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Monday, 25 September


Melbourne ABC Radio Jock Jon Faine Drops The N-Word On Air "IndyWatch Feed National"

Melbourne radio host Jon Faine has dropped the n-word on air this morning, during a discussion over the growing storm in America around sporting stars refusing to stand for the American national anthem.

During his popular ABC 774 morning program, Faine took a call from Cam in Caroline Springs.

Things went downhill almost immediately.

CALLER: I just wanted to say about the America sports issue, I saw a film on the weekend, I am not your negro, about the civil rights activist, James Baldwin and.

FAINE: [Interrupting] I think its actually is it Im not your negro?

CALLER: Thats correct, yes

FAINE: Ok, or is it Im not your N*gger? Which one is it?

CALLER: Negro.

FAINE: Its Negro, okay, because theyre both words that are completely not used in polite conversation anywhere in North America now.

A note to Jon Faine theyre not used anywhere in Australia in polite conversation either and particularly not on public radio.

The on-air segment was tweeted out by prominent Melbourne comedian Aamer Rahman a short time ago. Rahman had the decency to bleep out the offending word.

The racial sensitivities of Melbourne ABC hosts are coming under increasing scrutiny of late last week, AFL star Hretier Lumumba took aim at Waleed Aly, now host of Channel 10s The Project but at one time the fill-in presenter for Faine, over an interview that Aly aired recently.




In a lengthy essay, Lumumba accused Aly of running interference for white supremacists by grilling him over his experience with racism within the AFL, and stating on air that there was more goodwill towards Lumumba from the AFL than Lumumba realized.

Lumumba blew the whistle on AFL racism in an SBS documentary, Fair Game, which...


Lauren: Walkatjurra Walkabout: For country, against uranium. River Red Gum "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Walkatjurra Walkabout: For country, against uranium. River Red Gum: There are many types of activism. I find a lot of importance in engaging in the various campaigns which occur in Melbourne and get a lot of strength and motivation from the many passionate people I meet.
What I experienced on the Walkatjurra Walkabout was all of this and more. The walkabout is an annual one month long walk against uranium which starts at the proposed Wiluna uranium mine site near the Wiluna township (approx. 5hrs north of Kalgoorlie) and ends in Leonora. This year marked the 7th year that the walk has taken place but thats 7 years of a 40 year ongoing battle that the traditional custodians have been fighting against mining and exploration companies.


Victoria Police rife with sex predators? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The slave population of Australia are told that the police are there to "uphold the right" (whatever that means), that apparently there some sort of code of ethics, and that the police are keepers of the (queen's - you know the 'queen' of Australia - p.s. not a lawful entity) peace, supposed to protect life and property, but the reality is far different from the rosy picture painted in words.

Make no mistake about it that Victoria Police is corrupt to the core, where the media is told what information to release via the police media liaison officer.

Victoria Police is covering up an enormous amount of criminal activity within its organisation. 

Let's just take a look at one aspect that Herald Sun publication wrote (text only version) on the 25th of Sep 2017 under the headline;

Victoria Police officers probed over over criminal and disciplinary sex offences



Fleet Foxes Announce Falls Sideshow in Melbourne "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Image Courtesy of Fleet Foxes When Fleet Foxes were announced for this years Falls Festivals in Lorne, Marion Bay, Byron Bay and Fremantle there was no guarantee wed be getting any headline shows. When Fleet Foxes were last in the country earlier this year for VIVID they didnt tour any further than Sydney. But never []


Here are all of the Falls Festival sideshows for 2017 "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Festival season will be on us again before we know it, and you know what that means: sideshows. And theres some good news for anyone who missed out on tickets to the sold-out Falls Festival in Byron and Lorne, and doesnt fancy a trip to Marion Bay or Fremantle, as some of the biggest names have just announced a bunch of extra gigs.

Liam Gallagher, Run The Jewels, Foster the People, Jungle, DRAM, The Kooks and Flint Eastwood are the acts whove announced Falls Festival sideshows so far, for the most part playing both Melbourne and Sydney shows in early January.

Tickets go on sale at 9am Thursday September 28 (local time), except for Run The Jewels, which has a Live Nation presale beginning at 10am Tuesday September 25, general sale from 12pm Thursday September 28 check out the full list of dates below, along with Liam performing Wonderwall at this years Reading and Leeds fest.

Falls Festival 2017 sideshows



Thu 04 Jan Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Fri 05 Jan Forum Theatre, Melbourne



Thursday 4 Jan    Festival Hall, Melbourne
Fri 5 Jan Big Top at Luna Park, Sydney



Thu 4 Jan Forum Theatre, Melbourne
Fri 5 Jan Enmore Theatre, Sydney



Fri 5 Jan 170 Russell, Melbourne



Wed 3 Jan Festival Hall, Melbourne
Fri 5 Jan Hordern Pavilion, Sydney



Wed 3 Jan Enmore Theatre, Syd...


When intra-governmental relations became absurd the US-Fed Accord Part 3 "GroovUs Feed Anews"

I am writing this while waiting for a train at Victoria Station (London), which will take me to Brighton for tomorrows presentation at the British Labour Party Conference. The last several days I was in Kansas City for the inaugural International Modern Monetary Theory Conference, which attracted more than 200 participants and was going well when I left it on Saturday. A great step forward. I believe there will be video for all sessions available soon just in case you were unable to watch the live stream. Todays blog completes my little history of the US Treasury Federal Reserve Accord, which really marked a turning point (for the worse) in the way macroeconomic policy was conducted in the US. In Part 1, I explained how from the inception (1913), the newly created Federal Reserve Bank, Americas central bank, was required by the US Treasury Department to purchase Treasury bonds in such volumes that would ensure the yields on long-term bonds were stable and low. There was growing unease with this arrangement among the conservative central bankers and, in 1935, the arrangement was altered somewhat to require the bank to only purchase debt in the secondary markets. But the change had little effective impact. The yields stayed low as was the intent. Further, all the prognistications that the conservatives raised about inflation and other maladies also did not emerge (which anyone who knew anything would have expected anyway). In Part 2, I traced the increased tensions between the central bank FOMC and the Treasury, which in part was exacerbated by the slight spike in inflation that accompanied the spending associated with the prosecution of the Korean War in the early 1950s. The tension manifested into open disagreement about the FOMCs desire to raise interest rates and end the pegged yield arrangement with the Treasury. In Part 3, we discuss the culmination of that tension and disagreement and examine some of the less known and underlying forces that were fermenting the central bank desire for rebellion.

We left Part 2 with the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) riddled with internal dispute about what course of action it should take given the general feeling that it should break the arrangement with the US Treasury and start pushing up interest rates to head off the inflationary pressures associated with the Korean War expenditure.

The last meeting we discussed was held on February 6, 1951.

The Minutes of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System reveal that the Board was concerned about several leaks to the press concerning the FOMCs Jan. 31 meeting with President Truman.

The discussions among FOMC board members w...

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Sunday, 24 September


When I Dance My Shadow Dances Too Christopher James Wild

We all know the feeling of discovering parts of ourselves that we may have suspected but didnt know existed. Some of these parts come from the shadow self. The psycho-spiritual notion of []

Saturday, 23 September


The Little Bird Weekly News "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Its hard to believe the weeks are spinning by the way they are. Its only a week out from close of submissions to the Senate Inquiry into the Cashless Debit Card Bill and Im up to my neck in code, creating an open data project using QLD crime & social statistics. With new trials of cashless income management just announced in Hervey Bay and Bundaberg and the Inquiry bearing down on us, I thought it would be useful to take a close look at the kinds of statistics being used to argue for income management. Creating a new open data project is a significant undertaking however I hope to have it up within the coming week, either before or just after submissions close on Friday 29 September.

Some good news this week is that my submission to speak about open data and financial transparency at LinuxConf 2018 was accepted and I also received a bursary to attend the ACOSS conference in a few weeks in Melbourne. Unfortunately, the bursary only covers the conference ticket so it remains to be seen whether I can fund the travel and accommodation to go to Melbourne for the event. If you would like to support my work, you can become a Patreon Patron. I promise to update my goals as soon as I find the time.

Stories of people affected by Centrelinks robodebt campaign are up again according to @not_my_debt, including this gut-churning announcement that went out during the week.

In technology news, Andre Obler from Aussie grassroots organisation, the Online Hate Prevention Institute spoke to Radio Sputnick about the racist hate categories plaguing Google & Facebooks advertising programs, while Theresea May told the United Nations that social media companies should take down terrorism posts within 2 hours.



Killing Ground: An Aussie Horror Film That May Scare Us Into Breaking The Silence "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Sometimes art imitates life, and sometimes life imitates art. Catherine McGauran is hoping new Australian film Killing Ground will motivate life, and resolutions.

The outback may just be the most formidable character in Australian film and literature. More than just scenery or background, the bush is active in creating or enabling the horror that plays out in our much-loved Australian gothic stories.

Damien Powers film Killing Ground is a textbook expression of post-colonial anxiety, grounded in white Australians fear of the bush. It can go from idyllic playground to unpredictable captor in seconds.

At first Killing Ground looks like just another foray into this genre. However, it is Powers overly predictable use of tropes and cinematic techniques which make the film so terrifying these familiar structures reinforce our post-colonial story, by shoving latent fears into our face, with a new level of ferocity.


Killing Grounds release coincided with the decision of two Melbourne councils to drop Australia Day ceremonies on January 26. Yarra City Council made the decision out of respect for Aboriginal Australians and because of the depth of feeling about what that day means for so many of our residents. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the move was out of step with national values, and proceeded to strip Yarra City Council of its power to hold citizenship ceremonies.

But is it really out of step? The nature of social media has brought discussions like this from the fringes and into the mainstream. As a result non-Aboriginal Australians are learning more about our disturbing history, which is at best glossed over in schools, and support for recognition of this is growing.

Even the national broadcasters network Triple J held a survey to gauge where its listeners stood on moving the Hottest 100 from January 26. Powers film is part of this movement, suggesting that the disturbance of white Australias past is now so palpable that it can no longer be ignored. We are haunted by an unacknowledged past, which is why the post-colonial narrative of the sinister outback is so simple, yet so haunting.


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