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Tuesday, 21 November


SEASONAL FRUITS Melbourne Fresh Daily

As our weather warms up more and more, the fruiterers' shops begin to be filled with delectable fruits of the season: Berries of all sorts - strawberries, raspberries, blueberries; stone fruits - plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines; exotics -mangoes, kiwis, bananas, custard apples, pineapples... Forget the vitamin tablets, eat your fruit!

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Monday, 20 November


Ducking Dark Times with Michael Leunig "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Modern life can feel like an injury. Where do we turn for hope when all seems dark? Its times like these we need the consolation of art and ducks.

Michael Leunig is in Perth soon for his latest book, Ducks for Dark Times a glimpse into his twentieth collection of cartoons. Explore the mind of one of Australias most treasured artists and find the wisdom and resilience needed for anyone who is losing faith; whos becoming exhausted or fed up with the news, and for those of us who feel we could do well to laugh or weep a little more.

Michael Leunig has been drawing and writing for Australian newspapers since 1965. He was born in Melbourne and now lives on a farm in north-eastern Victoria. His work has been widely published overseas, and has been adapted in Australia for television, theatre and radio.

His many titles include The Penguin Leunig, The Travelling Leunig, Ramming the Shears, Everyday Devils and Angels, You and Me, Short Notes from the Long History of Happiness, Why Dogs Sniff Each Others Tails, Goatperson and Other Tales, The Curly Pyjama Letters, The Stick, Poems, Strange Creature and The Lot.

Play Michael Leunig

Hope in Dark Times: An Evening with Michael Leunig Thursday November 30, 6:30PM. Beaufort Street Books

To learn more about Hope in Dark Times: An Evening with Michael Leunig, click here


Thursday & Quicksand "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

Post-hardcore pioneers, THURSDAY announce theyre coming out of retirement with their first run of shows in Australia since 2012. Officially reforming in 2016, theyll bring the tour to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide in March 2018. Joining them on all dates is influential New York City post-hardcore legends, QUICKSAND.

Tickets for all shows go on sale at 12pm this Friday, October 13.

My Live Nation members can secure tickets first during the exclusive pre-sale beginning tomorrow at 10am, October 11.

For complete tour and ticketing details, visit:

Revered for their anguished lyrics, chiming guitars and explosive stage presence, Thursday have been a house-hold name among punk and rock fans since their debut release, Waiting, 18 years ago. Coming out of New Jersey in 1999 at the precipice of the post-punk movement, Thursday were quick to gain the attention of fans and labels with their raw, emotive sound. However, it wasnt until their 2001 album, Full Collapse, that they fully defined a genre.

Over the course of their active years, Thursday produced six eclectic albums. None were more representative of their distinctive sound than 2003s War All The Time. Armed with the backing of major label, Island Records, the album continued to elevate them as one of the most complex and exciting bands of the decade. After pioneering the post-hardcore genre, the band officially disbanded in 2013.

Emerging from the New York City hardcore scene of the 90s, QUICKSAND delivered a masterclass over two albums on what would be a stylistic blueprint for many bands to follow. They will release Interiors this November, which many attribute as their best album to date. It arrives deliberately unannounced, two decades after the pioneering post-hardcore quartets last album. Made completely on the bands own terms, Interiors has a power, strength and subtlety that will likely stun you. There are no wasted notes, no flab, and no excess whatsoever. It is absolutely perfect.

Catch these two genre-defining acts together this March!...............


Abstract Paradigms Podcast - Interview 1 - Simon J Karis Experimental Melbourne

Abstract Paradigms is proud to present the first in a recurring series of interviews, slated for release every couple of Sundays. The first of these is with sound artist, labelhead at Nice Music, and owner at Polyester Records Simon J Karis. This interview, recorded at Polyester on August 29, 2017 covered Simon's history with making music, running the label, and Polyester records. Simon picked 5 tracks for us to listen to near the end.

Upcoming interviews include:
  • Nat Grant - Composer / Percussionist
  • Sam Eckhardt - Weirdo Mazic
  • Grace Kindellan - Hysterical Records / Wet Lips

Tracklist for Interview 1 - Simon J Karis:
Match Fixer - Attempts I [...


Cub Sport Bats "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

This week"s feature album comes from Cub Sport with Bats. The Brisbane four-piece first stepped out in 2010, releasing their first full-length album in 2016. Bats marks their second release, transitioning into a more dream-pop sound, filled with hip-hop inspired beats, gospel choirs and Tim Nelson powerfully delicate voice.

To support their new album, Cub Sport will be embarking on a national tour. Catch them in Sydney on March 17th.
Friday, February 23: Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth WA
Saturday, February 24: Fat Controller, Adelaide SA
Saturday, March 3: The Corner, Melbourne VIC
Sunday, March 4: The Corner, Melbourne VIC
Saturday, March 10: The Triffid, Brisbane QLD
Saturday, March 17: The Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW

Highlight Tracks: Chasin, O Lord.
Tune into Breakfast and Youth Jukebox on 2RRR 88.5FM all week long to hear these songs and more.



This Way North Announce National Tour Dates "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Image Courtesy of This Way North Melbourne based alt-folk-rock duo This Way North will be spending the rest of the year running around the country with the announcement of a national tour. The tour is accompanied by the bands latest single Make It Work, a lo-fi piece of crunch, psych goodness. Check out the full []

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Sunday, 19 November


CONSTRUCTING UP Melbourne Fresh Daily

Melbourne is a city that is currently going through an extreme development phase and an ongoing skyscraper boom. Considering the CBD and Southbank, especially, Melbourne looks to become a world-class, mega-tall metropolis. In the near future, Melbourne will compete with cities like Chicago, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo in terms of having a large number of buildings of 200+ metres tall. As the effects of this boom are becoming increasingly visible and the strain on the city's infrastructure is clearly evident, the controversy is raging regarding the benefits and drawbacks of hyper-dense, supertall overdevelopment with construction going up, Up, UP...

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Open-Minded/Creative People Live In A Completely Different Reality, According to Study "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Sure, there is obviously a big difference between close-minded people and open-minded people, right? But how deep does this difference run exactly?

For this study, one hundred and twenty-three people of different backgrounds were examined thoroughly. They were tested for open-mindedness which was done through five different categories. That being conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, and the ability to maintain an open mind in general. After all of this, they then tested individuals for a phenomenon known as binocular rivalry which is something that occurs when each eye is shown a different image (one red and one green). Most people switch back and forth between the two images but some people merge the two into a red-green patch.

It was found that those who saw both images together were the ones who had also scored higher on the openness test in general. This led the researchers to theorize that open-minded people seem to create new mental routes in their minds and attain higher planes of thought. They also noted open-minded people were more creative thus meaning creative people see the world differently as well.

This seems to match up with several previous studies that suggested open people experienced things differently than most people. ScienceDirect says as follows on the study:

For instance, openness predicts performance on divergent thinking tasks (Kaufman et al., 2016; Silvia et al., 2008), which require one to identify multiple diverse uses for ordinary objects. For open people this seems to happen effortlessly, suggesting a more flexible way of combining information, perhaps even at low-levels of perceptual processing. For example, people high in openness display reductions in latent inhibition (i.e., attenuated attentional processing following repeated stimulus exposure) suggesting individual differences in preconscious attentional mechanisms (Peterson & Carson, 1999; Peterson, Smith, & Carson, 2002). Latent inhibition reflects an adaptive attentional gating system for screening out irrelevant information, but for open people this system appears to be more flexible, resulting in the continued processing of stimuli from which the average individual has disengaged. However, we are aware of no previous research examining whether openness relates to how...


Save the dates! 2018 workshops "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Heres the public workshops Plan to Win has planned for the first half of 2018.

In addition to public workshops, customised training is available for organisations, campaigns and alliances. We provide intensive training of trainers and can work with you to develop your own training programs and other capacity building projects. Plan to Win also provides facilitation services and one-to-one mentoring.

Contact us to express interest in any of these workshops further details and registration will be available closer to each dates. If you would like to book Plan to Win for gigs or projects in 2018 get in touch ASAP to avoid disappointment. Were open to feedback on these dates so if theres clashes let us know!

Training Skills for Action Groups

Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 February

A thorough grounding in training skills in a social movement context with a particular focus on tools and activities to help volunteer action groups really power. Presented by Holly Hammond and India Prior.

Deep Democracy for Social Movements

9am-1pm, Wednesday 7 March

Strong movements require effective communication and decision making! In this workshop you will experience facilitation tools that increase buy-in and create great group dynamics through people feeling heard. Presented by Pru Gell, accredited Lewis Method Deep Democracy instructor.

Organising to Win

March to May 2018

Essential skills for organisers! An accessible program including two weekend workshops (24 & 25 March and 26 & 27 May), a mid-point review, practical exercises and group projects. Presented by Holly Hammond and India Prior with special guest presenters with organising expertise in a range of movements.

Activist Learning Circles

Plan to Win is piloting small groups for peer support and critical enquiry using the action learning set methodology. Groups will be able to meet online or in person. Get in touch to be part of this opportunity to reflect, learn and innovate with other change agents.

Womens Environmental Leadership in Action

April September 2018. National program with retreats held in Victoria.

WELA is a year long leadership program designed by and for women environmentalists. It includes three residential retreats, mentoring sessions and action learnin...

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Saturday, 18 November


Richard Wolstencroft & MUFF ~versus~ Those Degenerate Gays "GroovUs Feed Afestivals"

Local filmmaker, self-described transcendental fascist and, more recently, Trump fanboy and partisan of the AltRight,* Richard Wolstencroft, established the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) in 2000 after the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) declined screening his 1999 film Pearls Before Continue reading

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Thursday, 31 August


Smart Arts - 31 August 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

This week on Smart Arts, Richard sits down with Director Gary Abrahams and cast member Grant Cartwright to chat about their adaptation of this two part production Angels in America: a gay fantasia on national themes, CEO of Melbourne Fringe festival Simon Abrahams and writer/director Francis Lee to chat about film God's own Country, now showing at selected cinemas. 

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Monday, 08 May


Mission Song Project in Melbourne on 07/05/17 "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

  • Artist: Mission Song Project
  • Date: Sunday, May 7th 2017
  • Time: 2:00pm
  • City: Melbourne, Victoria
  • Venue: Melbourne Town Hall
  • Address: 90-130 Swanston Street
  • Country: Australia
  • Admission: free (booking required)
  • Age restrictions: All Ages
  • Buy Tickets
  • Notes: Featured Artists Joe Geia (Gugu Yimithirr/Kaurareg) Jessie Lloyd (Gugu Yimithirr/Kaurareg) Emma Donovan (Gumbainggir/Danggali & Naaguji/Yamitji) Deline Briscoe (Gugu Yalanji) Jessica Hitchcock (Saibai) Clint Bracknell (Noongar)
  • Add to Google Calendar | Download iCal

Monday, 30 January


Wombats Bush Band "The Bush Dance Album" 1988 Cassette "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

Again, we owe a vote of thanks to the Victorian Bush Folkie for this rip. This cassette tape was obviously in very good condition and my contribution was to simply remove tape and equipment noise and to encode the tracks.

There are about 48 separate dance tunes in this album in 11 tracks with each track representing a particular dance style. Many of the tracks also include vocal renditions. The tunes are mainly a mix of British and Australian standards e.g. Waves of Tory, Maire's Wedding, Starry Night for a Ramble, Back again to Yarrawonga. I have included details of the tunes for each track in the "comment" tag and they are also listed in the included graphics.

I have no idea who the performers were and, if you know, please let us know. The quality of the music is very good. It is a well produced album.

Tracklist (medleys)
1. Oxo Reel
2. Pride of Erin
3. Seige of Ennis
4. Evening Three Step
5. Heel and Toe Polka
6. Barn Dance
7. Wombat Polka
8. Irish Trot
9. Waltz Country Dance
10. Gay Gordons
11. Gallopede

Downloads are compressed files including the cassette graphics.
Click here to download MP3 224-256VBR version  64MB
Click here to download FLAC (lossless) version  309MB
Either file needs to be decompressed before playing.
Link no longer available? Then tell and I will re-up the file.

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