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Wednesday, 21 February


Who are you going to blame? "IndyWatch Feed"

This is what Tony Abbott reckons is currently wrong with Australia:

My issue is not immigration; its the rate of immigration at a time of stagnant wages, clogged infrastructure, soaring housing prices and, in Melbourne at least, ethnic gangs that are testing the resolve of police.

Okay.  I think sensible individuals can agree that this particular list of complaints is a fair summary of what (some) people are talking about.

It seems to me, however, that everything on that list is due to government. Government is to blame for stagnant wages. Government is to blame for clogged infrastructure. Government is to blame for soaring housing prices. Government it blame for ethnic gangs testing the resolve of police.

The solutions to those problems include:

  • cutting spending, cutting taxation, cutting red tape, and cutting green tape.
  • better coordination, prioritising, and tighter budgeting for infrastructure spending.
  • releasing more land for housing, cutting red tape, and cutting green tape.
  • tougher sentencing for violent criminal behaviour, and truth in sentencing.

To be fair to Tony Abbott, a lot of that involves both the commonwealth and state governments getting off their bums and actually doing stuff.  But quite frankly, until he starts talking about actual solutions to real problems, all this anti-immigration talk is just a waste of everybodys time.


Submission to the Queensland Law Reform Commission Review of termination of pregnancy laws Castan Centre for Human Rights Law

By Luca Cherubin and Troy Maher

In response to an inquiry by the Queensland Law Reform Commision (QLRC), Dr Ronli Sifris and Dr Tania Penovic recently made a submission on behalf of the Castan Centre for the review of the termination of pregnancy laws in Queensland. In Queensland, an abortion is only legal if the continuation of the pregnancy poses a serious risk to a womens physical or mental health. As such, abortions are not available on request as they are in a number of Australian jurisdictions. This has led to abortion being treated as a criminal justice issue rather than a public health issue. For example, in R v Brennan & Leach [2010] QDC 329, a woman was prosecuted for procuring her own miscarriage. The World Health Organisation has observed that restrictive abortion laws are not associated with lower abortion rates, and that lack of access to safe, legal abortion results in higher mortality from unsafe abortions. The debate around access to abortion remains coloured by intractable and passionately held views. However, abortions are a fact of human existence.

Abortion Access in other Jurisdictions

In Victoria, abortion on request is legally available up to 24 weeks gestation. In Western Australia, it is up to 20 weeks gestation, Tasmania up to 16 weeks gestation, and in the Northern Territory up to 14 weeks. Only the ACT imposes no gestational limit on a womans ability to access abortion services without seeking the approval of a medical practitioner. However, it is important to note that even in states where abortion on request is legally available, this does not necessarily translate into factual availability for all women. There are numerous other barriers to abortion access, including financial barriers, geographic barriers and the availability of medical practitioners willing to provide the service. These issues may disproportionately impact women from rural or remote areas, low socio-economic status or indigenous women.

The Castan Centres Submission

The Castan Centres submission to the Queensland Law Reform Commission made a number of recommendations to bring the states abortion laws more in line with human rights. The Centre believes that abortion should be considered as a health issue, rather than a criminal justice issue. A woman should be free to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy without a doctor playing gatekeeper, and without the threat of criminal consequences for their decision.

The Centre recommended that with the increased availability of medical, rather than surgical terminations, medical practitioners with different levels of appropriate...


February 21 On This Day in Australian History "GroovUs Feed Aradio"

1802 - HMS Investigator was misplaced (some say lost but I believe it will resurface down the back of someone's couch) whilst under the command of Matthew Flinders, who was stickybeaking about the coastline in the vicinity of present day Port  Lincoln. A water party, comprising two officers and a crew of six left the ship to land on the mainland and was not seen again.

1802 - Corio Bay, near Geelong, discovered John Murray poking about its shoreline.

1804 - Niberlooner was renamed Sullivan's Cove (Tassie) on this date when Lt David Collins cast his baby blues over the area.
Not to be confused with Sullivan Bay, Victoria, a settlement Lt David Collins named and abandoned after 7 months.

1840 - The cat was out of the bag when a particular gossip from Penwortham told the press of the vile events of this day when a shepherd promised a starving Indigenous woman a sheep in exchange for sex which he neglected to fulfill then, later forced to face the woman's rightly angry relatives, he killed her.

1842 - Dig out the feather boa and polish up that rhinestone garter-belt Mavis...the first play to be wrought in Melbourne was sprung upon the populace at the Theatre Royal, the title "Widow's Victim".

1848 - A hefty cutter named Psyche. Cutter was shop-lifted from Hobart by four convicts. Two survivors from her were picked up at Percy Island by the barque Freak, but the fate of their two companions was never discovered although some suspected cannibalism.

1881 - The Grey River Argus proclaimed that John Almao of Dunedin had been awarded a second order of merit, from the Melbourne Exhibition, for his model aerial tramway, while Reid and Duncan, civil engineers from Dunedin, received an Honourable Mention for their plain wire rope railway.
Well, I found it interesting...

1891 - Two Indigenous men were murdered by a policeman in Central Australia.

1894 - The Wanganui Herald whispered how Mr. Hindle, MLA of Lithgow, denounced Parliament for containing drunken blackguards.
One feels that Mr. Hindle was holding himself back, not really letting rip and tellin' like it was....

1899 - Sir George Bowen popped his clogs. Georgie-boy was a busy lad with fingers in political pies, being the Guv for Qld, the Guv for NZ and the Guv for Victoria where he didn't kiss the girls to make 'em cry but sacked 400 public servants and made 'em cry.

1907 - Tired of swimmers ignoring the SWIM BETWEEN THE DAMN FLAGS ALREADY message
The Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club was established on this day at the Royal Hotel, Bondi Beach.

1927 - Radio station 3DB began broadcasting in Melbourne. It borrowed the initials of the Druleigh Business and Technology college and was launched upon the world with a Children...

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Tuesday, 20 February


Free Newlands Community News



We have a set of baby gates to give away.

Please contact Becky 0402 300 824 if you are interested.

Pick up from Preston. 


For Sale Newlands Community News


Hi folks, I'm wanting to sell (on behalf of my parents) two adult tickets to Port Fairy Folk Festival, 9-12 March 2018. $230 each, which is $30 off the early bird price. 

Pick up Woodend, Preston or Melbourne CBD, or we can post.

Anna 0407 830 820 or


Rainbow Families Playgroup Newlands Community News


Due to demand a second Rainbow Families music and playgroup will go ahead, starting on Saturday 24th February,10 12pm!

Share the delights, wonders and challenges of parenting with other queer families in a fun session of play, stories, rhymes and songs.

$45 for the remainder of the term.
Newlands Neighbourhood House, 20 Murray Rd, Coburg North.


Einstein a Go Go - 18 February 2018 "GroovUs Feed Aradio"


Dr Shane, Dr Catherine. Dr Linden and Dr Elaina discuss Facebook usage, lightning, new exoplanets,  Bornean orangutan population decline and the two guests team up later in the show to discuss the science meets parliament event.

First guest: Dr Clare Fedele, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow and Communications Coordinator, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre tells us about her cancer research which is focused on improving our fundamental understanding of cancers to enable precision medicine and more personalised treatment of people with cancer.

Second guest: Dr Karen Lamb, researcher and consultant statistician at the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition at Deakin University in Melbourne discusses how your post code relates to your health and the role of urban planning. Scientists have lacked long-ranging data and the correct data measurements, but Dr Karen's research is developing these for future research.

Remember, Science is everywhere, including:

Program page: Einstein A Go Go

Twitter: Einstein A Go Go


Songwriters Collective Newlands Community News



The next Songwriters Collective meeting is on this Friday evening, 23rd February, 6.30 8.30pm. Its at Newlands Neighbourhood House (see address below).

Do you want to develop your song craft? Come along to share, learn and grow your songwriting skills in a supportive, mentored environment. Meets fortnightly. Next session this Friday 23rd February, 6.30pm.

The group is facilitated by Paul Carey, who is experienced in hosting songwriter groups and welcoming of all levels of experience/ability. Please give Paul a call to have a chat about it if youd like to know more about the group and what to expect. He is very happy to chat with people. 
Ph: 0401 272 510.



Free Newlands Community News


For Free.

I found more!

17 good condition copies of Australian Birdlife magazine (2012 - 2017).

And a couple of The Bird Observer.

Pick up from Thornbury.

Text Jennie - 0400 675 258. 



Needed Newlands Community News


Hello, Newlanders!

Does anyone have a ladies pushbike (can be an old style one) they want to offload or sell? I am looking for one for an international student that wants to get around.

Many thanks.


Australian University Launches Nations First Open Blockchain Course "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The post Australian University Launches Nations First Open Blockchain Course appeared first on CCN

Australian public research university RMIT is launching the countrys first dedicated online short course on blockchain technology, the underlying innovation behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The emergence of blockchain as a disruptive, game-changing technology has spurred Melbourne-based RMIT University to offer Australias first online course on the sector. The 8-week program, titled Developing Blockchain Strategy, will

The post Australian University Launches Nations First Open Blockchain Course appeared first on CCN


OnlyMelbourne Newsletter #582 onlymelbourne

Read Online Newsletter | #582 | Whats On this Week Welcome to Newsletter | #582 Whats On this Week in marvellous Melbourne Tuesday 20th February 2018 to Monday 26th February 2018 100 things to do in Melbourne this weekend ENJOY Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow 2018 With fantastic new childrens entertainment, celebrity appearances and a one-night only Twilight event, the show will be an event to remember. Supershow 2018 | Melbourne Showgrounds Teddy Bears Picnic .nobrtable br { display: none } Grab a picnic, friends, family and most importantly the teddy bears and enjoy a wonderful family day out. Teddy Bears Picnic | Rippon Lea House and Gardens Cinema at the G .nobrtable br { display: none } 2 family-friendly films on the scoreboard of the G for the Bank of Melbourne Neighbourhood Fund. Friday 23 February - Wonder Saturday 24 February - Remember The Titans Cinema at the G | MCG | Tickets Inflatable Regatta .nobrtable br { display: none } Experience the Yarra River with 999 other inflatable boats this coming Saturday 24 February 2018. Inflatable Regatta 2018 | Book Online Virtual Reality Experiences .nobrtable br { display: none } The VIRI Experience will engage your senses through a fabulous 80 minute virtual reality immersion with your friends. Virtual Reality Immersion | Melbourne CBD | Book Online Festivals This Week .nobrtable br { display: none } Check out these family-friendly festivals on this weekend. Eltham Jazz Food and Wine Festival 2018 Western Port Festival Ultra Music Festival Yarra Valley Ice Cream Festival Ashburton Community Festival Blues at The Briars Festival Bright n Sandy Food and Wine Festival Flamingo Festival - Welcome to Thornbury Viva Brazil Carnaval - Queen Victoria Market Lankan Fest | Sri Lankan Festival Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival Pako Festa - Geelong Whittlesea Colour Carnival Holi and Colour Fun Run - Epping St Kilda Latin Festival - 2 Day The Prosecco Festival - South Wharf Big Band Sunsets Festival 2018 - Mordialloc Yarra Valley Film Festival and Market --> Festival Guide...


Vacancy rates drop in January "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Rental vacancies tighten

I've noticed many rental properties letting much more quickly in Brisbane in recent weeks.

Whether or nor this is the beginning of a trend for 2018 remains to be seen. 

SQM Research reported that nationally vacancy rates tightened from 2.5 per cent to 2.3 per cent in January, partly due to the seasonal variation over the Christmas period. 

In Sydney the vacancy rate fell from 2.6 per cent to 2.3 per cent in the month of January.

However, that's still higher than the 1.9 per cent recorded a year earlier.

Indeed, smoothing the numbers on a 6mMA basis you can see that Sydney's rental conditions have been easing, and rental price growth may now moderate from here. 

Hobart's vacancy rate increased to 0.4 per cent in January, but a severe rental shortage in the Tasmanian capital is putting continued upwards pressure on rents. 

Canberra also recorded a tight vacancy rate of 0.9 per cent in January, with Adelaide at 1.5 per cent, and Melbourne at 1.8 per cent. 

The trend in Perth's vacancy rate, although still elevated, is also improving. 



There is no European citizen cultures and narratives diverge in the Eurozone "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

I have noted before that when someone asks me where I come from I immediately (and innately) respond Australia. If questioned further I might tell them I grew up in Melbourne, Victoria. Sure enough, I am a Victorian (with some of the cultural attachments that that denotes) but that affiliation is weak compared to my nationality. That doesnt make me a xenophobe or a nationalist. It just says I am culturally from that geographic area. If I ask my friends from Italy, Spain, France, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, etc the same question, they will answer they are from those nations. They never immediately respond by saying they are European. I can get them to say they are European but that is not their innate cultural association. The point is that there is really no such thing as a European citizen. They are all citizens of their individual Member States with little shared culture and quite diverse histories (not to mention languages etc). An interesting study came out from European economics think tank Bruegel last week (February 15, 2018) Tales from a crisis: diverging narratives of the euro area highlights the consequences of these differences and concludes that it makes for an extremely challenging context within which to conduct a uniform monetary policy across different countries. I would add economic policy in general to that assessment.

The study investigates Who gets the blame for the crisis in the Eurozone. They also were interested in the question: How did narratives of the crisis develop since 2007?

Their approach fell within the area of research known as narrative-building in economics which Robert Schiller described in his January 2017 paper Narrative Economics as involving:

the study of the spread and dynamics of popular narratives, the stories, particularly those of human interest and emotion, and how these change through time, to understand economic fluctuations.

Recessions are obviously about people deciding to spend less, to make do for now with that old furniture instead of buying news, or to postpone starting a new business, to postpone hiring new help in an existing business, or to express support for fiscally conservative government.

These decisions are subject to feedback so as a recession deepens and confidence falters, people will decide to spend less.

But as Schiller notes: why did the recession even start in the first place?

There is a body of literature in the fields of marketing, journalism, education, health interventions and philanthropy that show the people respo...



By Kelly Kayne Many of us dream of changing careers and pursuing a passion project, Williamstown local and reading advocate Susan Spelic has done just that, leaving a long-term job in literacy teaching to become an author of childrens books. I was raised in large family in West Footscray and am passionate about kids and []

The post LOCAL AUTHOR MOVES MOUNTAINS FOR CHILD LITERACY appeared first on The Westsider.


HE SAID BOOO-RETURNS! Gay man arrested at gay festival for booing right-wing gays to boo with others next year "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

EXCLUSIVE: A gay man recently arrested at a gay festival in Melbourne for "booing" right-wing gays says he is planning to do it all again next year and is now inviting others to join him in his peaceful protest. [READ MORE]


So will the Turnbull Government come clean about ministers' VIP travel over the last eighteen months? "IndyWatch Feed"

It would appear that Australian federal politicians have a long history of using RAAF VIP jets in an extravagant manner.

Take current Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals MP for New England  Barnaby Joyce as an example. 

News Mail, 28  December 2012:

One Coalition heavyweight, Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce, racked up one of the highest percentages of ghost flights among non-government parliamentarians.
Senator Joyces travel bill totalled some $47,955 for 10 taxpayer-funded flights, primarily between Melbourne or Canberra and St George.
But he was only on board for three of those flights, with the remaining seven costing nearly twice as much as the flights he was on board for - racking up $31,395 worth of ghost flights.

BuzzFeed, 28 July 2017:...

Monday, 19 February


Salsa Dance Night! Newlands Community News


We are very excited to invite everyone to come along to our first Salsa Dance Night. 

The weather forecast is looking promising for an evening of outside dancing. 

All families welcome, prizes for best dressed, delicious food available to purchase and one of the best salsa bands in Melbourne is playing live. 

All dance moves taught on the night by the incredible Carlos.

It's going to be wonderful.


Rainbow Music Group Newlands Community News



Im so pleased to let you know that the second Rainbow Music Group is now going ahead! It will start this Saturday 24th February.

Here is the link for re-booking for the rest of the term:

The Playgroup runs from 10-11am and then your music session is 11 12.

Please share around your networks as we still have a few places available.


Liz Round.


International Women's Day Newlands Community News


Dear Friends,

You are warmly invited to participate in a free community event for International Womens Day on March 8. Please see the flyer below for information.

The evening will include activities and discussions on themes that will help us all, as one community proudly diverse, to make local advances on the international theme of Press for Progress. Please come and add your voice, connect with others and enjoy celebrating with your community.



For Sale Newlands Community News


Books 2, 3 and 4 (Eldest, Eragon and Inheritance)  of Christopher Paolini's dragon series. 

Excellent condition hardbacks. 

$10 for the lot.

0405 180 639


Community Houses Newlands Community News


Hello Neighbours,

Were looking for your ideas to upgrade the outdoor space at East Coburg Neighbourhood House.

Please spare 1 minute to complete the survey!
Thank you



Free Newlands Community News

Free if you can use em!

Can anyone use any of these? Cubby house maybe..? 

Sash windows, no frame, ropes broken.

Aluminium fly screens (fit half window in the red brick houses), one has small tear.



W-League Title Eludes Sky Blues Again! "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Melbourne City have claimed a third-straight Westfield W-League title, defeating Sydney FC 2-0 in the 2018 Grand Final on the weekend at Allianz Stadium. Both [more]

The post W-League Title Eludes Sky Blues Again! appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Zero G - 19 February 2018 Episode 1172 "GroovUs Feed Aradio"

ZERO-G #1172

Title: I PANTHER ABAMINYAM Podcast Title: Black Podther

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical Radio with Rob Jan & Megan McKeough. This week: Black Panther Special!


For playlists, show notes, and news see the 3RRR website at:

Follow @zerogrobjan on Twitter and Facebook:

Zero G broadcasts live from Melbourne Australia on Mondays at 1pm AEST


COVER UP! The dark past of disgraced Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle in The Valley of the Dolls "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

EXCLUSIVE: Having recently resigned as lord mayor of Melbourne following a number of sexual harassment claims, it can now be revealed that Liberal Party heavyweight Robert Doyle once got a teenage girl to sign a confidentiality agreement after she was sexually harassed by another sleazy politician who made crude remarks to her in person and over the phone. [READ MORE]


Thando on Tour "GroovUs Feed Aradio"

Melbourne-based musician Thando is making her way to Western Australia at the end of the month in celebration of her latest single Numb featuring Remi.

She jumped on the phone with Caitlin Nienaber on Breakfast to talk about chance collaborations, musical theatre and the importance of representation.

Play Thando Interview


The Grapevine - 19 February 2018 "GroovUs Feed Aradio"

This week Kulja and Dylan speak with Dr Sarah Hayes Research Fellow in Archaeology and History at La Trobe University about the history of prostitution in 19th century Melbourne.

Then, author and humanitarian aid expert, Dennis Dragovic, comes onto the show to discuss his new book No Dancing, No Dancing: Inside the Global Humanitarian Crisis.

Finally, former Australian Children's Laureate, Leigh Hobbs returns with Sally Rippin for the Reading Room.



See (hear) CC:Disco "GroovUs Feed Aradio"

Melbournes very own CC:Disco has teamed up with label legends Soothsayer to bring a collection of new music from emerging and underground artists across boogie, balearic, funk, disco and house. Talking about her passions of community radio and getting Australian artists out there in the international music sphere. CC:Disco Firstlight compilations.

Play Vishnu x CC Disco 16.02.18


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