now seeming to claim the tooth of one will reveal the full genomic breakdown of the pure dingo. It will really only reveal the genome of one race of dingo, descended from one of an unknown number of introductions."

He added that the trouble with DNA science on this subject is its misuse by proponents of broad-hectare baiting, on the grounds that a small proportion of domestic dog genes means the animal is not a real dingo. He called a preoccupation with genetic purity a "distraction from the real issue, which is apex predator ecological function, which most hybrids are performing."

In any case, the construction of a pre colonisation genetic benchmark would need to be representative and the collection of enough pre-settlement samples to achieve this, especially given evidence of different lineages, would be virtually impossible," he argued.

Current 'solutions' make the problem worse

On the issue of baiting, he stated:

Baiting is a cruel and massively taxpayer funded industry with its own profit making agenda. It is already destroying ecological balanc...


The furore over a photo of Tommy Robinson with British troops "IndyWatch Feed National"

Imam Asim Hafiz, Islamic religious adviser to the armed forces, said "any form of racism, discrimination or extremism is taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with accordingly". He added: "The armed forces remain absolutely committed to welcoming individuals from across all faiths and cultures into its ranks." I reckon...


Hillsong Founder Frank Houston boy victim AHA statement to the Australian Royal Commission "IndyWatch Feed National"

child abuse

Frank Houston the founder of Hillsongs child abuse victims number in the hundreds. Estimated at least four hundred.


The following is the signed statement of boy victim AHA to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in October 2014.

AHA is one of Pastor Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsongs, sexual abuse boy victims.

AHAs statement is dated 30 September 2014, a month before the Australian Royal Commission examined Brian Houston, Hillsong Church and the Australian Christian Churches (ACC).

The ACC was formerly called the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG).

Boy victim AHA read this statement to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on 7 October 2014.



Joy of living the change in a tiny house "IndyWatch Feed"

Guests in The Sustainable Hour on 3 October 2018 are Vicki Perrett, president of Geelong Sustainability and coordinator of Sustainable House Day Geelong, together with Peter Clapinski from Tiny Homes Geelong & Bellarine, for a talk about why he is so passionate about this idea to build tiny houses.

We also talk with Chris Gerbing, who is co-director of the Environmental Film Festival Australia, which starts in Melbourne on 11 October, and play a clip from a presentation by Jeff Butler about Grow it, Eat it festival in Grovedale, which starts on 20 October.

Listen to The Sustainable Hour no. 236 on 94.7 The Pulse:



Daring, Decadence And Disco "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

The National Trusts Super 70s exhibition at Rippon Lea showcases the eclecticism of the 1970s. To celebrate and rediscover Melbournes contribution to fashion in the 1970s, the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) is launching a new, immersive Super 70sexhibition at the historic Rippon Lea Estate. Opening in late July 2018, the exhibition will feature exquisite []

The post Daring, Decadence And Disco appeared first on St Kilda News.


The Pledge Part III The Planets "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

by Adam Murie I once skated from the Sun to Mercury and when I got there I could see Venus off in the distance. I rolled on to the Earth and thought the moon was cute as I sailed by. Mars looked similar to the Earth; Jupiter was amazing, you simply have to see it. []

The post The Pledge Part III The Planets appeared first on St Kilda News.


The aspirationals vs the burdens: reading migrants and refugees through No Friend but the Mountains "IndyWatch Feed National"

In my academic work for the past five years, I have examined a series of refugee-themed documentaries, and audience responses to them to argue that we need to move beyond the expression of transient empathy to take responsibility for systemic change.


Placebo, Nocebo and Belief "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Having been fascinated most of my life with things 'of mind', I find it intriguing that we are influenced by the placebo effect....


Aspirations, Iconic Ladies Clothing Store Relocates! "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

  When you walk into Aspirations you will find a wonderful selection of womens clothing in a vast array of colours. After 24 years in Church St Brighton, Aspirations has relocated to 329 Bay St Brighton. This beautiful new space also has a separate area for evening wear and destination holidays. Offering exclusive, hand-picked fashion []

The post Aspirations, Iconic Ladies Clothing Store Relocates!  appeared first on St Kilda News.


Operation Open Eyes How to Create a Manchurian Candidate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rayelan Alan and Gunther Russbacher

[Editors Note: Gunther Russbacher was the founder of Rumor Mill News, with his wife Rayelan Alan. In the 1990s it was only published in a paper edition. The article here first appeared in 2005 I believe. Gunther was from a noble Austrian family and was recruited into the CIA where he attained a high rank. I think you will be shocked by this article, which shows the heartlessness of those who actually remake human beings. There are 5 levels of the process.]

by Gunther Russbacher

Finding Candidates for Manchurians

A preset group of our people (from the intelligence community) canva...


Hillary Clinton says sexual assault allegations against Bill "are different" "IndyWatch Feed National"

At about 29 minutes in. Very significantly different? Investigated? Let's hear from his victims.! YOU LYING HYPOCRITE @HillaryClinton My case was NEVER litigated!!Thats why Im calling for an investigation now. IF I CAN GET 100k signatures, the WORLD will KNOW IT, Hillary. THEN where will you hide? Juanita...


Real snakes on real planes "IndyWatch Feed National"

I dont like snakes. There is something about the way they look and move that gives me the creeps, even when I know they are members of a harmless variety. Apparently fear of snakes (and spiders) is a primeval instinct shared by many species that may have never encountered a snake before and yet recoil when they see one for the first time. On the other hand, I have no fear of spiders, though I know people who are terrified of them, so I am not a total coward.

So it was no surprise that someone decided that a film based on the idea of being trapped in a combined space in which a large number of snakes were running loose would be a surefire scare fest and so Snakes on a Plane (2006) was born. I did not, of course, go to see the film but I did hear about the famous line uttered by Samuel L. Jackson who plays an FBI agent assigned to protect a witness on a long distance flight on which someone has released deadly snakes in the cabin in order to kill the witness. (Language advisory)

But the idea of snakes hitchhiking on planes is not fiction.

A team of international scientists has discovered why brown tree snakes have become one of the most successful invasive species.

The research team, led by University of Queensland scientists, has been studying why a type of cat-eyed snake has been so effective at devastating native bird populations on the island of Guam.

Associate Professor Bryan Fry from UQs School of Biological Sciences said the takeover began when the brown tree snake was introduced on the Pacific island during World War II.

The snake hitchhiked on troop carriers from the Australian region and has since driven multiple native bird species into extinction, with only three species now found on the island, he said.

Cat-eyed snakes evolved in Africa and rapidly spread across the Indian subcontinent, throughout South-East Asia and to Australia, with the team finding the snakes toxin type was responsible for its explosive natural spread.

For the last 80 years or so, for the brown tree snake at least, this biological advantage has been aided by the introduction of air travel, Dr Fry said.

The United States government is still flying military planes from Guam to Hawaii and the snakes continue to hitchhike.

Theyre regularly intercepted in the Hawaii airports, so if these direct flights are allowed to continue, its only a matter of time until they get to Hawaii and wipe out the birds like they d.........


Noisy Neighbours? How To Create An Urban Garden Sanctuary "IndyWatch Feed"

George Amos is a British expat that has been landscaping around Port Phillip and Bayside for 15 years with his business Acoustic Landscape Designs. Hes moonlighted as a DJ for much of this time, immersed in the cutting edge circles of Melbournes rare groove and disco scene. Merging a love of landscaping and music might []

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Hemp Vodka "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Just when you thought youd seen and tasted the whole spectrum of novelty beverages, another one launches to an inebriated fanfare. Hemp vodka might sound like something dreamt up by Cheech & Chong, but its real and legal and has medical benefits. Medical benefits? You heard correctly. Much maligned and stigmatised for the best part []

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Community groups urge Labor say no to TPP-11 as unions protest at ALP event in Sydney today "IndyWatch Feed National"

Media Release - 10 October 2018

The failure of the majority in the Labor Parliamentary caucus to implement Labor policy against the TPP is still being heavily contested within the ALP, as shown by the protest organised today by unions at Bill Shortens fundraising event in Sydney, AFTINET Convener Dr Patricia Ranald said today.  

The government-dominated Senate legislation committee is expected today to recommend in favour of the TPP-11 implementing legislation, with critical remarks from Labor and a dissenting report from the Greens. The TPP-11 implementing legislation is likely to come before the Senate after October 16 when the Committee report will be tabled in Parliament,

 AFTINET continues to advocate that the TPP-11 should not be implemented because it includes the following provisions which contradict Labor policy:

We welcome Labors pledge that it would not include ISDS and removal of labour market testing in future trade agreements and would attempt to negotiate changes to the TPP 11 if it wins government.  But in practice a future Labor government, having endorsed the implementation of the TPP-11 in opposition, would have less bargaining power to negotiate such changes with the other 10 governments once the deal is implem...


President Trump and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley's joint announcement of her resignation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nikki Haley has been a model for free nations in dealing with the UN. She'll be sorely missed.


Its free speech: Industry backs controversial billboard "IndyWatch Feed National"


The Queensland Health Minister is furious about a billboard on a busy Queensland road which is questioning the merit of vaccinations. Read More


Call for autonomous actions to oppose the International Corrections and Prisons Association Conference in #Montreal! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Call by Montreal Contre le Prisons for autonomous actions to oppose the International Corrections and Prisons Association Conference in Montreal. On Sunday October 21st at 3pmon the two-month anniversary of the 2018 Prison Strikethere will be a rally against all prisons, outside the ICPA Conference at the Montral Marriott Chateau Champlain, 1050 Rue de la Gauchetire Ouest (metro Bonaventure).

Originally published by Montreal Contre le Prisons.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

From the 21st to 26th of October, 2018, Montreal will be the site of the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) conference. The theme this year is Beyond Prisons: The Way Forward. Highlighted as topics of some of the conversations are: going forward to make imprisonment and community supervision both more humane and effective, using technology to humanize corrections, and improving community engagement. The conference is aimed at corrections and prison staff, offering them a mess of programming, including academic research, presentations, and guided visits to prisons, to entrench the view that prisons can be humane, and their professions anything other than deplorable.

On Sunday October 21st at 3pmon the two-month anniversary of the 2018 Prison Strikethere will be a rally against all prisons, outside the ICPA Conference at the Montral Marriott Chateau Champlain, 1050 Rue de la Gauchetire Ouest (metro Bonaventure).
Bring banners, signs and noisemakers!

The conference will take place in the Marriott Hotel in Montreal on 1050 rue de la Gauchetire. Correctional Service Canada is hosting and attendees will include prison administrators from Australia, Ireland, and the US, just to name a few. Also invited are CEOs of companies who cater their businesses towards prisonswhether that be in the form of making electronic bracelets or making the terrible food served in prisons. The conference will include facility visits to a halfway house in Saint-Henri, two federal prisons in Laval, and the provincial prison in RDP. (For more info on all the different aspects of the conference visit:


Book: Fighting for Spaces, Fighting for our Lives #Squat "IndyWatch Feed National"

Squatting everywhere kollective (SqEK) aims with this book to move beyond the conventional understandings of squatting, investigating its history in different places over the past four decades.

Originally published by Squatting Europe Kollective (SqEK).

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

While waves of repression against squatters seem to spread across many places, attacking and shutting down its remaining squatting strongholds and its historical spaces of rebellion, some squatted social centres manage to persist and new occupied zones arise successfully defended through public mobilization and widespread solidarity, alongside militant action. At the same time, squatting has seen a rebirth as a tool of radical praxis in movements fighting against the rising number of evictions and foreclosures during the financial crisis, facing the policies of racism and creating open spaces for refugees, migrants and people of colour. The collected essays, first-hand accounts and photographs in this book do not intend to offer an over-arching narrative of where the squatters movement is heading. Instead the book provides glimpses into a diverse and multi-faceted movement, with accounts from local struggles, experiences of repression and stories of collective forms of life which have grown out of squatted spaces in various cities and countries throughout the world, including accounts from Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Seattle and Australia.

Free Book as PDF file download (10MB)

PRINTBOOK AVAILABLE NOW! From the publisher. Cheaper in person or at a forthcoming talk.



Pastor Neville Johnson. Liked blow jobs from his three young AOG church secretaries. Academy of Light Maleny, Queensland, Australia. Former head pastor at Queen St Assemblies of God Church in Auckland New Zealand. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Neville Johnson

Pastor Neville Johnson today. Still an errant false prophet, liar and con-artist. Neville Johnson has conned many people out of large sums of money in Ponzi schemes in recent times. Angry victims are looking for his home address to recover their lost savings even asking me if I know where he lives. He lives in Maleny, Queensland. Its a small town so youll easily find him.

Neville Johnson

Pastor Neville Johnson. Academy of Light Ministries, Maleny, Queensland, Australia. Liked blow-jobs from his three young church secretaries while praying to the Lord and fasting in Auckland, New Zealand motel rooms with them.



FIFTY8 Interviews Debbie Solaris -- Part II: Lemuria "IndyWatch Feed National"

FIFTY8 Interviews Debbie Solaris / PART II Lemuria

PART II Lemuria

I talk to Debbie Solaris and we access the Akashic Records to look deeper into the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Debbie Solaris an Extraterrestrial Contactee, Galactic Historian & Starseed Intuitive.

In PART II we look into Lemuria and see how life was like and how we existed. Lemuria was a continent that existed at least several thousand to almost a million years ago. Lemuria was created as a landing ground to integrate other spiritual concepts from ETs. It was created first as a civilization with Mother God Consciousness. It was more of a Polynesian and tropical environment.

Lemuria was a training ground for humans to gain and develop deep spiritual knowledge. This was a dream time realm where souls were learning how to connect to their higher dimensional selves during dream time and ritualistic practices. They were very spiritual but lacked any need for technology. They were able to utilize the power of their mind to create their reality.

Lemuria was located between Hawaii and Fiji in the Pacific Ocean by Southeast Asia and Australia. It was also known as Mu which was a tonality that represented a galactic tone and frequency of Le-Mu-Ria. Lemuria represented more Arcturian and Andromedan groups with some Sirians, which are more spiritually oriented. We talked about the influences of these races in certain geographical locations around the world.

We also talk about the physical remnants on Easter Island of Arcturian's that were visiting and interacting with them. The cultures influenced by Lemur...


PTUA launches Connecting Ballarat proposal "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has launched an ambitious policy document, Connecting Ballarat, which calls for dramatic improvements to Ballarats bus network.

Ballarats bus network currently has a lot of problems with indirect, inefficient routes through the CBD, which turn back on themselves in order to call at key destinations in a specific order, and terminate at Ballarat station. These paths waste valuable driver time, which is an inefficient use of taxpayer resources compared to more efficient paths. Theyre also slow and hard for casual users to understand, which makes them unattractive to potential passengers.

The central idea of the Connecting Ballarat proposal is to link routes on opposite sides of Ballarat together into longer cross-town routes, so that buses can flow smoothly in one side of the CBD and out the other, in a path that is faster, more efficient and more sensible than the current paths. This would mean faster trips for passengers, a more understandable network for first-time users, and more efficient use of resources resources that can be reinvested into other service improvements.

Three of these routes would become high-frequency SmartBus routes fast, direct routes that run every ten minutes, designed to act as the spine of a true turn-up-and-go network for Ballarat. The other routes would increase to run every 20 or 40 minutes, to match the increased V/Line train frequencies expected from late 2019.

Buses would also run to a longer span of hours, connecting with commuter trains in the early mornings and late evenings, and allowing people travelling within Ballarat to take the bus home after dinner at a restaurant or a night at the movies.

PTUA Ballarat Branch Convener, Ben Lever, said this was in many ways an ambitious proposal, but that it also picked a lot of low-hanging fruit.

We know the existing network has a lot of inefficiencies, both in the twisty paths it takes and the excessively-padded timetables. Not only are these inefficiencies frustrating for users, they take up a lot of resources that would be better spent on improving the service thats what were proposing here.

Beyond those efficiency gains, were calling on all political parties to invest some serious money into our bus network. Low-density outer suburbs of Melbourne have high-frequency SmartBuses running through them, connecting key destinations like shopping centres and universities with railway stations Ballarat deserves the same. Even the standard non-SmartBus routes run till at least 9pm in most suburbs of Melbourne, while Ballarats buses currently shut down around 7pm its just not good enough.

Weve seen time and time again that when governments invest in good public transport, people use it. Whether its trains, tr........

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Tuesday, 09 October


Australia Trials Citizen Disability Insurance Payments on a Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia Budget blockchainThe Australian federal government is testing a blockchain application to explore the use of blockchain technology to create smart money for the countrys National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Dubbed Making Money Smart, the trial is jointly developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Australias federal science agency and the Commonwealth Continued

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YARRA VALLEY "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

The Yarra Valley is the name given to the region surrounding the Yarra River in Victoria, Australia. The river originates approximately 90 kilometres east of the City of Melbourne and flows towards it and out into Port Phillip Bay. The name Yarra Valley is usually used in reference to the upper regions surrounding the Yarra River and generally does not encompass the lower regions including the city and suburban areas, where the topography flattens out, or the upper reaches which are in inaccessible bushland.

Included in the Yarra Valley is the sub-region of Upper Yarra (or the Upper Yarra Valley) which encompasses the towns of the former Shire of Upper Yarra in the catchment area upstream of and including Woori Yallock. The Yarra Valley a popular day-trip and tourist area, featuring a range of natural features and agricultural produce, as well as the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail.The Yarra Valley is host to a thriving wine growing industry. The area's relatively cool climate makes it particularly suited to the production of high-quality chardonnay, pinot noir and sparkling wine.

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Checking out the competition "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Greens Bush is exploding with activity at the moment with spring well under way and the weather finally warming up. A walk into the southern section and I found the little boss below tsking and telling me to move along. I had actually stopped to photograph some bracken in nice light when he popped into the scene and tried to pick a fight.

White-browed Scrubwren, Greens Bush, Mornington Peninsula National Park, Vic

White-browed Scrubwren, Greens Bush, Mornington Peninsula National Park, Vic


This Week in Melbourne: What's On #615 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Read Online This Week: 9 - 15 October 2018 Newsletter | #615 Whats On this Week in marvellous Melbourne Tuesday 9th October 2018 to Monday 15th October 2018 Casey Food and Wine Festival Fitness Show Gippsland Garden and Home Expo Hophaus Dachshund Race HiFi Show Meccano Exhibition Salami Festa Motorclassica Oktoberfest in the Gardens Practically Green Festival Stonningtons Spring Into Gardening Festival Tesselaar Tulip Festival World Vegan Day Enjoy #Melbourne Motorclassica Australias premier automotive exhibition is set to be bigger and better than ever before | 12 - 14 October 2018. Motorclassica 2018 | Royal Exhibition Building | Tickets Spring Into Gardening Festival 11am-3pm | Sunday 14th October 2018 Stonningtons gardening and sustainability festival is back at Victoria Gardens with inspiration and tips on gardening and sustainable living. Spring Into Gardening Festival 2018 Circus Shows Check out these circus favourites. *Silvers Circus | Melton* - 10 - 21 Oct * Best circus show ever! Highly recommended * Circus Royale | Taylors Lakes - 19 Sept - 14 Oct Circus Oz | Collingwood - 11 - 21 October NoFit State Circus | Royal Botanic Gardens @ 3-21 Oct Friday Night Live Music Licensed venue in Bayswater featuring live music every Friday night. Fri 12th October - Wheres Chuck Fri 19th October - Maskara - Women of Rock Fri 26th October - Hard Edge and Pool Comp Live At London Eleven | Buy Tickets Here Oktoberfest in the Gardens Saturday 13 October 2018 | Melbourne Showgrounds Melbourne(tm)s largest heated beer hall, authentic German food stalls, roving performers, sideshow alley, silent disco and much more. Oktoberfest in the Gardens 2018 | Tickets Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2018 Final Week 8-14 October | Tulipmania Week | Tesselaar Tulip Farm Be amazed by the beauty of a million Tulips across 25 acres of farmland all set in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. --> Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2018...


Australia mulls blocking migrants from moving to major cities "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Australia is considering measures to stop some new migrants settling in bigger cities, instead directing them to less populated areas. Canberra is looking for ways to ease congestion in places like Sydney and Melbourne.

Sydney Harbour with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House after sunset (picture alliance/dpa/robertharding)

The Australian government on Tuesday said it was looking to correct an imbalance in population growth by forcing some new migrants away from major cities, and toward less populous areas.

In a speech outlining the policy, Minister for Cities, Urban Infrastructure and Population Alan Tudge told an audience that the strain on infrastructure in Australias eastern cities had cost the country 25 billion Australian dollars ($17.7 billion, 15.4 billion euros) last year.

That amount was forecast to grow to 40 billion Australian dollars annually by 2040, he said.

Tudge said the main problem was rapid population growth in Sydney, Melbourne and southeastern Queensland, while there was slow growth in other parts of the country.

We are working on measures to have more new arrivals go to the smaller states and regions and require them to be there for at least a few years, Tudge told a gathering of the Menzies Research Centre think tank in Melbourne.

In that time, the evidence suggests that many will make it their home for the long term.

Dipping population in parts

New arrivals could be given extra points on Australias points-based immigration system, Tudge told Australian broadcaster ABC, or with geographic conditions attached to work visas.

Alice Springs in Australia (picture-alliance / DUMONT Bildarchiv)Remote parts of the Northern Territory have seen a decline in population............


Australia Trials Blockchain-Based 'Smart Money' for National Disability Insurance Scheme "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian federal government is exploring the use of blockchain-based smart money for use in its National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)


Baby humpback whale saved from shark net "IndyWatch Feed National"

This ABC News video from Australia says about itself:

Humpback whale calf rescued off Gold Coast while mother watches on

8 October 2018

A whale calf has been freed after becoming caught in a shark net off Queenslands Gold Coast. Rescuers said they believed the calfs mother, who was swimming close by during the rescue, realised they were helping the calf and stayed calm.

Read more here.


Big Ag Isnt Ending Hunger Small-Scale Farmers and Forward-Thinking Governments Will "IndyWatch Feed National"

Will GMOs end hunger? Is industrial agriculture the answer to grow more food ever more cheaply? Political agroecologist Dr. Jahi Chappell doesnt think so. Rather, Chappell tells us that the only way to end hunger is to have coordinated policy platforms that work directly with family farmerssomething the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) has been fighting to achieve for over five years.

Ending Hunger with Jahi Chappell a stimulating evening talk over a local dinner at the Polish Club in Canberra this Sunday 14 October - is an opportunity to hear from author, scholar, and political agroecologist Dr. M. Jahi Chappell as he discusses food sovereignty and ending hunger through the lens of his book, Beginning to End Hunger: Food and the Environment in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Beyond.

Beginning to End Hunger presents the story of Belo Horizonte, home to 2.5 million people and the site of one of the worlds most successful food security programs. Since its Municipal Secretariat of Food and Nutritional Security was founded in 1993, Belo Horizonte has sharply reduced malnutrition, leading it to serve as an inspiration for Brazils renowned Zero Hunger programs.

The Secretariats work with local family farmers shows how food security, rural livelihoods, and healthy ecosystems can be supported together. In this convincing case study, Chappell establishes the importance of holistic approaches to food security, suggests how to design successful policies to end hunger, and lays out strategies for enacting policy change.

With these tools, Chappell shows us how we can take the next steps toward achieving similar reductions in hunger and food insecurity elsewhere in the developed and developing worlds.

Chappell also provides a critical lens through which to examine the food sovereignty movement and build on its successes while addressing its weaknesses, focusing sharply on the need for deeply collective, collaborative work by diverse organisations with the direct involvement of small-scale agroecological farmers.

Ending Hunger with Jahi Chappell is a not-to-be-missed event open to everyone who cares about promoting everyones right to culturally appropriate and nutritious food grown and distributed in ethical and ecologically-sound ways, and our right to collectively determine our own food and agriculture systems. The night with Chappell is the inspirational opening of the annual 2018 Food Sovereignty Convergence...


A private palace of art - Leighton House in London "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Frederic, Lord Leighton (1830-1896) built the Kensington studio-house from 1865 on. With the Victorian art market booming, and domestic taste fascinating the middle classes, Leighton needed to demonstrate his importance. After all, he was both president of the Royal Academy and chief exponent of the new Aestheticism.

Leighton House was to be his link to a special society, so #2 Holland Park Rd needed to be special. Fortunately Leighton was enjoying increasingly high fees for his paintings, and he also had family money. Leighton and his architect, George Aitchison, chose the decorative elements for their aesthetic effect, wherever they came from. The result incorporated styles from Arts and Crafts, Orientalism and Baroque.

Adding to the building for years, he ended up with one of the most talked-about houses in the country. Around the dome was a super frieze made up of tiny tiles, commissioned from artist Walter Crane (1845-1915), who did the work in Venice and then transported the finished product to London. William Morris curtains were loved. Orientalist Iznik wall tiles and the finest Arabian and Persian artwork were collected on his regular trips to Turkey and Syria. Sometimes he commissioned friends to buy the art objects abroad, including the Japanese and Chinese porcelain.

Leighton was a leading painter. His main interest lay in history painting and neo-classicism, and his most instantly recognisable work is Flaming June. Viewers also value his plein air oil sketches, made on his North Africa and Middle Eastern travels.

Flaming June,
by Lord Frederick Leighton, c1895
Tate Britain

On Sundays, visitors gazed at the spectacular 1877 Arab Hall, with its golden dome, intricate mosaics, walls lined with beautiful Islamic tiles and indoor fountain. Colleagues attended one of Leighton's famous musical soires, complete with its minstrels' gallery. Intimate friends were invited to spend the evening in the red dining room with glittering Middle-Eastern ceramics.

Or they lounged in the private and relaxed Silk Room, with its paintings by Tintoretto and Millais. Certainly it was homo-social; he filled this cosy room with pieces by friends such as Millais,...


Protect Our Forests! "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Join us for upcoming event in Preston on 23 October, from 7pm!

Love Water - Protect Forests: A musical evening to celebrate our forests


Australia Wants Citizens With Disability to Settle Insurance on a Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australians with disabilities may soon have an easier way to settle insurance payments, thanks to a blockchain initiative from CommBank and CSIRO.


MACKAY Elderly woman allegedly attacked, robbed in own home "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY October 08, 2018 at 09:48AM ,

Elderly woman allegedly attacked, robbed in own home

October 08, 2018 at 09:48AM ,

Police will allege the 38-year-old man from Heatley entered a Bruce Highway home and confronted the elderly woman who was gardening.

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user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Burglary and serious assault charges, Sarina "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY October 08, 2018 at 08:07AM ,

Burglary and serious assault charges, Sarina

October 08, 2018 at 08:07AM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court this morning. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information

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On future proof building "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Im quite a fan of the English TV show Grand Designs, and Kevin McCloud in kevin.jpg particular. The key word in the shows title is of course grand, and many if not most of the projects irritate me no end, but as an owner builder from way back, not only do I relate to these people, the show has taught me a trick or two my gripe remains, why oh why do they all feel the need to build such ginormous houses, often for just two people to rattle around in?

The Australian version, now showing on ABC TV some 8 or 9 years after screening on pay TV which I refuse to pay for, is not as good as the pommy version, the presenter I find lacking in Kevins unique personality.. but I digress.

My reason for this introduction is that the last episode was about an earth covered house in Victoria built by a couple whose home was destroyed in the 2010 bushfires. Never wanting to go through that again surprise surprise they decided to move to the only place that didnt burn to the ground and where the few livestock that survived had escaped to. right next to their big dam!



NSW coal mine approval coincides with IPCC announcement "IndyWatch Feed National"

Warning sign: protests against the Bylong Valley mine. Photo Farmonline

Community groups have slammed the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DoPE) for recommending a new thermal coal mine should proceed on the very same day that the IPCC warned the world needed to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

The department has recommended that the destructive, foreign-owned Bylong coal mine near Mudgee can proceed, despite a new assessment identifying state significant heritage values on the site where mining is proposed.

Meanwhile, an independent expert report on the heritage values also released yesterday by the department concluded that: the Bylong Valley generally had state significant heritage values as a scenic landscape on the western side of the World-heritage listed Blue Mountains; and the Tarwyn Park property in particular had state significant heritage values as the site of the first and longest running application of Natural Sequence Farming in Australia.

Despite this report, the DoPE suggested only minor amendments to the mine plan rather than rejecting the mine outright. The proposal will now go to the Independent Planning Commission for a final determination.

Lock the Gate spokesperson Carmel Flint  said the recommendation to proceed with the mine shows the NSW Government is completely missing in action on climate change just as the IPCC warns warming beyond 1.5 degrees risks catastrophic heat and disruption.

Not only will this mine put the climate at risk, but new research shows it will take South Korean mining giant KEPCO one step closer to destroying a magnificent valley with state significant heritage values, she said.

The DoPE has cherry-picked the expert heritage information and moved only to amend the mine plan slightly, when its clear the mine should have been rejected outright.

Equally worrying is that there is no new information on Aboriginal cultural heritage impacts provided by the department, even though the Independent Planning Commission previously stated that further investigation was needed.

This mine will only proceed with the backing of the NSW Government, who at every step have allowed it to progress through the planning process despite the obvio...


Their ABC News says the Berlin Wall had its good points "IndyWatch Feed National"

Exhibit One Exhibit Two - the opinion of those offensive arseholes at ABC News. In Germany, the fall of the Berlin Wall is like Kennedy's assassination, or 9/11 everyone remembers exactly where they were when it happened. For most citizens on both sides of the wall, its fall came...


Baby whale caught in Gold Coast shark net "IndyWatch Feed National"

A baby whale caught by a Gold Coast shark net was later released but photos like this will become harder to take if new laws are introduced. Photo supplied

The entrapment of a baby whale in a Queensland shark net on Tuesday (October 9) could not even legally be reported if the state government passes a new gag law.

Humane Society International (HSI) and the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) were on the scene today as the baby humpback whale was caught in a shark net on the Gold Coast.

Staff alerted the rescue and response team to the trapped whale, and it has now been freed.

This latest horror of the Queensland shark control program comes as the states government tries to implement legislation to criminalise close proximity to shark control equipment, making photography of lethal drumlines and shark nets almost impossible.

As part of a suite of amendments to the QLD Fisheries Act, the government is proposing implementing exclusion zones of 20 metres around shark control equipment, making it almost impossible to independently capture photography and videos of sharks and other marine animals caught on lethal drumlines and in shark nets throughout the state.

Lawrence Chlebeck, marine campaigner for HIS, said seeing the images of the baby humpback whale entangled in the net should be enough to get the Queensland Government to remove the nets. How many more animals must suffer in these nets before the Government moves to more effective, non-lethal measures? he queried.

The Queensland Governments plan to put exclusion zones around shark control equipment is simply a measure to keep the slaughter of sharks and marine wildlife hidden from public view. This is not about public safety, rather its a blatant tactic to reduce public scrutiny by a government under increased public pressure to end its archaic culling program.

The Queensland Government has 368 lethal drumlines and 30 shark nets throughout the state, and is now justifying these no-go zones by saying this equipment is a hazard to the public. If thats the case, they should remove these culling devices as a matter of urgency and instead implement non-lethal technologies to protect ocean users, Mr Chlebeck, said.

Dr Leonardo Guida, AMCSs senior sha...


Bill & Hillary Clinton's "Series of Conversations" - tickets to $1,050 AUD each "IndyWatch Feed National"

Prize for the best "busy that night" excuse. (These are USD prices)


NOT ALL DISABILITIES ARE VISIBLE 09/10/2018 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


When I started out as RISEs Ability Rights worker two years ago, my role is to find supports for refugees and asylum seekers with disabilities. What I found was a distinctive lack of services across the migration sector, only three out of 16 Migrant Resource Centres have programs for people with disabilities, of those three only one supports asylum seekers or newly arrived. The other two did Home And Community Care (HACC) for those of migrant backgrounds over 55-65 years of age; HACC is home care and support (not personal/medical care). 

Launch of RISEs advocacy booklet; refugees and asylum seekers with disabilities. A document that brings together the voices of RISE members and an analysis non-intersectionality of the literature in the refugee and disability sectors. Link here

As for the disability sector, where is scarcity of knowledge on refugees where I am yet to find a mainstream disability service provider that has a refugee intake program. Publically there is no clear indication be it either on their website or when I call them if refugees or asylum seekers on various visas can access the disability service. Most if the information is in English and little if any information on accessibility. This is a one-size fit all approach to informing the public of services available.  I need to make it clear I am referring to disability services not mental health services.

The mental health sector is hard for refugees to access, that is psychologists and therapists, refugees are more often referred to the specific torture and trauma clinics. How they differentiate between invisible mental health disabilities and PTSD related mental I cannot say. What I can say is that more needs to be done to support invisible disabilities like depression and anxiety, eating disorders and emotional behaviours that are often not treated go undiagnosed, and seen as just adjusting to a new life.

I myself is a former child refugee from Vietnam, I have two disabilities, a hearing impairment and cerebral palsy. Here I am going to advocate that for too long refugee settlement has been separate to disabilities and mental health needs. This erroneous and amounts to structural neglect from the medical profession and the migration settlement services sector. This is why the silo approach to refugees and asylum seekers is detrimental to their health and wellbeing and the community. This is a critique of the standard operating philosophy of using Maslows hierarchy of needs. This drives settlement support. It dictates the literature on refugees. It defines government policy....


Belong nowhere? Airbnb and the commodification of home "IndyWatch Feed National"

Were halfway through cooking dinner on a rainy Sunday when the message comes through. Can we book for tonight? My husband, Ryan, and I look to one another with a sigh. Sure, I type back, telling myself the extra income will be worth it. We race downstairs and remake beds. We wipe surfaces and search for a pillowcase that doesnt bear the stain of makeup from previous guests. We wash mugs and scrub the toilet. Vacuum stray dog hairs off the carpet.


Notes on Ivanka, McCain and the Sheltered Elite in Washington DC. "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) President Trump, and Ivanka, (R) Cindy and Sen. John McCain (photos: Washingtonexaminer, and AZCentral)

by G5

Ivanka was born to privilege and splendid isolation. She never associated with the unwashed. Much as champagne socialist Chelsea Clinton. She has lived within the rarefied air of her limited circles. Even marrying the son of her fathers closest business associate. Her perceptions of reality are very theorized.

She was not amused by daddys womanizing ego problem. And found permanent distaste with the way daddy treated mommy. The well-trodden notions of being; allegedly well-...


Tofu scramble with cashew cream "IndyWatch Feed"

Isn't it ironic that I had a busy working month in September when doing Vegan MoFo and then the first week of October I was on holiday and able to spend more time cooking and blogging.  Actually I spent more time cooking than blogging but I had time to make some of the dishes I had hoped to blog during Vegan MoFo.  One of these was tofu scramble with cashew cream.

This is a rather simple dish that was inspired by a scramble I made years ago with vegveeta cheese sauce.  There was something wonderful about the creaminess and the way the cheese sauce had little brown crispy edges.  So I tried a simple scramble with my current favourite cashew cream.  It worked really well and worked nicely with a side dish.  I like tofu scrambles but they can be a bit lacking in texture.  This is a revolution in the way I make tofu scramble.  I am delighted to find that with a bit of leftover cashew cream sauce I can have most excellent scramble quickly.

More scrambles on Green Gourmet Giraffe:
Chickpea hummus scramble (gf, v)
Fried rice with tofu scramble (gf, v)
My breakfast burritos (gf, v) 
Roasted vegetable tofu scramble (gf, v)


Jane McCredies MJA Insight Article is Spreading False Information about University Research on Vaccination "IndyWatch Feed National"

The slander continues. Here is an article in the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) Insight that has been written after I responded to the journalist from the SMH last Friday (5 October 2018). This article has been written by Jane McCredie and, like the SMH journalist Kylar Loussikian, this is not the first time that Jane McCredie has written a derogatory article about my university research using false information.

In this article Academic sanction of immunisation claim has lasting consequences McCredie makes several false or misleading claims about my research:

  1. The storm of controversy that she refers to only occurred in the Murdoch medias Australian newspaper and these articles in 2016 were written by Kylar Loussikian who is now continuing his derogatory stories in the SMH.
  2. My thesis did not allege any underhand shenanagins from the pharmaceutical companies. It provided evidence of the influence of the pharmaceutical companies and other industry in the development of global public health policies. This needs to be transparent to the public not dismissed as underhand shenanigans, anti-vaccination or conspiracy theories.
  3. There has been no open and transparent debate of my research where scientists and clinicians have criticised the awarding of my PhD as the journalist claims. Further my supervisor Brian Martin has a science degree in physics and the PhD was sent to several scientists for comments before the PhD was sent to the examiners in the Social Sciences field.
  4. Note that McCredie says .without any apparent scientific oversight to cover her lack of knowledge on the examination of my thesis.
  5. The scientific studies that are necessary to prove the safety of vaccines are those that use an inert placebo in the unvaccinated trial groups in a statistically powerful study. These studies do not exist and this is the hard evidence from properly designed causality studies that is necessary before you recommend vaccines as safe in genetically diverse populations.
  6.  A review of the medical literature shows that the pharmaceutical companies are funding all the clinical trials for vaccine safety and efficacy and there are no trials that use a true inert placebo. The trials use the aluminium adjuvant that is in the vaccine or a previously marketed vaccine as the placebo in the unvaccinated group. These trials cannot be considered safety trials if they do not use an inert placebo.
  7. McCredie then presents the false claims made by...


President Trump at the swearing in of the Honorable Brett M. Kavanaugh "IndyWatch Feed National"

About 32 minutes in. At about 34 minutes in President Trump apologises on behalf of the United States to Justice Kavanaugh and his family. Our 114th Supreme Court Justice On July 9, 2018, President Donald J. Trump nominated Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to fill retiring Justice Anthony Kennedys seat on...


UK Police Chief watched from inside locked police car while Islamist stabbed PC to death "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nothing to use to assist your colleague? ...tyre lever, car jack, aerial, briefcase, shoe. I thought Bobbies were trained? Andrew Close (@SaltwaterFix) October 8, 2018 No weapon. No radio. No point in having him. Scotland Yards acting commissioner has told how he witnessed the fatal stabbing of PC Keith...


As the High Court challenge to abortion clinic safe access zones begins, there is much at stake "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

By Tania Penovic, Monash University; Caroline Henckels, Monash University, and Ronli Sifris, Monash University

File 20181005 52691 53pbgm.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1Victorian and Tasmanian laws around safe access zones at abortion clinic are being challenged in the High Court. Photo: AAP/David Moir

From October 9-11, the High Court of Australia will hear a challenge to the constitutional validity of Victorian and Tasmanian legalisation that provides for safe access zones around abortion clinics.

Safe access zones are sometimes called bubble zones because they create a bubble around abortion clinics. In Victoria and Tasmania, safe access zones are the area within a 150 metre radius of a clinic. Within these zones, certain conduct is prohibited, including the harassment of people accessing the clinic.

The purpose of safe access zones is to prevent patients, staff and others from being targeted by anti-abortion protesters. These laws are designed to protect the safety, well-being, privacy and dignity of people attending abortion clinics, and facilitate womens access to health services without harassment and intimidation.

Read more:
Explainer: what are abortion clinic safe-access zones and where do they exist in Australia?

Safe access zones now operate in Tasmania, Victoria, the ACT, the Northern Territory and New South Wales. A bill that establishes safe access zones is currently before the Queensland Parliament.

These laws do not prevent anti-abortion protesters from expressing their views. They can write to newspapers and politicians, and protest in other places. The only thing these laws prevent them from doing is protesting within a safe access zone.

Background to the cases

The laws that have been challenged in the High Court are those that operate in Victoria and Tasmania. The High Court will hear these two challenges together.

Kathleen Clubb is an active member of the US-founded anti-abortion group known as Helpers of Gods Precious Infants. Members of this group have protested outside East Melbournes Fertility Control Clinic six days a week for more than 20 years. In October 2017,...


The Hobo Guide to Wild Camping in Europe "IndyWatch Feed National"

Im camping in Europe at the moment. Pitching my tent at rest stops, in the mountains and inconspicuously behind bushes on private land. Im camping because there are some day hikes I cant bear to leave after only a few hours. I want to wake up in the fog and sleep amongst all the creatures that explore the land at night. Im also doing it to stretch the little money I flew to Europe with.

Each country has its own laws when it comes to wild camping. Heres a list, but please do your own research if youre really concerned.

Wild camping is legal in: Sweden, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, Scotland

Wild camping is a bit of a grey area in: France, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech, Hungary, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland

Wild camping is totally illegal in: Italy, Aldorra, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain (theyre really complicated), England, Wales

However, if youre setting up shop just to rest your head for the night, camping is generally permissible. Pitch at dark and leave in the morning and nobodys going to bat an eyelid, especially if youre out of sight. How many times do you drive on a highway or pass a mountain and look for a tent? Worst case scenario: plead ignorance. Youre a tourist.

Here are my packing essentials:

1. A tent

If youre heading over in summer, you can probably get away with a festival tent, especially if youve got some cash in the bank to splurge on accommodation when theres a stormy night. I use a lightweight two-person Vango Bravo 200, because I need something I can carry on my back with the rest of my stuff that can also accommodate a mate, should I meet one on my journey.

If youre wild camping, especially in places where wild camping is considered illegal or a grey area, maybe invest in something a little more inconspicuous than the blue one Ive gone for. You can spot that baby from a mile away.



Another Home Invasion. Victim or Criminal, Your Choice! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Another home invasion where a young lady ran to a house for help with men chasing her. The young man in the house gave her shelter & called the police. The police told them that they were under staffed & could not help them but to let them know how it turned out!!!

Three men broke down the door & attacked the man, he had armed himself with a kitchen knife because it was illegal for him to keep anything in the house specifically for self defence, lethal or non lethal. Minutes later two of the three intruders were dead from stab wounds, the man fighting frantically for his life against three much stronger larger attackers.

Possessing any object specifically for the purpose of self-defence, lethal or non-lethal, is a criminal offence in Australia. There are many women, raped and/or murdered, who would have been liable to prosecution had they been carrying anything that might have saved them.

Weve got you now: ironic last words before fatal Queensland home invasion.

They were told by the only officer in the town of Ayr, 15 minutes away, that there were no police available and to just see how it went.
Three of them smashed through the door so Dean thought they were probably going to kill him and her. Its completely destroyed him.
Queensland Police refused to say whether it would review the local roster and declined to answer questions about the number of officers on duty on the night of the deaths.


Australian government backs coal in defiance of IPCC climate warning "IndyWatch Feed National"

Deputy PM Michael McCormack says policy will not change based on some sort of report'The Australian government has rejected the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report's call to phase out coal power by 2050, claiming renewable energy cannot replace baseload coal power.The deputy prime minister, Michael McCormack, said Australia should absolutely continue to use and exploit its coal reserves, despite the IPCC's dire warnings the world has just 12 years to avoid climate [...]


I want out: Aussies rush to opt out of new My Health Record "IndyWatch Feed National"


USERS have experienced difficulties with the federal governments new My Health Record website as Australians rush to opt out of having their medical records added to a national digital database. Read More


Concerts For Julian Assange -- The End Game "IndyWatch Feed National"

So this thread began with Concerts for Julian Assange, but we are delighted to report that we are not the first to have explored this idea. View fantastic video of the event and an interview by Australian TV of Alex Taylor who took the initiative to perform what I think is the first concert For Julian Assange.



PERTH Man charged over Ballajura petrol station robbery "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man charged over Ballajura petrol station robbery .

October 08, 2018 at 11:41AM .

includes two counts of aggravated burglary and numerous stealing and driving offences. He is due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Monday. .



Era of bank secrecy is over as Swiss begin sharing account data "IndyWatch Feed National"

The era of mystery-cloaked numbered Swiss bank accounts has officially come to a close as Switzerland, the world's biggest center for managing offshore wealth, began automatically sharing client data with tax authorities in dozens of other countries. The Federal Tax Administration (FTA) said on Friday it had for the first time exchanged financial account data at the end of September under global standards that aim to crack down on tax cheats. Bank secrecy still exists in some areas - Swiss authorities cannot automatically see what citizens have in their domestic bank accounts, for example - but gone are the days when well-paid European professionals could stash wealth across the border and beyond the prying eyes of their tax man. The initial exchange was supposed to be with European Union countries plus nine other jurisdictions: Australia, Canada, Guernsey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Japan, Jersey, Norway and South Korea. "Cyprus and Romania are currently excluded as they do not yet...


Activists to set up panel to tackle pedophilia in Polish church "IndyWatch Feed National"

An independent panel aimed at documenting cases of pedophilia in Polands Catholic Church will be set up early next year to help victims speak up and claim damages, opposition parliamentarians said on Monday.

The Roman Catholic Church worldwide is reeling from crises involving sexual abuse of minors, deeply damaging confidence in the Church in Chile, the United States, Australia and Ireland among other countries.

In stark contrast, in Poland, a deeply Catholic country, debate has only just begun while activists close to the nascent anti-pedophilia project, called Nie lekajcie sie (Dont Be Afraid), say that around 600 priests in Poland may have inclinations towards pedophilia.

Image result for roman collar, photos

Around 100 people claiming to have been sexually molested by Polish priests phoned to tell their stories in the first 24 hours after organizers of the panel posted an interactive pedophilia map on the Internet on Sunday.

The map of pedophilia was viewed by 500,000 people since yesterday. Public discussion has started and we want to set up a panel early next year to tackle the issue, Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus, an opposition MP, told Reuters TV.

The map documents 280 cases of pedophilia committed by 60 priests convicted by Polish courts, but according to activists the real numbers are much higher since victims are often afraid to speak up for psychological and social reasons.

One-hundred people have called us since yesterday to tell us about their cases, and we need to research and verify all these cases, Scheuring-Wielgus said.

Several left-wing and liberal MPs, along with rights activists, declared their support in creating or running the investigative panel. The ruling nationalist (PiS) party, whose core support comes from devout Catholics and the Church, is not expected to be involved.

A PiS spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment, nor was a spokesman for Polands Church.

Last week a Polish court upheld a landmark ruling granting a one million zlotys ($266,084.83) in compensation and an annuity to a victim of sexual abuse by a Catholic priest, accepting that the church ore responsibility for the crimes of its cleric.

Reporting by Marcin Goclowski; Editing by Mark Heinrich



NWHHS support fluoridation of water supplies "IndyWatch Feed National"

North West Hospital and Health Board Chair Paul Woodhouse has welcomed the growing support for the fluoridation of town water supplies.

Mr Woohouse said the lack of fluoridation in local water was initially raised as a significant risk for oral health several months ago by Board Member and public health physician Dr Kathryn Panaretto.

Dr Panaretto has extensive experience in the North West as a GP at Mount Isas Gidgee Healing,and with the Remote Womens Health clinics at Julia Creek and Cloncurry.

Mr Woodhouse said North West HHS oral health practitioners had said fluoridated communities had up to 50% less dental decay than non-fluoridated communities.

Fluoridation addresses inequities in dental decay rates, reducing the gap between high and low socio-economic groups in terms of dental decay experience. It is cost-effective and benefits all ages, Mr Woodhouse said.

Mr Woodhouse said he had met with Queenslands Chief Dental Officer Dr Mark Brown and Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young and had also raised the matter with Health and Ambulance Services Minister Steven Miles.

Local councils remain cautious saying they would need state funding.

Cloncurry Mayor Greg Campbell said they would act on advice from the Local Government Association Queensland and given the publicity on fluoride he expected that matter to be raised at the upcoming LGAQ conference in Brisbane.

This is a health initiative driven by the state and they should provide the funding to do it, Cr Campbell said.

Mount Isa Mayor Joyce McCulloch agreed saying the state-owned Mount Isa Water Board would have to implement fluoride into the water system.

This is an emotive issue for many in the community and our feeling is that it should be a community decision, Cr McCulloch said.

Unless it is legislated, Council wont implement it.

However Mount Isa Hospital Senior Dentist Dr Travis Blood...


U.N. Report on Climate Change Carries Life-or-Death Warning "IndyWatch Feed National"

Preventing an extra single degree of heat could make a life-or-death difference in the next few decades for multitudes of people and ecosystems on this fast-warming planet, an international panel of scientists reported Sunday. But they provide little hope the world will rise to the challenge.

The Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued its gloomy report at a meeting in Incheon, South Korea.

In the 728-page document, the U.N. organization detailed how Earths weather, health and ecosystems would be in better shape if the worlds leaders could somehow limit future human-caused warming to just 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit (a half degree Celsius) from now, instead of the globally agreed-upon goal of 1.8 degrees F (1 degree C). Among other things:

Half as many people would suffer from lack of water.

There would be fewer deaths and illnesses from heat, smog and infectious diseases.

Seas would rise nearly 4 inches (0.1 meters) less.

Half as many animals with back bones and plants would lose the majority of their habitats.

There would be substantially fewer heat waves, downpours and droughts.

The West Antarctic ice sheet might not kick into irreversible melting.

And it just may be enough to save most of the worlds coral reefs from dying.

For some people this is a life-or-death situation without a doubt, said Cornell University climate scientist Natalie Mahowald, a lead author on the report.

Limiting warming to 0.9 degrees from now means the world can keep a semblance of the ecosystems we have. Adding another 0.9 degrees on top of that the looser global goal essentially means a different and more challenging Earth for people and species, said another of the reports lead authors, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, director of the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland, Australia.

But meeting the more ambitious goal of slightly less warming would require immediate, draconian cuts in emissions of heat-trapping gases and dramatic changes in the energy field. While the U.N. panel says technically thats possible, it saw little chance of the needed adjustments happening.

In 2010, international negotiators adopted a goal of limiting warming to 2 degrees C (3.6 degrees F) since pre-industrial times. Its called the 2-degree goal. In 2015, when the nations of the world agreed to the historic Paris climate agreement, they set dual goals: 2 degrees C and a more demanding target of 1.5 degrees C from pre-industrial times. The 1.5 was at the urging of vulnerable countries that called 2 degrees a death sentence.

The world has already warmed 1 degree C since pre-industrial times, so the talk is r...


The CDC continues its yearly push for the ineffective flu shot "IndyWatch Feed National"

As Americans prepare for another flu season, the question of whether to get this year's flu shot hangs in the air for many and the dismal success rate of last year's vaccine could serve as a major deciding factor. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report earlier this year, which revealed that when looking at the flu vaccine given to patients between November 2017 and February 2018, the vaccine was only effective about 36 percent of the time. Each strain of influenza responded differently to the vaccine, and the CDC report noted that one of the most predominant viruses, H3N2, had an even lower vaccine effectiveness rate. When combating H3N2, last year's virus was only effective 25 percent of the time. This was actually higher in the United States than it was in Canada and Australia where the vaccine's effectiveness in combating H3N2 was only around 10 percent. The vaccine did lead to higher success rates with less dangerous strands such as H1N1...


IT'S OCTOBER "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Celebrating October

This post is part of the Mosaic Monday meme,
and also part of the Through my Lens meme,
and also part of the Seasons meme,
and also part of the Blue Monday meme.


Brian Houston head pastor of Hillsong sisters Beverly Houston and Maureen Bradshaw comment on this my blog-site "IndyWatch Feed National"

The writer Donald Elley

The writer of this blog-site Donald Elley of Bellingen, Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia.

The following comments were made by Beverly Houston and Maureen Bradshaw, Brian Houston the current head pastor of Hillsongs sisters, on this, my personal blog site, on 18 and 19 September 2014.

These comments were made just prior to Brian Houston and other Hillsong and Australian Christian Churches (ACC) leaders appearing at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney Australia in October 2014.

The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) was called the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG) until 2007, when Brian Houston renamed and reincorporated it. The Royal Commission accused Brian of doing this to try to evade paying any compensation to the boy sex abuse victims of his father Frank Houston, the lifelong secret pedophile founder of Hillsong.

Maureen Bradshaws comment on 18 September 2014 about my article, R...


The Attacks Against Me Are Ramping Up "IndyWatch Feed National"

The attacks have always been bad, however, now that tons of people are realizing this child trafficking thing is real- they have increased exponentially. Not just for me but for all whistle blowers dealing with this BS.

Microwave attacks with their directed energy weapons, having to fight in court to keep my dogs, let alone all of the attacks on social media.

And people can see it. This is an example of the comments left on my Twitter feed

The even uglier truth is that the attacks dont stop. Anything they can do to discredit you and drive a wedge between you and those who would listen, they will most certainly try. The fact you hold yourself together and keep going speaks volumes. You have all my support & love

The first time my sister Cindys son Mark ever came forth with these bogus accusations against me was in the comments section on Amazon regarding Judy Byingtons book 22 Faces .

My 1/2 sister Christina had already attacked me on there- but was closed down when my sister Kathy and her son- the VERY ONE I attacked when I was 13- came on defending me and confronting her.

Then, during all this, my sister Cindy was murdered. Three weeks after our dad died, in 2006.

Cindy had been telling people that her husband Ralph Hester and her oldest daughter- who was not Ralphs biological daughter- where planning on murdering her. After she told her doctors and nurses- they called Adult Protective Services- who then made a visit to Cindys house.

My sister was dead right after that. Right at the start of the APS investigation. The only two people in the house with her was Ralph and her oldest daughter. But Ralph was city manager of Lynn Haven- the Florida town they lived in- so no investigation was done regarding this.

I brought this up in the comment section on Amazon and suddenly there was Mark with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temples founder Lucien Greaves saying I had raped him to try and discredit me.

Which made it awkward when I and my other half flew down to Florida for a week to attend Cindys memorial service. Mark actually apologized to me at Cindys service- saying he was trying to protect his dad. I just let it go at the time, as the week consisted of many family gatherings between Cindys family and me and my other half.

But now- he, as well as my 1/2 sister Christina- have full heartedly joined forces with Dougs Satanic buddies to trash me.

(Well, not so much Christina anymore after Kathy and I discovered that our dad and stepmother had been collecting our grandmothers social security checks- which Christina continued after both of them died- despite the fact that our grandmother had been dead for decades- andturned her in to Social Security).


Monday, 08 October


October 6, 2018 : International Freedom of Speech Day : LOLWUT "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Blink and you might have missed it, but Saturday, October 6 was International Freedom of Speech Day, with International having the operative meaning of Wiley Park in Sydney and Docklands in Melbourne and Freedom of Speech whining about Facebook and Continue reading


Fate of Human Race Depends on Massive Greening Effort "IndyWatch Feed National"

It strikes me as darkly humorous that we, the most intelligent species ever to have evolved on earth, homo sapiens (evolved circa 190,000 years ago), were so clever that around 1750 we started burning so much wood, coal and later on oil and natural gas that we started changing our own climate so much that it may threaten our survival. And, in a new scientific report, scientists hair is on fire, and they are warning us as vehemently as these polite researchers know how that we have to be net zero carbon by 2050, and we have to jump on getting there RIGHT NOW, during the next decade. Or else, Very Bad Things will happen.

We have to go to war, folks. This challenge is like when Hitler took over all of mainland Europe and the US geared up to go defeat him. The climate crisis is also a genocidal maniac.

The IPCC report says that if we push the global average surface temperature of the earth up only by about 2.7 degrees F. (1.5C), it will be *much* better than if we push it up to 3.6 F. (2 C.) or more (and it can go up 10 degrees F. if we really want it to). Remember, we are talking about an average increase of 3.6 degrees F. That includes the surface of the oceans, which is cold, and the two poles, etc. So in Alabama or Arizona, it will be *way* more than a 3.6 degrees F. increase.

The difference between a 2.7 degrees increase and 3.6 could be 4 inches that the seas dont rise. Four inches dont seem like that much, but if you live in Palm Beach it is the difference between your house flooding or not.

The IPCC says that coral reefs would decline by 70-90 percent with global warming of 2.7 degrees F., whereas virtually all (more than 99 percent) would be lost with a 3.6 degrees F. increase. Coral reefs are where fish hide from predators and multiply and feed. They also help protect coasts from storm surges. You need coral reefs way more than you know and it is better NOT TO KILL THEM ALL.

Here is a graphic from Carbon Brief that shows the difference:

The IPCC press release says, Every extra bit of warming matters, especially since warming of 1.5 C or higher increases the risk associated with long-lasting or irreversible changes, such as the loss of some ecosystems, said Hans-Otto Prtner, co-ch...


Australian Communications Minister describes further government regulation of the internet "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has flagged further government regulation of the internet, declaring we are at a turning point and that the online realm can no longer be seen as separate to the physical world.

Image result for Mitch Fifield, photos

Laying out an agenda that involved cracking down on fake news and misuse of personal data, Mr Fifield said the government would be guided by the world first inquiry into digital platforms being undertaken by the consumer watchdog.

We are at a turning point. There is global recognition that the internet cannot be that other place where community standards and the rule of law do not apply, he told a Sydney Institute event on Monday evening.

We will seek to regulate only when necessary. But we will make further interventions where significant problems exist.

Mr Fifield noted a number of issues had been raised in submissions to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission inquiry, including the disruption to traditional media companies and the problem of algorithms creating echo chambers and filter bubbles.

The minister said his response would be guided by the need to ensure responsibility, respect and trust proliferated in the online world.

Australians should be able to control their online footprints and their personal data. They should be able to have a degree of trust and confidence in online news sources, Mr Fifield said.

But when these things dont happen, we will look at the range of options available to support them [Australians].

There is global recognition that the internet cannot be that other place where community standards and the rule of law do not apply.

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield

Mr Fifield also flagged concerns about the dominance of particular market players and publishers such as Google and Facebook, stating: There are few examples in history where the dominance of single firms has been positive for society.

The ACCC inquiry, commissioned by Prime Minister Scott Morrison late last year when he was still Treasurer, is examining the effects of digital search engines, social media and other digital content aggregation platforms on media and advertising markets.

It has been directed to pay special attention to the impact of digital platforms on news journalism.......


Seventh-day Adventist Church holds massive influence in official dietary guidelines and the push towards vegetarianism "IndyWatch Feed National"

I honestly wish I could say that I had published the review; 'The Global Influence of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Diet', as it summarises the years of extensive research I have been doing, trying to prove that Gary has been 'Silenced' for advocating Low Carb Healthy Fat principles. It has never been about the science. The review is an amazing historical perspective on the ideology of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and their subsequent influence on nutrition 'science' and dietary guidelines, world-wide. I would think that this review publication, written by Seventh-day Adventists, should be compulsory reading for anyone who wants to study nutrition or write nutrition policy. Especially when you consider the current nutrition doctrine; which espouses grain as the sacred cow and demonises animal protein and fats, has come to be accepted as the gospel truth! The benefits of Wholegrain, Plant-Based diets are preached by the Dietitians Association of Australia, Diabetes...


matthewschiavello: A.K. at TarraWarra Museum of Art #211, #220,... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"


A.K. at TarraWarra Museum of Art #211, #220, #221 & #217


Something older


ANZ sees unemployment falling, but... "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


ANZ reports that it still sees unemployment heading lower over time.

However, there was a blip in their most recent job ads figures, with advertisements now up by just +4.7 per cent from a year earlier. 

This latest reading puts the ANZ indicator well behind the ABS (and SEEK) jobs vacancies figures. 

Adding some weight to these figures, Roy Morgan Research estimates that employment grew by around 200,000 or 1.6 per cent over the year to September (or +1.7 per cent on a 3m/YoY basis) which may be enough to keep unemployment falling...but only just. 

The ABS previously reported job vacancies in New South Wales and Victoria at their highest ever level

One to watch... 


Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


12 cement stepping stones free to a good home. Text Dee 0403 416 172.



Foodbank organisation, is Victorias oldest and largest food relief agency.

The post FOODBANK VICTORIA: WHERE DEMAND AND SURPLUS MEET appeared first on The Westsider.



Brimbank City Council endorsed the Solar Savers and Positive Charge solar programs

The post BRIMBANK COMMUNITY SOLAR PROGRAMS appeared first on The Westsider.


AN UNSUSTAINABLE LEGACY "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

A Legacy of environmental activism.

The post AN UNSUSTAINABLE LEGACY appeared first on The Westsider.



Carson Luk is the driving force behind the STRAWS SUCK campaign

The post WESTSIDER PROFILES CARSON LUK appeared first on The Westsider.


THE WORLDS GONE DADA "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

I call my work The World has gone Dada (2018)* and I dedicate it to the Australian Government.

The post THE WORLDS GONE DADA appeared first on The Westsider.


5:30pm Oct 12 | Paint the Town Refugee "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

When: 5:30pm, Friday 12th October 2018 Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne Facebook event here Join RAC in covering Melbourne this Friday evening with posters, leaflets and chalk to advertise the rally on October 27th other RAC initiatives. No experience needed! Meet other activists or come with friends. Plaster the CBD, or(...)


ON PERMANENT BIRD WATCH "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Phobias are overwhelming and completely exhausting; My ornithophobia is complex

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What if all of Britains spy identities are exposed? Johnny English Strikes Again

The post JOHNNY ENGLISH STRIKES AGAIN appeared first on The Westsider.


CHRISTOPHER ROBIN "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Christopher Robin is the after story of his tales of Winnie the Pooh when he was a child.

The post CHRISTOPHER ROBIN appeared first on The Westsider.



Becoming quite attached to Gardening. Not enough to not murder, munch and macerate them, but still, there are feelings there.

The post FROM BLUE TO GREEN: GARDENING IS GOOD FOR THE HEAD appeared first on The Westsider.



What we need is engaged industry, engaged community and engaged government working together for the thriving of everyone.



One Is the Loneliest Number: The History of a Western Problem "IndyWatch Feed National"

From Aeon: For centuries, writers have recognised the relationship between mental health and belonging to a community. Serving society was another way to serve the individual because, as the poet Alexander Pope put it in his poem An Essay on Man (1734): True self-love and social are the same. Its not surprising, then, to find that loneliness serves a physiological and social function, as the late neuroscientist John Cacioppo argued: like hunger, it signals a threat to our wellbeing, born of exclusion from our group or tribe.

Until the 1830s in the UK, elderly people were cared for by neighbours, friends and family, as well as by the parish. But then Parliament passed the New Poor Law, a reform that abolished financial aid for people except the aged and infirm, restricting that help to those in workhouses, and considered poverty relief to be loans that were administered via a bureaucratic, impersonal process. The rise of city living and the breakdown of local communities, as well as the grouping of the needy together in purpose-built buildings, produced more isolated, elderly people. It is likely, given their histories, that individualistic countries (including the UK, South Africa, the US, Germany and Australia) might experience loneliness differently to collectivist countries (such as Japan, China, Korea, Guatemala, Argentina and Brazil). Loneliness, then, is experienced differently across place as well as time.

None of this is meant to sentimentalise communal living or suggest that there was no social isolation prior to the Victorian period. Rather, my claim is that human emotions are inseparable from their social, economic and ideological contexts. The righteous anger of the morally affronted, for instance, would be impossible without a belief in right and wrong, and personal accountability. Likewise, loneliness can exist only in a world where the individual is conceived as separate from, rather than part of, the social fabric. Its clear that the rise of individualism corroded social and communal ties, and led to a language of loneliness that didnt exist prior to around 1800.

Where once philosophers asked what it took to live a meaningful life, the cultural focus has shifted to questions about individual choice, desire and accomplishment. It is no coincidence that the term individualism was first used (and was a pejorative term) in the 1830s, at the same time that loneliness was in the ascendant. If loneliness is a modern epidemic, then its causes are also modern and an awareness of its history just might be what saves us.



Video: Companies try win their way into fracking "IndyWatch Feed National"

Queensland farmers are fighting plans to dispose of millions of tonnes of toxic CSG salt waste just 100m from a creek in the headwaters of the Murray Darling Basin. Will you support them?

Video from the Lock The Gate Alliance


Toxic salt dump on farming land

Qld farmers are fighting plans to dispose of millions of tonnes of toxic CSG salt waste just 100m from a creek in the headwaters of the Murray Darling Basin. Will you support them?

Posted by Lock The Gate Alliance on Friday, October 5, 2018


The post Video: Companies try win their way into fracking appeared first on The Pen.


Treasurer on negative gearing "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Treasurer Frydenberg cites our research on negative gearing in The Oz today (paywall).

Basically agree.


Australia - Letter "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Fluoride issues

Re Editorial in the North West Star (Sep 25) arguing for water fluoridation. 
I work in Geelong, Victoria that was fluoridated in 2009. Many patients became badly affected by the fluoride after it went in. 
When fluoride was taken by tablet if someone got a reaction, one could stop the then tablet and toothpaste treatments and they would recover. 


Taking part in Older Persons Week in Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Contributed by Ugly

Last week saw the observance of the United Nations Day for the Older Person, which has been set on 1 October since 1990. This years theme was celebrating older human rights champions. Australia saw a week of activities.

Behind the events, was the understanding that the contributions made by older citizens deserves to be recognised and valued; that the older person should not be thrown on he scrap heap, and their knowledge,  experience and skills, should be  appreciated as a valuable asset, which co0ntributes to building the future.

Unfortunately, the has been a gradual devaluation of societys elders. This is not only shown by a tendency to lock them  out of participation in society, but also, by the extent of the meanness of the support provided by government and agencies.

For instance, retires deserve and are entitled to be rewarded for the contribution they have made through a lifetime.  They should not be subjected to an inadequate housing, poor housing, pressure to return to work, unreasonable health, energy and transport costs. The scandal and human rights abuse, of what too often passes off as nursing homes, is a disgrace. This should not exist in a society that considers itself humane.

In Melbourne, community alliance Fair Go For Pensioners was one of those that took part. Its contributions were  a  special celebration on Thursday and taking part in Sundays celebrations at Federation Square by running a stall and distributing information.

Speakers panel at the Fair Go For Pensioners Thursday event

An important new publication, called Up In The Air: A civil and caring society  was launched at the Thursday event.  It deals with the link between the striving for a democratic system of government and justice in the delivery of social services, not only for older people, but for all citizens in need. The erosion of the capacity of people to lead a decent life and have the means to participate in society is a major threat to real democratic rights.

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