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Sunday, 18 February


Tourists on Scooters: Why So Many Dickheads? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Terima kasih. Terima kasih, I repeat over and over, till my throat goes dry and the Indonesian words of gratitude become a meaningless, Australian-flavoured gibberish.

I wince. And fiddle with the label of the plastic water bottle that Ketut pressed gently into my hands. Made chucks me a toothy grin and tells me to breathe as he treats my left leg with Betadine. His hands, baked golden by years of sun with deep ridges of age, dance softly along my calf, imploring my body to express where it hurts. Through salty, wobbly vision, the faces of concerned onlookers swim in and out of focus.

A cat smelling of something rotten, with sticky, sweat-saturated fur, stares at me through a nearby bush. He cocks his head and twitches his nose as I squeeze my eyes shut. Taking off my grit-stained glasses, I rest my head in my hands.

This scene is the result of 19 years of unawareness, and borderline carelessness, of my own mortality. Well, thats not entirely true. In fact, as a rule, I refuse to eat anything past its use-by-date and never leave home without a thick sheen of SPF50+. Yet, somehow, last month I found myself crumpled on the edge of a T-junction with my ankle wedged tightly beneath a freshly-rented scooter.

Its a common enough story for young travellers.

Let go of your inhibitions! they say. Be free, wild and adventurous!

Sure. Fuck yeah! I can do that.

It seems that most Westerners become well acquainted with the hot sting of gravel-grated flesh when scooter-venturing through Southeast Asia. Particularly in Bali, where a culture of helmetless, Aussie Bintang fiends thrives despite the barrage of figures released by the Department of Foreign Affairs each year.

An Australian dies in Bali every nine days.

For me, upon arrival on this beautifully balmy island, and with my parents more concerned about angry Mount Agung, the volcano, than the mortality rate of scooter-loving tourists, the statistics faded into white noise and felt about as sobering as Melbournes Dumb Ways to Die campaign. Like thousands of other Western travellers, I felt as if death from misadventure just wasnt me.

As night falls, illuminated by the ever-faithful florescent glow of 24/7 convenience stores, the main streets of Kuta come alive with the shouts of young travellers. Men and women with fre...



"Its not a quick listen, its not an easy listen. But it is a must listen." - Resounding Footsteps

Roll the dice!  After wowing Resounding Footsteps a while back with their debut release on Rotten Shape "Master of Dungeons", Undead Magic User has finally got themselves a proper BandCamp Portal - and some new pieces of sprawling atmospheric blackened dice-core.   Improvised atmospherics and painfully-stretched drones meet, with a +5 darkness modifier.

Feel the infinite loneliness and meaningless pomp of being the ceremonial Caretaker of Hell with And Upon That Terrible Throne

Sense the cold and saving-throw-against-frostbite menace of The Cursed Amulet of Ice and Snow.

Or simply armour up, throw caution to the wind, and toss 2d10 to Dispel Magic - it's all up to you.

Some more review quotes to convince you further:

"Undead Magic User creates the most dreadful atmosphere with drones that seem to echo on and on endlessly, giving the listener the feeling that the world they are in is vast beyond comparison but so dark at the same time that they cant see two inches from their face. Its a terrifying feeling that Undead Magic User uses wields with absolute supremacy."

"The listener travels down in the dark, but to what point and purpose? Do they succeed? Do they succumb to the madness and terror that dwells hungrily in the dark? If the track titles are any indication, I dont think the listeners are meant to make it out alive in this one. Its a depressing tale of glory seeking fools who rush into the abyss without realizing the abyss has been waiting for them."

"I love dark fantasy and thats exactly what this tale is. No matter what...

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Saturday, 17 February


Confined 9 Indigenous prison art Black Mark

Not every Indigenous person who goes to prison is an amazing artist and far too many Indigenous people are going to prison in Australia. Far too many, land rights activist Noel Pearsons claim that Indigenous Australians are the most incarcerated people on the planet Earth is an accurate claim according to the best available data; well over five times the rate that AfricanAmericans are jailed. And you dont have to be an amazing artist to do worthwhile art because something that is worth doing is worth doing. Even a first painting by a prisoner, like Ricky W trying to connect with his culture.


Last year 130 Indigenous artists filling the walls of the St Kilda Town Hall Gallery; this year the annual exhibition by The Torch is even larger. With almost 200 work of art in the annual Confined 9 exhibition there is a great variety in quality and styles. There are some exceptional paintings including works by Bex, Daniel Harrison, Ray Taplin, and Robby Wirramanda. Gary Wilson Reids painting Wati Ngintaka Story is an intense and dynamic image from a traditional Pitjantjatjara/Yankuntjatjara story.



Charles Dodgson and Alice (Lidell) in Wonderland ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly

Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll 1832-98) was born in a NW English village, third child of Rev Charles Dodgson. As the family grew to include 11 children, Charles told stories to his siblings, made up games and wrote magazines with them.

After enrolling at Oxford in 1850, Dodgson became a fellow at Christ Church College. According to the rules, fellows had to be ordained, but Dodgson ignored the ordination rule and lived at the college unmarried. He was a maths lecturer and a devout deacon of the Anglican Church.

Like many Victorian bachelors, he became an uncle to his friends children, taking them out. In 1855, Dodgsons Dean Henry Liddell arrived at Christ Church with his wife, Lorina and their first four children. As the 3 sisters grew older, Dodgson took the girls under his wing, with their parents blessing. In summer 1862, he took the Liddell girls on the river in Oxford and told them stories. Alice Liddell (1852-1934), then 10, was delighted that the main character shared her name and asked Dodgson to write his stories.

Dodgson wrote to Gertrude Thomson, an artist who was sketching girlish nymphs: "I am fond of children except boys." And "I confess I do not admire naked boys in pictures. He took exquisite, melancholy photographs of little girls. But it was Alice Liddell in particular who became his passion.

So why did the Liddells trust Dodgson with their precious daughters. I suggest a few significant reasons:

1. Harry Liddell was Dodgsons dean and had a trusting professional relationship with him;
2. The Liddells had 9 children and were delighted when an adult offered to help keep them educated and amused;
3. Dodgson was a respectable Anglican deacon; and
4. The children loved Uncle Charles stories and activities.
Dodgsons love for girls was elusive, and filled with yearning. He wrote to a 10-year-old girl, thanking her for her lock of hair. I have kissed it several times - for want of having you to kiss, you know, even hair is better than nothing." There was a romantic intensity to the friendships, a hunger, of never quite getting enough, wanting more of Alice.
If the man did not ever literally shag a child, was he still culpable? Yes!! He carefully groomed the youngsters and he changed those girls lives forever.


Tuesday, 26 September


Greening the Apocalypse - 26 September 2017 - The environmentalist with a chainsaw, Rowan Reid "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Our guest this episode believes there is a third way which challenges the dichotomous view that when it comes to forestry, one ought to be either a conservationist or profiteer. Rowan Reid is a scientist and himself a farmer and forester. Hes also been a Senior Lecturer at Melbourne Uni for 20 years, and is the managing director of the not-for profit Australian Agroforestry Foundation. He won the 2001 Australian Eureka Prize for Excellence in Environmental Education for his farmer course: The Australian Master TreeGrower). His farm Bambra Agroforestry Farm in the Otway Ranges is set up as an outdoor classroom and living laboratory for tree growing, and it has had over 10,000 visitors come on tours. Since 1985 hes written or co-authored nine books on related topics, the latest of which and surely his magnum opus, is truly wonderful Heartwood: The Art and Science of Growing Trees for Conservation and Profit.

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