Media Release: Cath Newell

CERES has won the Education category in this years Victorian Premiers Sustainability Awards for their 35 year commitment to community-based learning and action.

CERES is the largest deliverer of environmental education in Australia. Programs benefit participants, their families, the community and the environment based on the adoption of sustainable practices, behaviour change and sustainable career choices.

For many years, CERES has been a place for community-based learning and action that creates environmental, social, economic, and cultural benefits and enhance nurturing ways of living together.

Driven by a passion to educate for sustainability and the need to act now, CERES educators impart skills in living sustainably within and beyond their demonstration site an urban oasis in Melbournes East Brunswick.

Melbourne company, eWater Systems, won the nights top honour the Premiers Recognition Award for developing water splitting technology which is used to clean and sanitise facilities such as hospitals, schools, manufacturing businesses and restaurants chemical free.

The Premiers Regional Recognition Award was presented by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Lily DAmbrosio to Exemplar Health, which developed Bendigos new hospital, regional Victorias largest.

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