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Saturday, 21 October


Garage Sale Markets and Fairs in Melbourne

Saturday 21st Oct, 9.00am 1.00pm, Rye Community House

Thursday, 21 September


Simple vegetarian lasagne Green Gourmet Giraffe

How I love lasagne!  Let me count the ways!  Hot and melty just out of the oven.  Thin cold slices pulled apart into layers.  The crispy cheesy top, preferably with seeds.  Stuffed with lots of vegies.  Fancy and filled with the unexpected.  Made with a vegan cheese sauce.  Or hummus.  Or cauliflower.  And yet.  Sigh!  I will do it plain for my little girl so that she can learn to love it too.

Before Sylvia went on school camp, we were discussing what she would eat.  It is an issue when your kid is a vegetarian with particular tastes.  She told me with horror that they would be serving lasagne.  There are certain foods I love with a passion that I expect her to learn to love.  Like lasagne!  So recently, inspired by my mum's marathon effort of making lasagne for 100 people at a church dinner, I decided to get a little pushy with lassagne.

Only a little pushy.  Mostly I tried to find common ground.  I talked with Sylvia about lasagne being just things she loved like pasta and cheese sauce as well as some things she could tolerate like tomato sauce.  I promised to blend the tomato sauce and only add in lentils afterwards so there was no onion

I confess I got a little sneaky and added some pumpkin even though she thinks she doesn't like it.  The joys of being able to hide vegies in a blended sauce.  I should...


Periods and running healthy international students blog

This post is for the ladies, so if you are not a lady then please click the close button.

Getting your period and running is a very complicated thing and it can take a while to get used to. Youll have to get used to running with a pad and work out your nutrition

The first day and second day of the period is the heaviest with the third day being one of the lightest. Youll find that on the first and second day you wont want to do much.

Most women feel a lot of pain on the first day hence bed rest is a good idea. Its also a good idea to drink plenty of fluids on that day and the days before. Youll find that you wont want to eat much and thats ok. Some women also vomit.

Some women, I included, wont have much energy to run on as we lose that due to not eating much and losing it through the shedding.  But then by day 5-10, we are just fine. Then during ovulation, we lose energy again due to the egg being fertilized. For some people after that running can feel a bit heavy.

If you lose too much blood then you can become anemic. And thats no fun.

One of the things that I found out through myfitnesspal is that I didnt have enough iron and potassium. This is important for women who run. If you dont have enough iron youll find that you will cough and vomit a lot in the first few days. This is because you are losing a lot of iron which is important for bodily functions.

On the other hand, if you exercise too much and dont eat enough to meet your daily requirements then you might not have a period at all. This is because your body fat is too low and that places a lot of stress on the body.

Finding the right balance is hard and time-consuming. Therefore I suggest just going with the flow for the first few months and then trying out a lot of things to see what works for you!


Week 47 of the Marathon healthy international students blog

This week started really slow as I just had my period and lost a fair amount of blood and 1.6 kg of muscle. I usually lose muscle when I have my period.  Hence my run did not go so well. I also lose a bit of water when I vomit during my period.

Have been playing with my new Garmin watch to find that it can do intervals which is cool.



Fair food challenge healthy international students blog

This year Melbourne Uni has invited me to take on this fair food challenge.

Every year many businesses waste food and packaging. Food that could have gone to the homeless people. Each day OzHarvest rescues a fair amount of surplus food that businesses throw out and then they give all that food to charity. Because of the cost of food many people are forced to go without.


Packaging on food costs a lot of money and many businesses use too much in order to promote their services. Its also a huge waste of environmental resources as it takes a lot to get rid of trees. Think about all the carbon dioxide in the world and how much pollution comes from the factories.

But more and more cafes are encouraging people to use their keep cups...


Police live-stream a warning to Listen Out punters about a big drug crackdown "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Victorian police have hit up Listen Out punters on social media this morning to send a clear warning about their drug crackdown, ahead of the first leg of the touring festival hitting Melbourne this weekend.

Port Phillip Police commander Inspector Jason Kelly began the Facebook Live video stream by warning attendees who are planning to bring illegal substances to the festival that Victoria Police has resourced extensively to ensure the safety of the public [and] the local community so in other words, if you try to sneak drugs in, you have a very high chance of being caught.

Last year unfortunately we had the death of a young lady so well be increasing our resources around the event, Insp. Kelly told the paper. Well be out in force with (drug dogs), and well have plain clothes police, detectives, uniform members, our mounted branch and other resources deployed.

Anyone caught with a trafficable amount of drugs will be prosecuted and put before the courts, he added. We will arrest those in possession of and using drugs but certainly a key focus will be to identify and detect those trafficking drugs to festival goers at the venue.

Its not empty posturing, either. Although police praised the overall behaviour of the 25,000 attendees at last years sold-out Listen Out Sydney at Centennial Parklands, 116 were arrested for drug possession, and a further 13 with drug supply, after the riot squad, mounted unit and sniffer dogs all headed along to police the site.

Its indicative of a broader police crackdown on music festivals, too, including 24,000-strong Penrith EDM festival Defqon.1 last weekend, which saw a 22-year-old man arrested for the possession of almost 400 MDMA pills, together with 44 other drug-related arrests.

The message from police fight for anyone planning on taking or selling drugs at festivals this summer is simple: dont say we didnt warn you.



Inland Railway to be Built Across Queensland Floodplain Despite Warnings From Farmers and more Zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

The Melbourne-to-Brisbane inland rail line will be built across the Condamine floodplain in Queensland, despite warnings from farmers that it could put lives at risk. (Image source: Wikipedia)

The Australian Rail and Track Corporation says the inland rail would be built on an embankment two metres higher than the existing line, which floodplain grain-growers Brett Kelly and Jason Mundt have criticised.

Mr Mundt says this higher embankment could see water back up for tens of kilometres in a big flood, endangering the lives of many.

Brisbane City Council Hopes ID Scanning Will Not Deter People From Major City Festival

The Brisbane City Council is hoping the states ID scanning laws wont deter thousands from Valley Festival in October.

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